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  1. Hi Heidfirst - yes I get the idea of keeping the nav volume above the radio - problem is the nav volume seems to sometimes go so low as to be inaudible & then is impossible to get back to a decent level! Hopefully will get the chance to play a bit more this weekend
  2. Thanks for the pointers - Wife is due back from a couple of days away in the Rav4 today (hence wasn't able to faff around looking for an answer on the car directly). I'll try the directions above (though believe she did try setting the volume as advised) I think the link with radio volume could be the answer (somewhat illogical in the way it works)
  3. 2018 Rav4 - I'm struggling to find how to change the volume of Sat Nav voice output instructions..... I know I have a "Mute" button on the satnav home screen to turn off all output, but even when this is grey (i.e. not selected) we sometimes don't get spoken navigation instructions. I also know that when the sat-nav is actually speaking, I can use the radio volume knob to increase/decrease the satnav output - but once the nav has finished speaking, the volume reverts back to controlling radio volume - so it is only any use if you know the satnav is speaking at the time!. HAVE been into setup options for SatNav voice output, but again, once the satnav has decided to mute the voice, there seems to be no easy way to get it back! Add to that (or perhaps in addition to that) how do I get the satnav to repeat the last spoken instruction? (as at least, then I could use the volume control to set the voice output volume!) Any simple hints? My simplest answer to date is to forget the car satnav voice output and rely on Waze on my phone! Bottom-line here is that the Toyota nav screens are a pretty useless user interface & hard to navigate!
  4. Yes - as I said, had them on the Lexus with no rainwater or snow issues - just the odd bleep if I ended up too close to someone in a traffic jam - & then was able to hit the button on the dash. Wonder what it is about the Rav sensors that makes them so sensitive to rainwater? Either way, at least I know it is not a unique fault, but a "feature".
  5. Afraid not - my last car (Lexus IS300h) had one on the dash. On the Rav it is on the configuration settings 2-3 menu clicks down on the steering-wheel controls... not the sort of place you want to be hunting around for when just about to park. Guess I'll just have to live with the inconvenience. 😞
  6. I have a 2018 Rav 4 with parking sensors. There have been a couple of occasions when the front parking sensor beepers have been going off with no obstacles around (e.g. driving around normally, stop at a junction with no other vehicles or obstacles in sight). The only common factor is that this is after rainfall - so I suspect it is water droplets running down the bumpers over the parking sensors. Is this a common "feature" or do I need to take it back to the dealer?
  7. A bit of a dumb question - had my Rav 4 (2018) for a couple of months now & I've noticed that the door mirror switch-gear is not illuminated at night. The other switches alongside it (e.g. lane control) are. Is this a fault on my Rav ? or have Toyota just decided to cut a corner and not illuminate that particular switch? I've noticed because I tend to push the button to fold in the mirrors when I park - and then when I get into the car in the dark, I have to grope around for the mirror switch as it is not lit up.
  8. I've just traded in a 3 year old Lexus IS300h for a 2018 model Rav4 Design AWD. I've yet to fully get to grips with the Rav4, however some comments about the Lexus - I got the Lexus 2 years ago after having had 2 previous Prius (which I loved). The Prius were company cars... I decided to leave the company scheme & was looking for a comparable car to buy. 2 years ago the new Prius was out of the running thanks to the "armitage shanks" cupholders and centre console. A year-old Lexus seemed a good alternative - trading up to "a Prius on steroids" with similar running gear but the 2.5 litre engine. Overall the Lexus was comfy and nice to drive. Not as economical as the Prius (not surprising). There were 2 big down-sides to the Lexus: 1) poor luggage space - but then I've had estates and hatchbacks for years - this was the first saloon for a long time. Heading for the airport we couldn't fit 2 big suitcases in the boot. Other odd shaped loads were also problematic. More importantly, 2) the Lexus had absolutely no grip on a slippery surface. I got stuck at least twice on muddy fields & ended up carrying a tow rope at all times "just in case". Whereas the Prius was fun in snow, the Lexus just got stuck! Hopefully with AWD in the Rav4 I shouldn't have this problem again. Driving the Rav4 seems to be OK (only done about 80 miles so far!) though indications are that fuel consumption will be down on the Lexus. A trivial niggle with the Rav4 is the poor location of some of the switch-gear - its a bit of a stretch to get to the EV/Eco/Sport buttons. Also the USB and power sockets are in full view in the centre console - they'd be far better located inside the centre armrest storage box, keeping phones and iPods out of sight.
