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  1. I have a iq 2009 where is the ecu and how do i remove it?

  2. I'll try and fill in some of the gaps that the Toyota guides can furnish you with already. If there's anything obviously missing, just drop a comment here and I'll do my best to answer it for you. The Toyota link (Which I've found invaluable so far) is http://www.toyota-tech.eu/ To start. Remove the door runners and kick plates by simply giving them a good yank (There's going to be a lot of that throughout BTW). Then get on your knees (Both sides of the car and you'll find a bolt at the bottom of the plastic trim near the floor: In the passenger footwell the plastic below the black rounded edge should now pull out. Start at the bottom on the left and work upwards. Then work across the top and down the RH side. It should just come away. The back of the panel looks like this (If it helps for clip placement). View is upside down as it would clip back in as you revolved it upwards from the bottom of the pic (If that makes sense). You are left with something like this: Underneath the steering wheel the plastic trim has a rectangle in the middle. This is an airbag and you DO NOT need to remove it !!!!! Again, work around it taking out any obvious bolts and either remove, or as I've done, leave it hanging into the footwell. Time to pop out the ends of the dash front, here And the same the other side. If it helps. Pull the door rubbers away from the door surround to give you access. MAKE SURE they are pushed fully back before you shut the doors again. Back to the passenger footwell. The big black bit (The soft dash front) can now pull clear. This bit: Grab it both sides at the bottom and pull directly towards you. With that out. The same can now be done with the speedo surround and cover. Again pull towards you and it'll pop out. Leaving this: That's Part 1 for now folks. I'll try and get in a few more pictures to explain more as I go. Any questions, as I say, please feel free. Si
  3. Oooooppss, My bad didn't even know that button existed. Si
  4. Weird one. Jumped in the car New Years Eve. Car started fine. Went to open both windows to help clear them and the passenger window button lights (Both drivers & passenger sides) weren't lit up. The window on the passenger side also now won't open, with either button. Any ideas please ? All advice gladly taken then actioned if it's in my power Si
  5. That person was me . All replied to and I hope it makes sense. Bob I understand where you're coming from but using my car as a daily driver and as I wasn't planning on changing it for 'a long' time I thought I'd do exactly what I wanted to it.horses for courses I guess. But I like just what 'I've' done, to my car over the time I've owned it. And as a project it keeps me busy as well lol. Si
  6. Thanks again for the blue glow, good to finally put a face to a name. Still makes me smile every time I have to switch in the lights. Unit 'should' be stripped out and in the post tomorrow mate 😉 The blue light brigade continues to grow 😄😄 Si
  7. As discussed with you last week David. Really not easy to do AFAIK you'll need to remove the 'A' pillar plastic, strip out the rear 'lower' plastics (They hold in the top plastics with a lip), the sun-visors, the alighting handles (Whatever the proper name is), interior light AT LEAST. That's about as much as I can visualise ATM from my nice warm lounge without going out into the rain lol. Si
  8. S2Sosmart

    Fao Tarquin

    Sorted. Please delete. Si (S2Sosmart)
  9. S2Sosmart

    Obd Port

    Due to an ongoing project I need to remove he panel below the steering wheel (I didn't need to remove it when I took my dash out). I've removed the 2 bolts, disconnected the bonnet release catch, unplugged the connector that's in the way but I'm now stuck ! 😁 The OBD port doesn't push, pull out. I've tried pinching the lugs in all 4 corners but still no joy !! Any suggestions ????? Si 😩😩
  10. S2Sosmart

    Cygnet Axed

    Don't see why it shouldn't last any less time than a regular IQ ? The running gear and mechanicals are all the same it's basically a dress up inside & out. It had to be because Aston wouldn't pay for all the re-testing in regards of the NCAP and stuff. Si
  11. S2Sosmart

    Sun Visors

    Any idea how to remove them. If a twist is involved which way, how far etc,etc. The project moves on and so does my need to tinker 😜 Si 😎
  12. That's not actually my car (Just a generic black one off of a wheel configurator site). My car is black though so it's about as close as I can get without photoshop Si
  13. Spoke to the sole UK importers today. The wheels 'definitely' will not be available until the new year when the factory gear back up for production . ATM they're concentrating on 'winter' wheels. So, to avoid any more suspense here's what I'm aiming for when at all possible The wheels are Wolfrace GB Lugano's in 16". Feel free to comment and as soon as I 'actually' get them the pics will be up straight away Si
  14. David (Tarquin), You have mail 😉 Si
  15. That's one of the sites I've been in contact with And whoever changed the title,thankyou. Didn't realise that it would trip any filters Si
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