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  1. The warning beeps for proximity sensors can be changed by dealer - I wanted to reduce the volume as I park close to a hedge after passing gate posts so beeps were constant. The dealer said they had to connect a laptop to change volume so not a hidden menu option
  2. aCactus

    Driver’s Seat

    Mine is also dynamic and I am a bit overweight - remembered to check the seat this morning and it seemed to me that there are firmer bits on both sides of the seat by my hips. I couldn't feel any difference between the two sides and in my normal sitting position I don't notice the firmer sides
  3. aCactus

    Driver’s Seat

    I haven't noticed this in the two years I have been driving my C-HR
  4. aCactus

    New colour?

    Yellow Hornet available in Australia
  5. Just has another recall letter - this time potential problem with engine wire harness, seems same problem with Prius due to shared platform (saw thread on their forum earlier). I suppose a little bit of good news as I will have to drive to dealers which is a much longer trip than my usual daily drive so 12v battery might get a bit of charge (had to jump start again last week)
  6. Read this earlier today, post this afternoon included recall letter for my C-HR
  7. aCactus

    Spare Wheel

    My Toyota supplied spare is a space saver, not sure if the wheel is same diameter as alloys but overall diameter (wheel plus tyre) should be the same.
  8. When I tried this I had to copy file created by online planner onto USB stick, after plugging stick into car it recognised route data on stick. According to the manual (page 165 of my navi manual) you should be able to download direct to car but I have found the car internet connection almost useless - it can see connections, tries to connect then fails
  9. aCactus

    Spare Wheel

    Just looked at the Toyota car configure page and I couldn't see it as a current option. I did order the spare wheel with my C-HR and it was fitted by the dealer (I know this as it got delivered after the car). It does raise the floor of the boot a little so that the floor is level with the bumper
  10. aCactus

    Recall letter

    Just received a smart power card from Toyota as a thank you for taking car to dealer for fuel tank recall
  11. aCactus

    Recall letter

    Just had this done and it does make me wonder what has happen to cause Toyota to make this change.
  12. aCactus

    sat nav

    I've got latest maps/software installed and speed camera alert is working, my usual journeys don't have any fixed cameras on them but had to visit dealer this week and passed a few - had to think what caused the bongs approaching the first one as I still had lots of warning messages from my problem mention in the malfunction thread (not real malfunctions just flat battery)
  13. aCactus


    Quick trip to dealer (Johnsons Liverpool) got rid of all warning messages - car did go into ready mode despite cold weather. Dealer didn't have to do anything as messages cleared after the half hour drive there but managed to arrange service due soon to be done following day and the recalls even got the goody bag that was on offer as part of their winter essentials promotion
  14. Should be vehicle excise duty saving in first year under current rules, when I bought mine I was just in time to get zero rate which I have just renewed saving another £140.
  15. aCactus


    Car failed to start this morning so little jump start battery used again to get things going but unlike last time I now have lots of malfunction warnings. Looks like I will have to go to dealer to get things checked/reset but more worrying given current weather forecast is that the car fails to start in cold weather, surely they tested the car in colder weather than we are getting now.