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  1. the one that'll fit is the one they sell you at the motorspares shop when you tell them which car you have :P on a more serious note, i think they are all the same size, at least mine and in our avensis it's the same one...
  2. mtec discs with ferodo premier pads
  3. this is a rant so if anyone doesn't want to read it, press back now :P i drove my dad's avensis (2005) for more than 2 minutes yesterday, we were on the motorway and i was so angry at the speedo. what a silly design, on the motorway when you glance down and look up again it is neigh on impossible to tell if you're doing 70 or 50 if you are in average speed check as i was. personally i think it's dangerous as i was having to look at the speedo for longer before looking up again, which silly bafoon decided this was a good design? i think 30, 50 and 70mph should be more clearly marked, possibly in red as you use to get with some vauxhall models. anyway, rant over.
  4. yes sorry that's my bad, some of the 1.4d4d engines do have a timing chain. i have the 2.0d4d so assumed all the 1.4d4ds would too. as for keeping it under 2200rpm that's true to an extent but i find it easier to start the car for a few minutes before setting off in the winter months
  5. gearbox is totally different, diesel engines have different ratios. try go for 2005 or newer so you get a facelift model, much more desirable. glow plugs need changing when they go, mine lasted until 100K before they needed replacing. the diesel engine will do higher mileage than the petrol without issue as long as its looked after properly. diesel engine needs timing belt change after 60K miles. water pump only if it's leaking.
  6. if drop links are the same as anti-roll bar links then yeah it's plenty.
  7. i'm assuming the smaller pulley turns the charger faster for a given number of turns of the belt? and is this a linear increase in power or is there a point at which a smaller pulley would spin the charger faster than it is designed to? i think upgrading to larger and wider wheels will give you more friction area in contact with the road and if you get some decent tyres you may be ok with the increase in power. not sure about 1st and 2nd gear but 3rd onward should be ok?
  8. can i ask how you just got an extra 40bhp from your car? something in the tuning file you changed?
  9. i agree with the above. also i'd like to add that i don't know what forum system this is using but what's wrong with good old phpBB? and it's simple clean themes?
  10. I wish there were, but it appears to be a system-wide change. The TOC sites in the US and Australia have made the change too. They seem to be mostly happy about it in OZ, but the US site is still a ghost town from what I can tell. This site is an effort to use now. On my laptop it's slow and the scrolling is laggy. On my much faster desktop machine, the scrolling is good, but the layout is totally knackered. we have a good community here and it'd be a shame to lose it over something as small as a theme change on the forum but i fear users may start jumping ship to other forums. if the colour scheme stays as it is then after i've changed my car which may be in the near future i won't be coming back to visit...
  11. is there no way of getting hold of an administrator to get them to change it back?
  12. some people may care, others may not but if this doesn't get changed back to a better forum theme then i'm outta here. i simply cannot cope with this shocking colour scheme and layout. only just had managed to get use to the previous version. whatever happened to if it ain't broke don't fix it? i mean seriously...?
  13. not saying euro car parts are bad but i've always found them to be expensive compared to my local independant guys...
  14. ^^ it's always interested my why the aircon auto cuts in when you press the button to make the front screen demist. i was under the impression warmer air would be quickest to demist the screen? or is the a/c used to just dry the air rather than cool it?
  15. my cars wheel bearing been changed, i used firstline kits which contain NSK bearings and the other bits and bobs needed to complete the job. cost around £35 from independant motor factors, little less if you're mechanic gets it for you at trade price. i also changed the hub when i changed bearings, when i got them they were around £90 plus VAT those are dealer only parts. discs and pads many people use mtec discs and ferodo or mintex pads, that seems to best the best combo at the moment. discs are bought from ebay or mtec direct, pads from ebay again or local independant motor factors.
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