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  1. Capital cost €1099 Extra servicing €50 per annum Currently petrol is €1.50 per litre LPG=€0.81 per litre On petrol I am getting about 40 miles per gallon = 5.88036458 litres per (100 k) Doing 20k kilometers per year =Thus I am using 1176litres of petrol per annum =Total Cost of €1764 Fuel consumption will be about 10% more on LPG, from what I can gather =Thus I will use 1293L gas = Total Cost = €1047 Savings per year = €1764-€1047=€716 Savings over 5years or 100k assuming price difference stays approximately the same =(716*5)-1099-(5*50) =$2231 Car currently has 120k on it thus in 5yrs should have 220k and if the conversion is a success engine should still have plenty life in it. Im kind of into things like this anyway so it would be as much out of interest as anything I would do it, not going to bother if a failure after 20k miles though
  2. hi all, Thinking of getting LPG installed on my 1.4vvti 2005 corolla, this one burns absolutely no oil ~80k miles on the clock. However looking online I see some say that these engines aren't suitable for LPG conversion, premature valve wear I went to visit a local insataller who say no problem whatsoever, nor will you needflash lube all in €1099 So is there anyone on here running a corolla for say 100k miles using LPG that can comment on this or anyone with any good info to share on dos and don'ts of LPG conversion Installing a flashlube system would help valve wear I guess are the valves on an avensis pretty much the same? Im thinking if valves are the same and if it works ok on an avensis then it should work ok on my corolla local man was talking about installing a Zenit system, he showed me a ford picnic he had and it looked a nice neat job to be fair. all feedback welcome thanks
  3. got a 2005 corolla with a radio like this in it http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BNIB-New-U...#ht_500wt_1156 trouble is mine sometimes runs for 20secs, sometimes 3mins then sound goes, same with a cd player, don't think its a loose wire as same happens when car is stationery its not a power problem as clock keeps time, and when no sound can still change station etc its not a speaker connection problem as i opened it up today pulled it out and the connections are good, it wouldn't work either when I twiddled the wires i still got no sound any ideas?
  4. hi all, a workmate of my brothers is selling his 2003 saloon corolla 1.4vvti, its clean with low miles. A quick question-when was the oil burning associated with the 00-01 vvti corollas sorted out. It was sorted out with a piston mod was it IIRC changing the number of holes in the piston from 6 to 8, I know i downloaded the dealer paper on it however another man told me last week that it was a valve problem. thanks in advance
  5. we are in Ireland not Poland! thanks for advice toyota garage won't tell me anything about it
  6. hi all, going to look at a v clean 2006 corolla being sold through a private sale? this is the machine http://cars.donedeal...le/cars/3234497 there is no service history so seller has to be taken at his word anyone know do corollas exhibit tell tale signs if they have been clocked? or all is not well is there something about clocks not rising equally or something all info appreciated can I ring up a toyota garage give them the reg and they will be able to check for a service history?
  7. would i be correct when I say the 1.4vvti oil burning problems were sorted out by 2003-2004 at the latest? this involved a piston mod changing the number of oil cooling holes from 6 to 8 or something along those lines IIRC
  8. whats the difference between the 1.4vvti used in the 00-02 model corolla and the 02-07 corolla
  9. hi all, as 1.4 d4d corollas are hard to find with reasonable milage on them I might be buying a petrol one. just wondering what do people think, is the 1.33 engine a better engine that the 1.4vvti ? the oil buring vvtis were sorted out 2003-2004 if I remember correctly. when did the 1.33s actually come into production, Im not sure but think it was 2007 which would lead me to believe there are actually v few 1.33 corollas around? all info appreciated
  10. the auris and corolla have the same engines and gearbox I presume but not a single body panel or light is the same? is the cabin the same between auris and corolla?
  11. no bother selecting gears or anything with the one that I drove and don't think clutch was slipping either would a heavy clutch be a sign that it would be on the way out?
  12. thanks for info, in your post are you referring to Corolla 2005-2006 or Corolla 2007-2008? what do you think of my heavy clutch observation
  13. hi all, had a test drive in a 2007 auris with 60k miles on the clock today. A few things struck me, v heavy clutch, not really gone on either the handbrake position or the gearstick position. It was the handbrake with the button on top of the lever rather than it sticking out the frount. the only thing that put me off this one was the heavy clutch, is that common to Auris or indicating a fault with this one? the Auris is a bit like a Yaris, your back further from the frount window than the VVTi corollas, and you can't see any bonnet out the frount window, even where you lean a bit forward. Under the bonnett looks a bit like a Yaris too engine nearly under the dashboard. Also I was wondering what are the differences between the 2007 corolla and the auris. It appears to me neither a single body panel or light are common, so what about in the cabin is the gear stick and handbrake in the same place or are they in the same place as an Avensis all info appreciated
  14. other than the body panels are the Auris much different from a Corolla i.e. will a 2007 Toyota Auris 1.4 d4d engine and gearbox fit into a 2006 Toyota Corolla 1.4d4d ?
  15. hi all, looking at buying a 2006 1.4d4d corolla with 78k on the clock. a few questions about these would this be a timing belt or timing chain? what would need to be done to them by way of servicing at these miles im guessing gearbox oil, brakes maybe? what mileage does this diesel particulate filter need to be done at ? any recalls any faults with these all info appreciated
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