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  1. Well i finally got round to fitting my own head unit to replace the standard one.

    No problems were encountered and the plugs were the same and all i had to do was swop over the yellow and red wires to get the correct power input.

    With my model it renders the built in Tomtom useless but i am not bothered about that anyway.

    oooo you should sell me your tomtom part and the stereo =D always wanted that in my aygo!

  2. Was having a nosey in the car the boot day and found that the inside lock is severly rusted.... didnt notice this before.

    Warranty expired in September.... how do I go about getting this fixed is it still covered?

    I'm presuming it has something to do with the rear wiper?



    I have this very same problem, except mines much worse :( could anyone tell me were to get a replacement part? (he whole silver part)

  3. Hey Mish,

    If you want to shop around for different Alloys you will need to be sure they will fit, you need to buy Alloys with a PCD offset of 4/100mm there are lots of alloys available with this fitment and also you need to make sure the tyres will fit without rubbing in your arches for example i have after market alloys which are 15" and they tyres need for them are 195/45 R15 hope this helps.

    Thanks 'cptechjosh'. Yes this really helps me.

    Do you know any one who sells some alloys .. would help alot.

    Thanks Again


    Hi Mish... try these guys... Revolution Performance Motorstore

    if you give them a call, they are all really helpful and will give u all the advice you need!

    I got my O.Z alloys from them... my car is also in their hall of fame ...Aygo 15" OZ


    Hope that helps


    Hey James I saw your car on their hall of fame, i'm buying 15" wheels from them for my aygo, can I ask if u have ur aygo lowered?

  4. I'm sure the red paint will have faded.

    All being well, you should be able to cut the car back to match.

    The strips are held on with 3M adhesive tape.

    It is very strong. however, I've removed a set of strips from an Aygo.

    If you can, wait while summer, You need as much heat as possible.

    I used a hair-dryer to get mine off. About 3" away on the hottest setting.

    St art at the pointy ends, get 'em good & hot then stick your finger nails under the end

    and start easing them off.

    When you've got 3 or 4 inches off, you can direct the hair-dryer under the strip from the

    peeled end.

    If you take your time and go slowly, the adhesive comes away with the strip leaving nothing on the paintwork.

    It's a long tedious job, but can be done.


    OK thanks for the advice, I will wait until summer then give it a go.

  5. Hello, as the topic title suggests I'm wanting to remove the side and rear mouldings



    these moulds have been on for the last 5-6 years, the car doesnt seem to have faded in colour, would anyone know if the colour beneath would differ? and what would be the best way to remove them.

    thanks for any advice.

  6. Hello from Denmark.

    Here is my white Aygo.

    Hope you like it.





    I want new wheels! some aygos look silly or the wheels look so out of place when others change them, yours look good... I know nothing about the sizes and stuff, if I was to get wheels the same size, offset and whatever else you have to look at what do I get??

    heres mine...




  7. best quote for the roof i got was 1,500....so if you find someone cheaper post it!!

    I got quoted

    "To supply and fit 300 deluxe large £600.00 (acceptable rooof deformation occurs)

    " " 300 deluxe medium £560.00

    these are soft touch controls (one touch)

    Prices are subject to V.A.T. @ 20%"

    this is at Auto Graphics in Sunderland (UK)

  8. Just do a search (online0 for a Webasto Dealer near you.

    Ring them and ask for a quote on fitting an Aygo with a Webasto Hollandia 300 Medium DeLuxe with sunblind.

    If you like the price (probably about £625 or so) make an appointment for them to fit it.

    They took only about 2 hours on fitting mine and I'm still very glad I had it fitted.

    Should I make a choice between loosing A/C or the Sunroof, I'd keep the sunroof...

    Thanks, I hope I can find a garage nearby to do it, £625 is worth it! looks real good on you aygo.

    oh and...

    "You might also notice the backbox looking less prominent; spraypainted it black with BBQ-paint" - this is a really good idea, I hate how obvious it is, I did a search for BBQ paint on diy.com (B&Q) but I got a couple of results, should I use any inperticular?

  9. The radio's ARE exactly the same.

    But Peugeot only puts a couple of 4" speakers in the corners of the windscreen, even in the highest spec car.

    With the Aygo you get thos two speakers with the Access-trimlevel, but from the Comfort-level and up

    you get the extra tweeters in the A-pillars and a couple of 6" speakers in the front doors, connected to the

    REAR-channels of the radio. If you use the fader you'll hear the sound going "down" instead of "back".

    With the rear channels occupied, there's nowhere to connect an extra set of speakers.

    Personally I still don't get why people want speakers in the rear for "double stereo" (it's not surround!)

    Music needs to be "staged" up front: or do you turn your back to the podium at a concert too?

    I see.

    I want them because whenever I'm driving on the moterway my rear passengers always say they cant hear the music because of he road noise.

  10. The facelifted aygo does not have rear speakers.

    I'd think that's why Stevens_uk wants to install them...

    Saying so, I DO have to note that the "rear" chanels on the radio ARE in use when you

    have the Speakers in the front doors. So there's nowhere to connect them to...

    hmmm, I know Peugeot offer rear Speakers but they put em in the parcel shelf, I would have thought the radio would be exactly the same?

    argh dunno if to just buy em and try it.

  11. They are a Toyota dealer,


    This is designed to fit a Toyota aygo

    Please contact us with your chassis number if you are unsure this part will fit your vehicle

    I know.. thats why I contacted them, but they didnt say yes or no lol, just "not listed"

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