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  1. hey guys Could anyone advice how much the 7th gen Celica (e.g. an 02 reg)is worth nowadays? I've been really confused with the big ranges in prices. Wondering if anyone could give me some pointers towards the real on-the-road value? Many thnx JJ
  2. hello Sam both engine's and A/T's fluids themp have been designed/calculated by the Brand and it is never mind what distance/time under way is covered. So , in case you ve an A/T fluid themp issue then it must be investigated, as follows: - cleanliness of themp sensor of an A/T; - cleanliness of an A/T fluid cooler (it must be normally coolled by an engine coolant); - normal engine coolant working themp and warranty that the respective coolant themp sensor gives correct readings (!!!) - good performance of an A/T fluid circulating pump (if any available) - cleanliness of the engine coolant fore radiator ribs; - good performance of the cooling fan/s (!) Be focused on the A/T fluid cooler (heat exchanger) first Good Luck/Igor Hi Igor, I am also pretty new on here. I have read multiple threads on VVTI oil loss and the faults in engine design . Unfortunately, I only found this out after I bought my car a month ago. I have seen you have replied on this topic previously, and was wondering is there any solution other than scrapping car? Is there any solution(s) to fix the problem, and I am not talking about replacing the engine with the same type of faulty engine which has just done less miles? I'm really desperate for some advice. As you seem to have quite an experience in dealing with VVTI's , I'm looking forward to your response. Many thanks JJ