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  1. Thanks for reply - yep it looks as tho a tow bar was fitted in the past and later removed. I also had problems previously as they didn't seal off the wiring to it properly & the wiring corroded causing indicator probs. etc. Cheers
  2. Want to tow my daughters KA to local garage & just checked out the towing points on my Avensis Estate .......doesn't appear to have any ? The handbook I have is for a saloon and they are clearly shown there. Am I missing sometin here ? Surely all newish cars have a means to tow or be towed etc. ?
  3. Couldn't understand why my A/C light wasn't on this morning and then realised I was driving with headlights on by mistake ..... don't know how that happened ! Anyway when I switched them off A/C light came back on. Not sure whether or not A/C was working at time when headlights were on out but all works OK when off. Is this normal ? Some sort of safe mode etc. ? What happens when A/C is needed when headlights are are on in fog etc. ?
  4. The dealer should do it for you. I paid about this price when I needed another one and the programming etc. was included .
  5. My 2002 Avensis is 1.8 vvti GS model & according to handbook the two types of plugs for 2 types engines 3S-FE and 1AZ-FSE ..... guess its sometin to do with different fuel injection system etc.
  6. Thanks for reply ....... any help with my engine type ?
  7. Would be interested to hear opinions on what brand / type etc. to put in my 2002 1.8 vvti Avensis. Also the handbook lists 2 types - twin ground & Iridium tipped for different type engines - pardon my ignorance but not sure how to find out which one I have ...... Thanks for any help
  8. Mine is a 2002 Avensis Estate..... got all the bits from * Carnoisseur* who have shops mainly down south. Hope this helps.
  9. Just to give my take on the issue .... Having viewed all the posts I've been keeping an eye on things as mine is supposedly a venerable model 2002 1.8 VVTI Before my last oil change it was using 1 litre of oil per 2500 miles . I got the garage to put a 10/40 semi syn. ( Mobil ) in on the change and checking recently have only used 1/2 litre in 2000 miles .... only half as much as before ! The car has 87 000 miles on the clock . Given that the VVTI engine uses a bit more oil than most I find this quite acceptable :-) So guys worth a try eh .... might work for some . It would be interesting to get some sort of average in the group for oil consumption relative to mileage on clock etc. especially as handbook states max of 1 litre per 1000 km !! I do however get the oil changed regularly at 8000 miles.
  10. I second this suggestion. I was worried about this happening when I bought my used Avensis and only had one key with it . When I shelled out for a second one ( second mortgage job :-( the main dealer told me that the battery lasted for ages & it would be obvious when it needed changing ....... have to use nearer car etc. ) So far I'm still using original key & not sure how old the battery is but still going strong after 2 years ! Just want to know now is it a simple job just to replace battery when needed or is there a special regime etc. so as not to affect alarm system etc. had to do it a certain way on my last car which had an after market alarm installed . Would be pleased to hear from anyone on this Cheers
  11. You should have had a sat nav cd which is inserted into the box in the boot of the car- obviously someone has been a bit lite fingered .......... as they are worth quit a bit to replace ! Once you get hold of one ( or a copy ) I'm sure you'll soon navigate your way around menu - Good Luck & post again if any further queries
  12. Just wish to know how easy it is to change plugs on 2002 vvti Avensis Estate ? Possibly someone who's done it could talk me thro it ........ used to do it all the time on my older cars but a bit shy now ............
  13. Thanks for reply Nigel My car is an 02 Avensis Estate 1.8 VVTI (old shape ) if that helps !
  14. It seems that the battery will need changing soon in my Key Fob. Is this just a straightforward job .... no strict procedure to adhere to ? I don't want to disturb ECU/ Alarm etc.
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