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  1. the head unit cover wont separate from the unit itself.. if that makes sense. though id prefer to maintain the original colour if possible.
  2. Hello, I have recently purchased a 2009 Toyota Yaris, I have installed a new head unit, the colour of the head unit is considerable different to the heating control fascia, does anyone know if I can strip that fascia and spray it a similar colour? Thanks
  3. I have some Aygo Sport alloys lying around *edited - Just realised u already sorted it.
  4. oooo you should sell me your tomtom part and the stereo =D always wanted that in my aygo!
  5. I have this very same problem, except mines much worse :( could anyone tell me were to get a replacement part? (he whole silver part)
  6. Hey, heres My Aygo Sport, tinted windows are next on the list What do you think?
  7. Thanks 'cptechjosh'. Yes this really helps me. Do you know any one who sells some Alloys .. would help alot. Thanks Again Mish Hi Mish... try these guys... Revolution Performance Motorstore if you give them a call, they are all really helpful and will give u all the advice you need! I got my O.Z alloys from them... my car is also in their hall of fame ...Aygo 15" OZ Hope that helps James Hey James I saw your car on their hall of fame, i'm buying 15" wheels from them for my aygo, can I ask if u have ur aygo lowered?
  8. OK thanks for the advice, I will wait until summer then give it a go.
  9. Hello, as the topic title suggests I'm wanting to remove the side and rear mouldings these moulds have been on for the last 5-6 years, the car doesnt seem to have faded in colour, would anyone know if the colour beneath would differ? and what would be the best way to remove them. thanks for any advice.
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