  9. Just building on what Grumpy Cabbie had to say..... Oh, I forgot to say. You really do want to pay a wee bit extra and put LRR tyres on the Prius otherwise you won't be able to get the fabulous mpg's the car is capable of. Yes they really do make a big difference. I'm on my 2nd Prius in 5 years (both company cars). In both cases, I had all 4 tyres replaced at around 30K miles. In both cases, I didn't get any say in the replacement tyres..... so did not get LRR tyres.... and so fuel consumption visibly went up by at least 5%, probably more. The effect has been instant... where I used to be showing 60 mpg on the trip computer at a particular point on my way to work, I now see as low as 47. Check out my fuelly stats for the evidence. Also - just 5% doesn't sound much... but spending around £50/week, that adds up to around £120 / year. What is REALLY annoying is that this time I asked the tyre fitters (National) for LRR tyres... yes sir, of course... no problem.... The tyres were fitted at my wife's workplace.... she also asked and was told - yes, these are the energy efficient tyres.... I didn't double check at the time... but now I have the evidence in fuelly, I looked at the weekend... I have ContiSPORT not ContiECO tyres fitted..... D'OH! :(
  10. I was pleasantly surprised yesterday to find that the touch and go system will now pair properly with my HTC Desire android phone. I don't know if this is as a result of upgrading the touch and go software a few months ago, or a change in configuration of my phone, or of me noticing the setup option on the phone to allow tethering via bluetooth. Either way, the function now works..... in the past I'm pretty sure the only compatible phones (for internet connectivity) were iPhone. Now I can tell the Sat nav to search Google for, e.g. ASDA and it will connect to the internet; do a google search, and return the locations of the nearest asda stores on the sat nav map. I guess it will also be able to download stored destination coordinates from Google via the toyota web site.
  11. re Russ - and 3D mapping being too flat - have you tried ticking the "auto zoom" option on the map (something like options, map options, auto zoom).... it seems to zoom the map in enough to be useful, then pans out to show complex junctions etc.
  12. Found another feature of the update today - following sat nav instructions, when it comes to leaving a motorway, the junction is now shown as a reality photo-style image of the exit slip road. Also, "favourites" on voice commands is actually the list of "my destinations".
  13. Second instalment of the update - All now seems OK - though I still needed to get rid of the iso file on my USB stick (otherwise it checks the update every time I start the car). The map update took about 40 minutes in the car... then a further download and update. The 3D map is a bit flatter than it used to be - yet to decide if I like it or not. Some of the voice commands have changed (I think!).,... so what is a "favourite" destination? The only other change - the nice lady no longer says "You are over the speed limit".... now she says "The speed limit is 40mph".
  14. Update - well, by 5am this morning, the download completed (i.e. 7+ hours)! Now I just have to find a spare 40 mins to do the update in the car! Looking back at my comments when I first updated the maps, it looks like the process of dismounting the USB and insisting that I re-synch with the car is "standard practice" as far as my installation is concerned! One other observation - in order to allow the download to stop/restart, I'd selected the option "retain cache files on the PC". Once the update is complete and loaded into the car - don't forget to clear the cache (4GB of files)..... the next map update will simply keep adding more and more to the cache.
  15. Thanks for the update Aimhigh. I've put off updating the SatNav on my 2013 T-Spirit following the horror stories earlier in this post. However, I decided I may as well give it a whirl...... (I last updated the map about a year or so when the car was brand new). So far it has proved to be a disaster..... not the maps - I haven't got that far yet. No - just the simple process of getting the data onto my USB stick. After 3 hours, I'm currently 4% through the download..... and the USB has been dismounted 3 times..... The software is pants. (technical term for "not very good"). Each time the USB gets dismounted (why does this happen???) it restarts (great!) but then says that "something has changed on the USB so it must be refreshed from the car"...... Strange,... as far as I can see, nothing has changed on the USB stick. So.... at this rate, it is likely to be some time next month before the download completes. I'll keep you all posted.
  16. oops - apologies in order re RTFM..... when my GenIII '13 t-spirit was first delivered, the command was "Dial by name" or "Dial by number". In the meantime I've updated the software.... so the other day when I tried making a call, I discovered the command is now "Call". Nothing like keeping a consistent user interface!
