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  1. Knowing the hybrid's battery is a weak spot, I have a Noco GB40 booster ready just in case. During the last winter episode and Lockdown, I didn't drive my RAV4 for 10 days, and it still powered-on allbeit after pressing "Start" three times. However, I used the Noco twice to start a neighbour's Audi and a friend's Golf diesel in -7C. And if it starts a diesel, it can surely power-on a RAV4. Highly recommended!
  2. Apparantly, there is a difference between the Gen 1 and Gen 2 Aygo's then. My wife's Aygo is a MY2013 (Gen 1) and it has absolute minimal space behind the headlights. I find it much easier, and costs less time, blood and *$%#@, to take the bumper off to access the headlight mounting screws, take the headlights out to see what I'm doing and replace both bulbs at the same time. Headlights back in, bumper on. Done.
  3. Yes. My wife's Aygo blew a lamp recently. I knew from previous experience how aggravating a job this is, so I took the front bumper off to have full access on the headlights. Far easier for the fingers! And while you have it off, replace both sides, because if you blow a lamp, most of the time the other goes 2 weeks later. 👿 Bumper off is easy on the Aygo, 45 minutes job for both lamps and bumper replacement..
  4. Speaking of reliability: My wife had a 2003 Yaris 1.0 and put >365,000 Km's on the clock. Well maintained, amazing little car! The only things that ever failed were a rear wheel bearing, the "serpentine style" exhaust manifold, which rusted away from the cylinder head flange and both the headlights getting misty. She then installed a new battery, 4 new tires and had the clutch replaced, before giving the car with tears in her eyes, to our daughter who, as a just graduated vet, desperately needed a car for work to heal animals all over the country. Daughter had it for more than tw
  5. I ordered this one: Homie Auto parts It's the LHD version and works perfectly. Installed in 3 minutes, because I dropped one of the screws and had to find my magnet. 😒 Arrived within 2 weeks.
  6. I use these... Cheap, easy to install and remove after winter, and véééry comfortable!
  7. My best score so far was during the latest summer heat wave, when it did 60.43 mpg (= 4,67 L/100 Km, or 21,39 Km per Liter) on 20/80 rural/motorway trips in ECO mode. Off topic, but also interesting is temperature influence: worst score was during last winter with 44.18 mpg (= 6,39 L/100 Km, or 15,64 Km per Liter) with maybe 30/70% town/motorway mix, all ECO mode. That's a difference of 26% between summer and winter! My average over an entire year was 52.07 mpg, or 18,43 metric Liter/Km. I find that quite good for the size and weight of this comfortable car.
  8. I guess you are in the USA and your RAV is not a Hybrid? Chances are, that the ticking noise comes from the vacuum pump. Modern Toyota VVT-i petrol engines have their air inlet valve always fully open, hence there is no vacuum in the manifold. The car needs a vacuum source for the power brakes to work, so there is an additional vacuum pump that produces that light ticking. My previous Toyota Avensis did that from new and the clicking didn't get louder in ~10 years thereafter. Enjoy your new car!
  9. On the Avensis (T27, manual gear) that I had, Hill Start Assist wasn't applied automatically either. To use it, you had to come to a full stop and activate the Electronic Parking Brake switch. Then, as soon as you drove away, the brakes were auto-released. Worked well.
  10. I find this an elegant solution for a TomTom device, connected to the Rav's internal power. Even the TomTom 6" display does not obstruct anything on this Brodit clip with Active holder. At least, until I can test Apple Carplay, and maybe even "indefinitely" thereafter.
  11. To clarify, the Toyota Hybrids do not have an alternator, nor do they have a starter motor. That's the reason why our RAV4's can do with a relatively low capacity battery, all the way back in the car. The only things in the car that are powered by the 12V battery are the lights, the instrument displays, the MM system, the wiper motor, etc. And last but not least, it's needed to initialize the Hybrid system when you press the Start button. The 12V battery is charged by the High Voltage battery, via the Inverter-Converter, and no matter how long your wife needs for the shopping, as lo
  12. The difference between the 2WD and 4WD RAV4 goes unnoticed during normal driving, like it should. It becomes very noticeable during unfavourable road conditions and/or certain ... "hairy situations"! Last winter, I would certainly have been T-boned by a Van if my Rav4 would have been a 2WD instead of a 4WD. On an asphalt/gravel road, in a split second decision, the 4WD RAV jumped out of harms way and we escaped by a centimeter! My wife almost had a heart attack and is still mad at the Van driver. On the bright side, she appreciates my RAV a lot better now 🙂 I've seen these Youtube fi
  13. This graph nicely illustrates the influence of summer/winter/summer temperatures. My Rav4, brim to brim messured since new, august last year. In Mpg for your convenienice. It helps the car's economy somewhat that practically the whole country is flat, and we have a national speed limit of 100 Km/h. 😒
  14. Thermal


    If I remember correctly, it is like PeteB wrote: you'll get a warning but no indication as to what tyre it is. I had a TPWS warning last september, and I checked all 4. One tyre pressure was 0.2 bar lower than the others, so I made them all equal (2.5 bar). However, the warning did not go away for another 2 days, so I looked it up in the manual. There is a menu item where you can set the pressures. As in "OK RAV4, I corrected your pressures and they are now correct. <Enter>". Now the warning went away and to my surpise, the screen showed the pressures in all 4 tyres! So the system
  15. I would say: unscrew the same bolt from the other side of the car and see what it looks like.
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