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  1. Thats just what I need cheers
  2. Its worth popping in for a price,they said it was cheaper to book in online but when he quoted me it was 4 quid cheaper (41 quid) less the voucher,the vouchers come quite regularly in the local free paper where i live,Lucky me
  3. I have a 2007 2.0 d4d and blew the lighter fuse when using one of those 12v compressers. I have looked in the manual and cant find where the fuse is Thanks in advance
  4. My revs go higher when the temprature selector is as hot as it will go,move it half an inch colder and the revs drop
  5. Did they stamp your book to? No they wont stamp your book,but at least you have a reciept to show someone,I only do about 5000 miles a year,I could go 3 years without changing oil but at this price I'l change it every 12 months
  6. National tyres will change your oil for 31 quid. They warmed it up first,let the car drain for an hour provided a pattern filter filled it up with Castrol Edge(nearly 7 ltrs),I even looked at the drum. They said tey are not supposed to but if i had a Mr T oil filter he would of put it on for me. It is normally 41 quid but I printed a 10 pound voucher off their website. They do a 'safety' check of the rest of the car to try and sell you stuff,tyres brakes exhaust but mine was fine and they give you a print out with your reg and mileage,so I'l just stick it in my service book. I think its good value for money so I thought I'd share it with you. Regards Gaz
  7. Mobil oil is on special offer at Halfords at the moment Sorry dont know prices but if you want some its a good time to get it
  8. bump,can anyone tell me if this is agood deal?I CANT FIND A BETTER ONE
  9. REF ny original OP.Does anyone know where to get a cheasper service with quality oil?
  10. Cheers will have a look,thing I need to get into the mirror though!!!nothing in my handbook.
  11. Hi,I have a 2007 avensis with the indicators on the mirror.I took it to my local garage for an MOT and it failed on the nearside led mirror indicator not working,he said he would do the job for £106 plus vat and would probably break the mirror so that would be £24 on top. Its the wrong time of year for a bill like that so does anyone know how to replace the bulbs and where to get the parts from?I would like to do it myself. It hasnt worked since I had it and nor does the motor for the mirror adjustment,whether thats connected or not. Any help would be appreciated
  12. OK Uddy1,I dont think I made myself clear, depending on which car you have depends on which oil you need,my car is a 2007 2.0 d4d and it needs just about the most expensive oil money can buy.Apparently this model has a special diesel particle filter(DPF) which filters out particles from diesel exhaust to make it more eco if you know what I mean.If I use cheaper oils(and God knows I put in the research)certain impurities one being ash mucks up said filter,so I have no choice if I want my car to last. If for example you have an earlier model petrol car you could use a relativly cheap oil.I cannot.I have talked to Toyota parts and they said put 5W30 semi synthetic in,I mentioned the DPF filter and he didnt know anything about it so if I had listened to him I could put any old cheap oil in of that grade it and saved money.The oil 5W30 semi synth can cost very little and quite a lot depending on the quality.Its fair to say after my research the more money you spend on oil the better it is for the engine.A lot of garages will buy cheap oil in bulk to improve their profit margin,yes it may be the right grade but the quality could be in question.Castrol Edge is a good oil for my engine. If I bought castrol edge from halfords it would cost 90 quid for 8lts(my car taking 6lts). So an oil service for 31.50 is cheap,I think unless as someone commented you are lucky enough to pick an offer up. If you are happy with your service for 120 quid,its your money and you seem happy.If its a full service fine,if its just an oil service with low grade oil then I would question the value for money. Cheers
  13. Yes but did they use a quality oil? thats what I'm interested in.An oil service is easy,drain it out for a while,change filter, put the plug in and fill it up. You would have to try hard or be stupid to mess that up.
  14. the OP wanted MPG? not miles per tank.Or how mant litres in the tank and I'l work it out
  15. 20 lts of Edge? I havnt got a costco card but I was told it was 30 quid for 4 litres. Will find out for sure cheers. P.S. re;'lots of reddies',you would actually be 8.50 down but I take your point