  17. Looks like the screen / console in my 2012 Prius T-Spirit. IF so, then there isn't a CD for the sat-nav - it is loaded from a USB stick that you will plug into the socket in the centre armrest. Bearing in mind that there are national variations around the world, I'd see if you can find some online brochures / manuals to see what options were available on the car when it was made. Also, as advised above, look in the au forum and in priuschat. Also, go into SETUP and see what options are available - what does it say there about sat nav, touch and go version etc.
  18. If the new Touch N Go can't understand, it throws up a menu on the screen of available commands. If, when you do "call by name", the system finds multiple matches, (e.g. more than one John Smith; or mobile & landline) the system will display a list on screen and ask which one you want.
  19. I must admit, I don't really understand the preoccupation with cupholders. What happened to the good old fashioned ashtrays?.... oh yes - everyone stopped smoking..... but that still doesn't stop you from creating litter in the car.... so now instead of useful places to put your rubbish, we have cupholders. I suggest that every motor manufacturer should sit a designer in the car, give them a banana to eat and then get them to work out what to do with the skin! That would be FAR more useful than working out how to create places to put drinks. In the meantime can someone come up with a padded insert to stick in to the cupholder to turn it back into an armrest??
  20. On the topic of voice commands, the other day, I had cause to give a blast on the horn and call another motorist an idiot... to which, a second or two later, the car said "Pardon?" - perfect timing, and hilarious. (when I went for the horn, I accidently hit the voice input button!) :)
  21. RTFM - to call someone by name, the voice command is "Call by name" You are then prompted to "say the name of the person you wish to call".
  22. I thought I'd start a new thread as this has nothing to do with running the petrol tank dry :) On the topic of fuel economy and what's a realistic MPG for a Prius.... I've had a Prius for nearly 4 years. My first Prius was happily getting mid-to low 50's mpg (acceptable, but nothing like the "hypermilers") until it had 4 new tyres, after which it dropped to high 40's / low 50's (disappointing). If you look back in this forum you'll find my posts on the topic. My new Prius (Sept 12) had improved mpg - but still around 52 or so to the gallon. During this time, I had a 50 mile (each way) commute to work, down country lanes and A roads, so was cruising at 60 or doing a reasonable bit of stopping and starting at junctions. Just recently my base location has changed - my daily commute is just 25 miles each way - and this is on a mix of traffic queues into major junctions, followed by 55-70mph cruises down 3 or 4 mile stretches of motorway / expressway. My average consumption is now creeping up into the mid 50's, whilst the computer (always optimistic) is regularly showing my commute has averaged 62mpg. So - (as this is a regular topic for newbies in this forum) - some more evidence and comment on fuel consumption ...... from my experience, it's not unusual to be getting only 50mpg from a Prius.... it depends on the type of motoring you are doing. If you do a lot of motorway or A road cruising above 55mph, then your consumption will drop to low 50's. A more mixed journey with traffic-jams and clear expressways, then you will edge towards 60 to the gallon. Get a flat-cap and potter along at 30-50mph, then you may end up joining the ranks of hypermilers at over 60 to the gallon. NOTE: the above is based on a) not driving like an idiot attempting to get from A to B as quickly as possible and b) not driving around at a snail's pace or worrying extensively about pulse and glide or other hybrid mpg tactics... it's just trying to drive smoothly and anticipate stops.
  23. I may have commented on this when I first took delivery of the 2012 GENIII Prius T-Spirit last September - but it is now really starting to irritate me,,,, For some unknown reason, Toyota decided to change the design of the centre armrest, shortening it by about 4 inches in order to reveal the cup holder that used to be hidden below the padded armrest top. This means that if I'm cruising along with my left hand on the bottom half of the steering wheel, my elbow is now sitting in the rock-hard plastic cupholder rather than on the nice padded armrest..... OUCH!
  24. Dave R.

    Prius Mpg

    Normally I'd agree, but I used to have a 100 mile round-trip to work, and the petrol where I worked was far cheaper than at home, so it made sense to use as much of the tankfull as possible, otherwise I'd have been visiting the petrol station every 3rd day,
  25. Had two GenIII T-Spirits now since 2009 and no rattles in either of them. You say yours will be a company car.... then clearly if you do get a rattle, the solution is to turn up the stereo! :)
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