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  1. I know, I know. But it can't do any harm to present a free and bright idea, in case someone at Toyota does monitor the forums. I also know from a reliable source that Toyota is véry interested in what 'moves' or irritates customers...🙄
  2. A plea for transparancy in by far the longest thread if this forum... I ordered my RAV4 on the 24th of March 2019. A couple of days later my dealer confirmed a delivery date of "around the last week of July". I took ownership of a polished car on 31st of July 2019. So... the Import organisation and dealerships, at least in NL, seem to know exactly how to trace their orders. It's the communication to the customers that sucks. Picture this: As soon as a robot lays its "hands" on the first pieces of iron and welds them together, the next thing is that piece of iron gets a VIN, and probably a couple of other identifiers and barcodes on its path. Toyota are the inventors of "The Toyota Way", are Master planners and their systems know exactly where every part, half-product and end-product is located. The factory also keeps records of every single part- and serial number that went into which car and even the torque the bolts were fastened. Important in case of inadvertent Call-backs. 🤒 It's the infrastructure for presenting the relevant information to the customers that is missing. For example, these days it can't be thát difficult to develop an App so customers can follow their car during production, shipping and local transport. The data is there ... somewhere. The manufacturer knows if, and where the car is on the production line, the shipping company knows what the cargo is, the ship's Insurers know, the GPS satellites know where the ship is and the App can draw a map and calculate where and when the ship arrives. Etc etc. Come on, Toyota, hire a wizzkid to write that App and your customers will like you even more. 😘
  3. I seem to remember that a couple of weeks ago a large number of brand new RAV's were just unloaded and then totalled on the shipping dock parking during the floodings. That may cause serious delays for some, specially if you were so unlucky that yours was on that ship...
  4. Here a RAV4.5 AWD on factory Bridgestone Alenza's, doing town/motorway ~35/65%. During August/September it did 4.7 L/100Km (61 Mpg). When it became colder and darker, consumption went up gradually, to now 6.4 L/100Km (44.1 Mpg). Overall from new: 5.4 L/100Km which is 52,4 Mpg, which matches the onboard computer exactly! Temperature indeed makes a big difference. Not bad for a >1700 Kg car. During the winter period, I found that on short trips the engine starts frequently to warm up, even when the battery is almost full, while in August I could do a shopping trip around town almost entirely in EV mode. Ah well... spring is on the horizon 😉
  5. For those interested in how the Toyota eCVT in modern Hybrids works, here's an excellent video from Professor John Kelly of Weber State University. In the video the Prius version of the Transaxle is explained but versions for the RAV4 have only minor details. No more torque converters and drive belts. How complexity evolved into simplicity, producing more power and reducing weight!
  6. Beware, that's excluding shipping. My reputable Dunlop was €15 including shipping 😁
  7. If, like me, you ordered a RAV4 without leather seats, (I hate leather seats anyway), you probably ended up without heated seats as well. I don't mind sitting in a cold interior, because that warms up quickly enough in the RAV. However, I do not like having to warm up a stone cold seat with my behind, which seems to take forever on a freezing day. That's why I use a Dunlop 12V car seat heater during winters. Warms up quickly and is very, very comfortable. After ~5 minutes or so I switch it off, and it stays off for the rest of the trip. It's like Airconditioning in your car: once you had it, you never want a car without it! They anywhere between €15-€30. Something like the attached pic.
  8. Not only diesels, my 1.8 petrol Avensis had one. That has to do with the variable valve timing system, where there is no reliable inlet vacuum for the brake servo anymore. However, the vacuum pumps produce a "different" tapping sound, unlike what is heard in the first post.
  9. Something else that could cause the tapping noise: There is a mechanical clutch in belt driven airco systems, that engages when the airco is switched on and disengages when switched off. The tapping noise can occur when the airco is switched off, but the claws of the clutch do not fully disengage because of wear. Years ago, there was a topic on this forum somewhere (I think in the Avensis section) on refurbishing and re-adjusting the airco clutch, but I could not find it quickly. Have a look! And on the subject of squeal when the clutch pedal is depressed, the spring that retracts the clutch pedal is a notorious squealer. A bit of grease on its hooks takes care of that.
  10. To me, it sounds like a radiator fanblade hits something. That could explain the sound disappearing when revving, because the fanblades also rev and deform slightly . Also, most clutches are hydrolic these days, without cables.
  11. Yes, the car has always been dealer maintained according to the Toyota prescribed intervals. The dealership challenged her to keep running it to 500.000 Kms, then they would buy the car back or replace it by a new Yaris. Being a vet, she couldn't afford to take the risk of stranding in the middle of nowhere on an emergency call . 😟
  12. Speaking of reliable cars: My daughter recently sold her 2003 Yaris 1.0 petrol, that she bought from my wife a couple of years ago. My wife was in tears when she heard the news. The only parts that were ever replaced because of defects on this remarkable car, were the (serpentine-) exhaust manifold, 2 rear wheel bearings and the clutch. There was >361.000 on the clock. Kms that is. 🙂
  13. I had some clunking once on my 2010 Avensis, when 2 of 3 fitting holes in the rear aluminium heat shield over the muffler were corroded away and the heat shield started to make contact with the muffler on uneven roads. Very difficult to see, because the shield was kept up with its last bolt when the car was not moving. Could also be the fitting straps of the gas tank running loose. Or some left behind tool. Just take everything out of the boot, spare tyre, tools, mats, etc; then sit in the boot, have someone drive the car and listen carefully where the noise comes from.
  14. Maybe if you contact the below company they can supply the required info, or even order a Master cylinder revision set for you. This O-ring is a vital part in the braking system and is not reusable! Steele's Auto supplies seems to be the Toyota representative for the Carabbeans.
  15. Hi all, I moved over from the Avensis Ownersclub when I took delivery of my new RAV4 AWD. Great car so far! Recently, I saw this message on the Dutch Toyota RAV4.5 forum: "... just had a phone call from my dealer. In Mai/June next year, my 2019 RAV4 will be upgraded to support Apple Carplay and AA, with no charge! He also explained why that takes some time: from the model year 2020 on, the RAV4s will be deliverded without the Toyota navigation option. That could mean that Toyota is dropping their own infamous Nav system entirely in favour of the Apple Carplay and AA option. For the new 2020 models that's no problem (Toyota just buys the MM units from Panasonic ready to install), but the existing 2019 models require quite some firmware rewriting and testing on the MultiMedia unit." The new November price list does mention Carplay and AA as standard. Also, an Australian user reports that his (Entune 3.0) system received the free Carplay/AA upgrade, and that the screen's lighting bazel and microphone had to be replaced because the existing microphone did not support Siri. When ordering my RAV4 in March , I anticipated this to happen and did NOT order the Navigation option. Instead, I bought a RAV4 car specific Brodit Clip with Active Holder and mounted my TomTom with Lifetime free Maps, Speed traps and Traffic info. The holder takes 12V from internal car wiring and it works like a charm. I will look at Carplay when it arrives and test it in parallel with TomTom and then decide which one I like best. So, it looks like something is happening, but don't kill the messenger!