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  1. My first fill, (iQ2 CVT), yielded 52.5 mpg. This on about a 70/30 mix of A road/urban driving here in hilly Devon. The next 2 top-ups it has dropped to 45.2 which is a little disappointing, but the weather conditions, gale force winds, flooded roads etc, have been atrocious, so I guess it's only to be expected; on a fair summers day it'll obviously be different! I think after the run-in period, MPG should improve, so perhaps I'm expecting too much at this early stage and with this weather!
  2. That's an exciting proposition. The car I'm taking in for scrappage is a SAAB 9-5 with heated seats, which I'm really going to miss in winter! When you find out if it's just the addition of a switch, please post your findings!!
  3. By the way, tell us about the heated seats? That's something I'm going to really miss from my SAAB 9-5!
  4. Actually, I think both are available. Initially I was told that there would be a long delay for factory leather and that, (in UK), there was a high quality option for dealership fitted leather at the same price. When I checked it out on the company's website (called Transcal), we decided that we weren't so keen on their rather patchwork design relative to the factory option. You can see Transcal's version here: http://www.transcal.co.uk/sites/transcal.co.uk/files/IQ.pdf Also the colour swatch we were shown, which was supposed to be 'Plum', was in fact a bit purply, compared to the factory leather which complements the interior brown. To see the factory leather, go to eBay and look at some of the iQ's on offer from the dealers! When we contacted the dealer to request the factory leather, surprise surprise, it wouldn't take any longer after all! (I guess there is more money for them in the dealer fitted).
  5. Glad I asked this question now! Looks like a realistic price should be in the £10.50 to £11.50 range. There are some additional benefits like courtesy car/ collection delivery and one free MOT when this finally becomes due, but don't think they're going to be worth the extra. Think I'll try haggling the cost down a bit or give it a miss if I don't get anywhere.
  6. Thanks all for your replies, which have provided food for thought. Might be worth tackling my dealership over cost which seems a bit out of line, or better still, perhaps we'll just stick the payments into our account rather than theirs!
  7. Hi, I'm picking up our new iQ2, (white & leather) in a few days (!), and am wondering about the Service Plan. Basically, this costs £15.10 a month over 32 months interest free, and covers the first 3 services - £483.50 total , or £161.17 each! Does this seem expensive, or might it be a sensible way to spread the cost?
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