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  1. Hi I have exactly the same problem with the same model car, although it's a '53 plate. Can someone tell me how to open the central console to access this? I've un-done the bolts in the bottom CD-holder and popped the small cover between the cd-holder and the hand brake cover, but don't see anything else obvious, I can get hold of a nylon lift tool, but don't want to prod around blind. Cheers
  2. Hi My Avensis 1.8 petrol manual does this same. Only once engine is warm. Stopping a junction , it drops rev quickly then either stalls or recovers and over-revs for a few seconds. I'm getting my local garage to take a look, but any advice would be gratefully excepted. I've dismissed petrol already and oil. If this was a Mondeo I'd say Air Mass Meter, if that's a clue to anyone. Thanks
  3. For anybody interested out there, it was a Carina E, the nice lads at Bedford Jap Salvage, sold the injector end of the wiring loom for a fiver.....bargain.
  4. OK I've narrowed it down to.... Celica 94-99 1.8 Carina E - 96-98 1.8 Corolla 92-97 1.8 Or of course from an Avensis 98-00 1.8 (which now seems unlikely)
  5. Hi So new used engine 7A-FE is installed all but injectors, this 7A-FE from nipponspares, had green coloured oval sockets for the wiring loom, the originals on the Avensis are black and SQUARE! Now my guess would be that the new used engine could be from a non-turbo MR2 MK1 or a Corolla, NipponSpares said it's from an Avensis, but I now have the problem of sourcing the plugs from a wiring loom from an unknown vehicle. Anybody able to identify the vehicle I should be looking at? Thanks
  6. hi Paul....... try www.nipponspares.com they are in barking area, they have replace about 4 engines for cabbies in my town none have had any problems ( so far :) ) hope this helps.... Chris Yep, got an engine from Nipponspares, now have different problem with the injectors the wiring loom / harness has green sockets in an oval shape, which don't match my avensis wiring loom. Have tried several breakers and they all find different plugs. any ideas?
  7. Hi Have Avensis 1.8 GLS 1999 (V), engine has gone pop (don't ask), I got my local garage to source a second hand engine from IVOR SEARLE (ivorsearle.co.uk), Engine arrived 95% installed Injectors don't fit? IVOR SEARLE had the engine back and say it's not a compatible engine (although it's suppose to be a 7A-FE). So I have two question for you guys out there, these injectors are grey, nothing else seems extraordinary about them, and they fitted find in the old engine, which was also marked 7A-FE, does anyone know of a varience on this model engine, that Ivor Searle don't know about? Does anyone know of a good place to source Toyota Engines (recon or 2nd hand) Thanks Paul