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  1. A thing to be aware of is when driving a Toyota hybrid for first time, when you lift off the accelerator you will feel no engine braking. It's something you get quickly used to. When my daughter and partner took my previous Auris hybrid TS when I changed to Corolla 1.8 TS both commented on the lack of engine braking when they first drove it. Something I forgot about and didn't mention as I'm that used to the Toyota Hybrid.
  2. Thanks for advice, I have booked car in for a vertical detacheable towball and 13 pin to be fitted. I think your right better to be future proofed. For info, as Phil was told initially advised might be close to £1000 but after staff did a bit more checking found Toyota offer as a dealer fit option 7 PIN £724 and 13 PIN £828 all inclusive of parts, labour and VAT. Local dealer is always helpful. Re the COROLLA TS TREK, in the UK there is virtually no available configuration of this trim level. You can choose engine, colour and only whether you want black or red mirrors as £87 extra and
  3. Currently thinking of the tow bar for my 1.8 Corolla TS Trek, I've priced the whole job at local dealer as the towbar was not available as factory fit on the TREK model. I'm looking at the vertical with detachable tow bar. There just over a £100 difference between 7pin and 13pin. My main purpose for the bar is a bike rack but I'm not ruling out a trailer on occasion. Given the limited towing weight of the hybrid is there any need for a 13 pin which looks to me like its really for caravan towing which it seems the hybrid engine is not suitable for. The bike racks I've looked at seem to have 7
  4. I had this issue with my Auris TS and to get a quicker appointment I ended up doing a 120 mile round trip to another centre as local one booked solid for several weeks and when I arrived the wrong screen had been supplied. not my best day. The problem is the calibration of the cameras/sensors that are attached to the windscreen has to be done at one of their centres where they have the equipment and trained staff and unfortunately can't be done on the street. A friend I know did manage to persuade his insurance company to use windscreen from manufacturer as he's very strict that only manu
  5. Checked my connection today again and strangely everything working callers showing and handsfree working, except struggling with my accent..... now I remember why I never used it in the Auris TS.
  6. I've asked my local parts department to check price and just waiting on them getting back to me. For me I think it looks unfinished but hope it may help when on a long climb when the engine has to work a bit harder, but in most driving situations without much load or higher revs I think your right the noise from engine in the cabin is pretty quiet but likewise I do notice tyre noise. However until I get the price, I'm not committing to it yet.
  7. When you receive a call does it show as unknown on info screen despite the caller being in your contact list. I haven't tried hands free yet but my car displays all my contacts on the car info screen but when I receive a call from a listed contact it shows the calling telephone number on screen but lists caller as unknown. Wondering if similar issue as mine also a 21 model year. I haven't had time to look properly into this and if I'm missing something. Will try hands free next time I'm in the car. I'm sure I can select a name from the contact list manually on screen and it will call the numbe
  8. Graeme, thanks for checking, I now know at least its available, whether affordable is a different question. I'll have a word with my local parts department. Thanks re aftermarket info and I will look at various aftermarket options particularly once I find out cost of Toyota part. Thanks for the help.
  9. Graeme, yeh your probably right I think something there would have finished it. I note you have the 2.0l Touring Sport does it have the insulation on underside of bonnet? Thanks
  10. Thanks Gerg, the Auris TS the Trek replaced is still in the family and certainly keeping the Trek for quite a while so definately looking into this. Joe, thanks and your right a small saving on each car mounts up but unfortunately I noticed immediately, it just looks wrong, you see the windscreen washer pipes and all the numerous holes etc. I just expected a bit more given the price of these cars, a bit of covering material/ sound insulation would have just finished it. It is a minor thing admittedly and certainly not something that's not gonna change my overall opinion that it's a grea
  11. I have aToyota Corolla TS TREK 1.8 MY21. I was looking under bonnet for first time and noticed no sound insulation on under side bonnet/hood. It looked unfinished. A friend has a CHR 2.0l GR Sport MY 21 and it has under bonnet insulation. Given that if I recall the Corolla windscreen has front acoustic glass I thought they would have sound insulation also under the bonnet if there was a need at the windscreen. The windscreen obviously does a great job as the car is pretty quiet from inside but to me it does look unfinished under the bonnet. Do any of the Corolla models have sound dampeni
  12. For me it was between the pearlescent scarlet flare or pearlescent sterling silver and after sleepless nights went for sterling silver and I don't regret it. The pearlescent silver picks up all the different highlights and colours depending on lighting. Hopefully easier to keep as well. This motor show video on youtube sold me on the Trek. https://youtu.be/4yhgpbdYOhs The only strange thing is in UK with the Trek trim, you get no other options to add. You choose a 1.8 or 2litre, the colour and whether you want to pay for red or black mirror covers. There are no other op
  13. Just took delivery of my new Toyota Corolla Trek in Sterling Silver. It's replacing my 2018 Auris Excel Touring Sport. I really like the practicality and look of the estate/tourer (I've already owned two Auris Touring Sports) and with a little bit extra ground clearance, the Trek seemed ideal for my needs. I do a lot of driving in rural areas and had a couple of very minor lower scuffs on the bottom edge of the front bumpers/lower skirt of my Auris's in the past due to poor local roads, verges etc. I'm really enjoying the new Corolla Trek. Everything just a bit more refined than my Auris.
  14. Mine came with the can of gunk. There was room for a space saver in my TS wheel well, so I bought a complete space saver kit from Toyota as I didn't like the idea of not having some form of spare wheel. Im pretty impressed with fuel figures many owners are achieving. According to the cars computer I normally average in the low 50s overall. I'm happy with that as I don't overly concentrate on economic driving. I think considering everything the hybrid is a good way to go with technologies at present, although the new compact small capacity turbo charged petrol engines look interesting.
  15. Hi Mark, I have a 2014 auris exel hybrid TS. Prior to that I had a Prius so have done over 100,000 miles in a Hybrid. In my experience, reliability wise I have never had any breakdowns in that time, never had any hybrid power train or hybrid battery issues. On the prius I did have to replace wheel bearings, brakes, exhaust, broken road spring etc, the usual stuff you expect given the mileage covered. Servicing costs I don't think are that different from any other car it's size. You can check Toyotas servicing menus to get an idea. I use a lot on country roads and find it an easy car to d
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