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  1. Many thanks for replies. Have contacted Parts king and searched internet. Stick on covers available from £45, a bit expensive i thought for just a bit of plastic trim, or even film. Will see if there is a firm out there that supplies thin stick on vinyl or metal trim, that could be cut to shape. Will let you know if i find a suitable product.
  2. Hi all. I have just scratched the rear, horizontal flat part of the bumper on my estate, loading the boot with a washing mch. Does toyota, or any other firm sell stick on strips in plastic or chrome, that would cover the entire horizontal section and would hide the mark and prevent further accidents. I have also heard of firms that sell paint transfers for this problem, but can't remember where. Any answers would be most helpful. Many thanks.
  3. Many thanks Heidfirst for link to pics, great info', will sort this w'end. Thamks to all for info'.
  4. Hi Mistermena, thanks for reply, but how do i access Anch's pics from the Rav forum?. As you can guess, i'm not very good at finding my way around these forums yet.
  5. Hi all. I have a 56 2.2 tourer which i have to park on a steep drive at home. This means pulling the hand brake on very tight as well nas leaving in gear and pumping servo before switching off engine. This does the job, but over time results in the hand brake lever getting higher and higher.Therefor, how do i adjust the hand brake, is it done at the wheels end?, or is the cable adjusted elsewhere?, is this a job i could do with average mechanical skills? This could be done at the next service, 70,000, but this is not due untill early next year. Many thanks.
  6. Yes i'm tall, so this is possibly part of the problem.I will try a strip of black cloth to see if this does the trick.Many thanks for your replies.
  7. Hi all. Does anyone have a solution to the annoying reflection that occurs during bright sunshine, on the top of the dashboard. When cleaning the interior, i make sure that i don't polish the top, but the nature of the material-charcoal colour, reflects, espacially the slightly raised top of speedo binicle. I have contemplated carefully masking the entire top and roller painting in matt black. Would this do the trick, or look naff?. Many thanks for any poss' solution.
  8. Happy new year folks. Have a 56 avensis. Can i upgrade the sat nav to accept a post code search ? When i bought car, the info' booklet for the sat nav did not match mine, have found the only way of programming a search, is to put in complete address. This is time consuming and fiddley. Not very impressed at all with inbuilt system, if it can't be improved i might as well by a sepparate sat nav for £100. I would welcome your thoughts/advice. Many thanks
  9. Thanks for replies, i will obviously have to accept situation, no doubt i will get used to the toyota brakes as time goes by.
  10. Loom; Yes, bleeding of system has had no affect at all. If pedal is pumped just once it has the desired effect of producing good brakes. Agents said this was down to the fact that the servo unit could not produce enough vacuum. So is the servo defective, or is it just down to poor design and manufacture by Toyota.
  11. Hi folks, first use of forum. Recently bought tourer 56 model, 48k miles. Noticed that brakes were poor compared with previous car, (Astra, 4yrs old). Brakes have to be pumped to get a good responce, obviously not acceptable in an emergeny. Took car into Toyota dealership, they changed fluid and bled system, said that there was nothing wrong with brakes and that i should not expect same efficiency as a petrol car as the servo unit works differently. Has the service manager conned me?
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