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  1. 1. The Safety Dance 2. The Safety Dance 3. The Safety Dance 4. The Safety Dance 5. The Safety Dance 6. The Safety Dance 7. The Safety Dance 8. The Safety Dance 9. The Safety Dance 10. The Safety Dance
  2. Datsun 210 guy has a bunch of neat old Toyotas. And another link with some more info Just thought I'd send these along. I really like the Starion wheels on the Mk.III The little Starlet is going to be cool when it's done :D :o
  3. NASCAR fans aren't that upset. I should know...I live here ;) Apart from a few hillbilly goobers/old guys who don't like change like Bragwell, most people seem excited about the changes. I can't wait to see it. NASCAR has been dying for more competition for ages. If this brings more competitors, lets 'git r done' so to speak. This car of the future stuff is really lame though...if you ask me, they should have to go back to production body templates. I can't tell the cars apart anymore. When I was a kid I could. The Aussie V8s and WRC cars and GT cars and about every other closed-body racing series runs silhouette shells (or close to them). NASCAR should too. I'd LOVE for NASCAR to run a few more road courses. Their runs at the Glen and Sears Point have provided some of the most exciting road-racing I've ever seen. They sound great too, revving up and down with those bellowing old-school V8s. I hope Toyota's success in NASCAR is greater than their F1 exploits :o
  4. Stuck at home watching sports on TV, and shopping online for my next beater car. I just sold my Sentra SE-R (think a B13 coupe with the engine and transmission from a Primera GT) because it was a bit too rough and now I'm searching for my next winter beater instead of going out and raising cain. Besides, I never care much about New year's anyway :\ *partypooper*
  5. Thanks for making me realize that tommorrow is the First Sunday in Advent. I just about fell out of my chair!!!
  6. My cat, Ariel died after 15 years (she was my pet for 12 of them) several months ago. So, somehow when we went to get a replacement, we ended up with 3 new cats! We adopted all of them from HOPE Safehouse, which is a respected local animal shelter that has been around for something like 20 years. We got Ariel from there too. Here they are: The first 2 we got were Barney and Char. Barney is a big orange moose of a cat, and Char is a 5-6 month old black kitten. We aren't quite sure where Char came from. Barn was found on somebody's garden in another city, with his side torn open from an altercation with something larger than him (probably a racoon). Barney, checking out the bathtub on the day we got him: And Char, also in the bath for some reason: A few more current pictures: When she isn't sleeping, she's usually tearing around the house at full speed. Sitting tall on a chair. The two of them together. These 2 are really crazy. They're great buds and spend a lot of their time running around the house and generally getting into trouble. The third cat (my baby) is Izzy, and she didn't arrive until a week after the first 2. This girl was rescued from Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. Apparently she was caught in a trap near a drainage canal (makes sense, since I can't keep her out of water :ffs: ) She was trucked across the nation twice before ending up here. She was probably scared to death the whole time, and had a bad case of ringworm, which required a lot of special baths and meds to fix. The ordeal doesn't seem to have helped her mental state, but she gets better every day. On the day we brought her home: And a couple more: She really enjoys this window... ..but this chair is her favorite! Well, now you guys know my cats! :)
  7. That's a nice looking 4-door. I do have one question though: Is one of the lugs black? Or is it missing one?
  8. Come on guys, that one in the original post is from 2001 or so :P 2003: Already out of date. This one is my favorite: The Uk according to the U.S: The World According to London:
  9. ...well I love TV and I love T-Rex I can see thru your skin I've got X-ray specs!!
  10. Me when I joined this board Me a couple of weeks ago Clearly, this board ruined my midsection!! :P It wasn't a lack of exercise and too much beer/pizza, I swear!
  11. Ricky just waltzes in there and becomes the king of the carts...the ubik does he expect me to do for a living? What does he want me to do, go to EI and say hello there, i've been hauling shopping carts out of ponds for 18 years...give me a **** check please? That's not goin' to **** happen...I haven't even paid into UI...EI..whatever the ubik they call it these days. I like your avatar.
  12. Gansta Preacha does not approve. (not at all safe for work. or anything else, for that matter)
  13. I bought a 1991 Nissan Sentra for $300 the other day. Think the Primera GT's SR20DE in a much smaller, lighter package. That was pretty impulsive, but since I've passed the Volvo to my father, I need a winter beater.
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