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  1. Big_g

    2001 Yaris T Sport

    Deposit taken, away Wednesday
  2. I bid farewell aswell. Corolla just sold about an hour ago.
  3. Theres 2 seperate cables, that run up to the handbrake lever. They lock into a shorter cable that is attached to the lever, thats the bit you adjust in the car. i know theres a part there that you could call an equalizer but cant see how it gets full of crud when its under the carpet. the short story is.....if you adjust it inside the car,just on the 10mm and the shoes aint adjusted properlly you'll get an uneven handbrake (1 side will hold better then the other) Easy way to check is to put handbrake on and dip the clutch.Both side should dip evenly, if only 1 side dips then you havnt adjusted the shoes properlly.
  4. Ehh......its 2 seperate cables on the corolla.
  5. What is this "equalisation" thing?
  6. Have you checked the condidtion of your shoes? You can find if your shoes are low/linings came off then the handbrake will be poor after adjusting them. But theres always the cable stretching aswell.
  7. Basically your asking who will do homers? This on a "swap favors" basis? or out the goodness of our hearts?
  8. Lol, at the baldness But wheels look good,work well with the blue :)
  9. Big_g

    Ebc Brakes

    Im running greenstuff, once warmed up i cant fault them. Havn't noticed the brake dust any worse than usual though
  10. Not interested in Corolla Tsports?
  11. Big_g

    2001 Yaris T Sport

    Carpets are fine, thats dirt on the plastic bit ;) Can supply mats with the car if needed.