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  1. Just seen this posting. If you are not sorted yet,please send me your email adress so I could send you a file with the manual.
  2. D4D2003


    Hi Duffryn.It's an easy job to adjust the handbrake shoes.First of all,make sure the car is secure,on an flat ground.Put the handbrake lever on low position(off).Lift the rear side and take the wheel off.You should see on the disc a rubber plug.Take it out.Turn the disc with the hole on the bottom part.If you look inside the hole you should see the adjusting screw.With a flat screwdriver,turn that screw down to expand the shoes,until the disc locks.Refit the plug hole and the wheel.Drive the car at 50km/h and pull the handbrake lever for 400m.Repeat this procedure 2-3 times. Hope this helps. Advice........go onto ebay and get the Avensis Handbook Manual.I got mine on CD and is very good.
  3. Hi chandler. I had same problem before and it was from the water pump.If you look on the lefthand side of engine you should spot the coolant leak as it is pink colour. My advice is to change waterpump same time with timing belt,even if looks ok.
  4. Hi everyone! On my 2005 avensis I have Hankook Ventus Prime tyres.I used them on my previous 2003 avensis for 10k kms,and I have them on the 2005 avensis since oct last year,and done another 40k kms.Therer's one thing I do ROTATING THE TYRES.So,for every 10k kms,I do oil change AND rotating tyres.Front wheels go at rear and the rear go on the front across the side they were on the rear. So,50k kms and still running,just pass the NCT recently. I paid €260 for all 4,and extra €50 for wheel track. You might ask about the hi mileage done over .....answer..TAXI
  5. Hi mate.Any updates on the oil leak??I have same on my car,2005 avensis d4d.I was told allready about the crankshaft seal,and I,m affraid now that the pump could be gone.I.m going tomorrow to another garage for second opinion.
  6. I had the same problem last year and the A/C compressor was at fault.A shorter belt,by-passing the A/C fixed the problem,but no A?C since. to AvensisKen.....could you let me know where you got the A?C repaired and at what cost,please.I would like to have that repaired but cannot afford a new compressor.Tks
  7. D4D2003

    Dash Bulbs

    check this topic.I changed mine few mth back,not a hard job. http://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=101726&st=0&p=927061&hl=+heater%20+unit%20+bulbs&fromsearch=1entry927061
  8. D4D2003

    D4D Service

    I don't use any tools for the oil filter.I'm using my hands.
  9. D4D2003

    D-4D Mpg

    2003..D4D..... 160.000miles........380miles/50 litres,..8.3l/100km...computer said 7.4l/100km...car used as taxi,so mostly city driving,daytime hours.Trying to save fuel and driving at low raves,the EGR valve got blocked.so an treatment with DIPETANE combined with higher raves got the things moving ok again. On the motorway,I got 4.8l/100km.
  10. maybe this link helps you,depending what car you have. http://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=114711&hl= egr valve cleaning&st=0
  11. .....same problem on my 2003 d4d.I got the car checked by my local garage,and the mechanic changed the fuel filter and put some additive in the diesel,then raved the engine at over 4000rpm.From the exhaust came a lot of black dirt and smoke,and after 30 min there was no black smoke and no dirt.The fitter said it could be the EGR valve or the Air Flow Meter,and when checked,the EGR valve was blocked by someone,before I bought the car.So,at the moment,the engine is ok.car running as before the trouble started,and I hope it won't let me down. Since I got the car back from the garage,I changed my driving stile by changing the gears when the raves are between 3000-3500rpm, I just write about my experience in case it will help someone else.
  12. ........same problem on my 2003 avensis,....got a new flywheel&clutch and there's a big difference now.........cost me €850,for parts&labour
  13. My car have 144k miles now,and I got a new clutch kit+solid flywheel+ labour,for €850.....
  14. Quote from Q S ........... .............If it's noisy when the aircon is running, probably the compressor itself. If it's noisy when the compressor isn't running, then it will be the bearings in the pulley I got the air con bypassed with a shorter belt,and the noise is gone NO A/C NOW.Hopefully I can get a good quote from the person I contacted,and I let you all know about the price.
  15. does anyone know where I can get the air con fixed in Dublin??Tks