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  1. Thanks, I will find out firstly what sensors were changed.
  2. Well my garage did one but it made the car worse! Hoping someone can come along with a fix to this annoying problem
  3. I will try and explain briefly what is going on in the hope that someone can point me in the right direction as nobody at the garage can figure this out! 1) I ran the car, 2004 rav4 vvti, for several months with the check engine light on. The car still ran perfectly but I decided that it was time to get them changed. 2) Two sensors were replaced and the light went out, so far so good. 3) The following day the light came back on so the car went back to the garage. Sensors had been fitted correctly but they noticed that the car had not received the ecr upgrade so this was done. 4) Car then drove like a bag of s**t, no power and stuttered. When check engine light eventually came back on the ca ran ok but the minute I disabled the co to turn the light our the car lost power again 5)Car went back to garage and the upgrade was removed but I am still left with the problem of the check engine light coming on and then going off for a few days and then coming back on etc. 6)My car is currently being monitored by Bluetooth and has so far thrown up the following codes, p0032, p2238 and p0420. Not sure if it is related but I seem to hear a whistling noise when the engine is idling. Hope someone can assist Cheers Kev
  4. So I take it there is nothing that will get rid of the ugly marks? I spent 6 years living by the sea in Cyprus and no probs, moved to Nottingham, no sea here, and the alloys rust.
  5. I brought my wife's rav over with us from Cyprus. The alloys were immaculate, now they look awful with white spots on them. I have read that this is oxidisation but can I get rid of it and if so what with? The car is being sold soon and overall it is in A1 condition but the alloys are letting it down. Any suggestions? Cheers Kev
  6. I bought the sensors off Ebay, think it was A-Z car parts. Bought Denso ones, £70 each and they are fine. The light has now gone out but who knows how long for!!! As for the rav not starting, how embarrased was I. Turns out that the wife had broken the key had had tried starting it with just the key bit. After a heated arguement with the garage, the mechanic went out to the car with the key and the fob loosely attached and it started first time! So, if you break the key you musr have the fob near the key to start the engine!!!!
  7. Well I finally got around to sorting the o2 sensors. I bought 2 denso ones for bank 1 sensor 2 and bank 2 sensor 2 but not being mechanically minded i took them to a garage to be fitted. Went to collect the car and the mechanic drove it out for me, engine stuggled to start slightly but i didn't think anything of it. He never reset the Ecu but that did not bother me as i had my own reader. Got home, turned engine off, went inside for reader, plugged it in, tried to start the car, nothing!!! It turns but no fire. I have tried bumping it and also jump start but no joy. The car has always started first time so what has gone wrong? The car is now parked down the street until i get it sorted but before I start ranting at the garage tomorrow can someone please give me a clue as to what it could be. The new sensors were direct fit so i can't understand what the mechanic could have done. Cheers Kev
  8. I know that this subject has been covered before but as i need 2 rear sensors I am just wondering if there is an underlying problem. Could it be something simple as just a fuse? I am part-exing the car and need t get this fixed before I do. I erased the codes but obviously they have come back!! Was ok if I stuck to 30mph but as soon as I went over the dreaded engine light came back on. If it is the fuse, is it located under the dash with the other fuses and where exactly is it? Thanks Kev
  9. When we were in Germany Toyota there put in Castrol TXT,in Cyprus Toyota put in 15w40 mineral oil. I questioned if this had anything to do with my engine failing but just got a shrug of the shoulders which is a Cypriot thing!!!
  10. Well I finally managed to source a used engine but now have to get it to Cyprus!!! I know the pallet dimensions but the courier company are asking for the engine weight. Obviously the engine will be empty of fuel and oil. I have googled it but have only come up with a ZR engine which weighed 93Kg? Can anybody help please as I need to get this here and fitted ASAP Cheers Kev
  11. No warning lights, they removed the engine and told me basically that the engine was too badly damaged to work out what caused it. I am wasting my time with them. Believe me, if you think it is hard work getting anywhere in the Uk, try here, they are prehistoric and customer service is zilch, you are just met with a shrug of the shoulders. Toyota still have the car and I have to pay them 350 euro for removing the engine. I don't have a problem with paying for the hours spent but I would have liked a diagnosis for my money. Does anyone know what internet sites i can use to source a replacement engine?
  12. PS, Mach1, even Toyota still insist that they don't know what happened. Car was running fine and the next minute it lost all power. All they will tell me is that one of the oil wells was dry to the conrod so there had been a blockage!!! car had FSH by Toyota and I checked the oil regularly. I am not a happy bunny buy Toyota, although agreeing the engine failed prematurely, will not offer one penny towards the cost of fixing it so I have to cut my losses, control my temper and get it sorted!!!
  13. Thanks everyone, I took your advice and did not buy the engine. It went for £311. I have put in a request to for an engine so will wait for quotes to come through. If i want to bring the car back to the uk I will have to pay shipping costs so it is much easier to sell here considering used cars here are twice as much as in the uk so i will get more money for it here. If anyone hears of a decent second hand engine can you let me know. Shipping it is not a problem as my brother in law is in the logistics industry. I have had one quote from a company in Manchester who want £1600, not sure if this is the going rate but if i knew someone in the uk who could search the scrap yards i would be able to get one cheaper. thanks Kev
  14. I emailed the seller to find out exactly what was wrong and what he had been quoted to get it fixed, his reponse was, HIya, I was quoted £600 to remove the crankshaft, regind it and resize it to accept the next size up bearings and replace the gaskets. I managed to find a complete running engine for £550 from a salvage yard which ment i could do a straight swap without the car being off the road for weeks on end while parts are machined and fitted. There are complete engines on here that vary form £1100-£1500 fitted for reconned engines. Hope that helps. I have looked into the recon engines but they want £250 to send the engine and then another £250 for me to send my bust engine to them. I really need to source a second hand engine. The toyota garage have told me that I can sell my car without an engine as I will be returning to the Uk in September but as the car is fully paid for I would like to get a decent sale price for it and without an engine in my opinion it is worthless!!! My engine needs a new crankshaft, conrod, 4 pistons, valves but i wont be paying 4000 euros to get it back on the road when i will be selling it. I have 2 garages over here looking for a 2nd hand engine but no joy. Is the engine up for auction too big of a risk? I value your opinions and if you say it is then i wont go for it.