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    Mpg Display

    My first go on IQ forum and I see a few old posts on this problem but think it may be worth re-opening. We bought our manual IQ2 in June and have been watching the average mpg display carefully. First surprise was how it only resets itself when you refuel - what bright spark thought that one up! I want to reset when I decide. Next, driving it carefully, I watched the average figure rise to 60.0 and no more! Then I set it to instant mpg and even coasting downhill, it never got above 60.0. So I spoke to the dealer and after checking the other IQs in the showroom he said they all max out at 60.0 So I phoned Toyota Customer Service and after a long wait they said it was a problem they were aware of and they were trying to find a solution. They advised me to keep checking with the dealer to see if a mod had been issued. How ironic that one of the few cars with stated mpg above 60 has this fault ! Anyone had the same experience ?
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