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  1. I had some clunking once on my 2010 Avensis, when 2 of 3 fitting holes in the rear aluminium heat shield over the muffler were corroded away and the heat shield started to make contact with the muffler on uneven roads. Very difficult to see, because the shield was kept up with its last bolt when the car was not moving. Could also be the fitting straps of the gas tank running loose. Or some left behind tool. Just take everything out of the boot, spare tyre, tools, mats, etc; then sit in the boot, have someone drive the car and listen carefully where the noise comes from.
  2. Maybe if you contact the below company they can supply the required info, or even order a Master cylinder revision set for you. This O-ring is a vital part in the braking system and is not reusable! Steele's Auto supplies seems to be the Toyota representative for the Carabbeans.
  3. Hi all, I moved over from the Avensis Ownersclub when I took delivery of my new RAV4 AWD. Great car so far! Recently, I saw this message on the Dutch Toyota RAV4.5 forum: "... just had a phone call from my dealer. In Mai/June next year, my 2019 RAV4 will be upgraded to support Apple Carplay and AA, with no charge! He also explained why that takes some time: from the model year 2020 on, the RAV4s will be deliverded without the Toyota navigation option. That could mean that Toyota is dropping their own infamous Nav system entirely in favour of the Apple Carplay and AA option. For the new 2020 models that's no problem (Toyota just buys the MM units from Panasonic ready to install), but the existing 2019 models require quite some firmware rewriting and testing on the MultiMedia unit." The new November price list does mention Carplay and AA as standard. Also, an Australian user reports that his (Entune 3.0) system received the free Carplay/AA upgrade, and that the screen's lighting bazel and microphone had to be replaced because the existing microphone did not support Siri. When ordering my RAV4 in March , I anticipated this to happen and did NOT order the Navigation option. Instead, I bought a RAV4 car specific Brodit Clip with Active Holder and mounted my TomTom with Lifetime free Maps, Speed traps and Traffic info. The holder takes 12V from internal car wiring and it works like a charm. I will look at Carplay when it arrives and test it in parallel with TomTom and then decide which one I like best. So, it looks like something is happening, but don't kill the messenger!
  4. Hi, I had mine replaced 6 months ago. The shield is aluminium, but the bolts and nuts are made of steel, so failure is certain to happen. The part no (for LHD cars) from Toyota is 58327-05030. Use stainless bolts/nuts, or else the aluminium will corrode away over time and the shield will drop on the exhaust. Shield costs € 81 excl VAT in NL. This was the first and only part on my 2010 Avensis T27 ever to fail. 😊 Not because of this event, I recently sold the Avensis and ordered a RAV4 instead.
  5. I sanded and polished the headlights of my wife's Yaris. Starting with paper 800, then 1000 then 1200 wet, I inspected the plastic for scratch marks with a magnifying glass and finally polished them with tooth paste. TIP: Before applying the clearcote layer, put the lights on for a couple of minutes to pre-warm the glass, in order to avoid moisture. Don't use a hair dryer because that injects dust into the fresh coating. This was done almost 3 years ago now, and the headlights still look like new.
  6. Maybe worth noting: I had my EPB actuator replaced a couple of years ago, just before the warranty ran out. It was a preventive replacement because the thing sounded as if it would snap soon and would have been very expensive to replace after the warranty period. It took my dealership 1.5 days to replace it and find out that the ECU needed an update as well, in order to recognize the revised part number of the EPB actuator, and not display error messages that had nothing to do with it. I wonder if independent garages can get hold of Toyota's ECU software...
  7. That must be country dependent then. In NL, standard factory warranty is only 3 years or maximum 100,000 Kms. And hybrids are 5 years or 100,000 Km, whichever comes first. One or two years "extra" warranty can be purchased here, but with many exclusions and a high price tag.
  8. My EPB was replaced after ~ 2.9 years, just before the warranty ran out. I was told by the dealer that the 2009/2010 Avensises suffered most from this problem. Mine then got the enhanced version EPB, which required an extensive software update of the car. Took them 2 days to figure that out. The new actuator functions A LOT quieter than the old one. Both never failed though. And they shouldn't, because these things are not only horribly expensive, but replacing them is quite labour intensive.
  9. go to Look under Accessory Installation Manuals for your model and year, Toyota Parking Aid, for inspiration ....
  10. I had my parking brake replaced before the warranty ran out. Not because it failed, but because it sounded like failure would be imminent. During the first week that you own the car, you feel like "something" is missing. After that, you get used to it and learn to enjoy the automatic release feature. However, it forces you to change your driving under certain conditions. Fine dosing the EPB in slippery conditions, like you could with an MPB, is not possible. Just trust the Electronic Stability Control instead. BTW, the EPB is the only thing ever replaced on my Avensis so far.
  11. Thermal

    Petrol Egr

    Sorry, I have no idea what it looks like or where on the 1AZ-FSE engine it is located. My current T27 Avensis doesn't have one and the T25 documentation only mentions that a 1AZ-FSE has an EGR, but not where to find it. There must be plenty 1AZ-FSE owners here who can shine a light on that. The parts vendors where I entered the 25620-28100/28101 part number all list them with "no picture available yet". Good luck.
  12. Thermal

    Petrol Egr

    25620-28100/28101 is an EGR valve. The following article explains why some older designs petrol engines used them, and why newer designs don't need them.
  13. Thermal

    Parking Brake

    I had mine replaced under warrenty after 2 years from new because it started making a horrible noise and sometimes refused to release on the simultaneous clutch/accelerator combination on steep hills. The new brake unit is much quieter and works as it should. I use it all the time when parking and was advised to keep doing that to keep the unit "in shape". Furthermore I was informed that the electronic parking brake solution saves a lot of space in the interior of the car, compared to the mechanical version. The downside is that it is also more complicated, in a sense that reparing/replacing it costs a lot of time and is more expensive. It took my dealership a full day to replace it and update the car's firmware in order to get the new unit recognized and initialized by the computer. However, it is the only "problem" I had sofar and I still think it's a great car.
  14. Yes, but thanks for the link anyway. With "problem area" I actually meant that the problem is on me. Like ellbow grease and hours and hours of pollishing. When I think of it, I get many more blurred visions lately of me, cursing under the hood of an old Yaris, preferably in freezing or rainy weather.... Fingers crossed.
  15. Now, where did the Picture go....