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  1. No problem its still here so give me a shout.
  2. I had a 2.0D4D on an 09 from new to 3 years old and it drank diesel. I got rid at 90000 miles and I struggled to get it to achieve 40mpg. Now before you say heavy footed my Mrs also struggled to achieve 40 and she gets nearly 60 in her focus. I now have a 12 plate A4 TDIE 2.0 and I am achieving 46.5 easily.
  3. it won't let me spell where I live but will try again S. C u n t h o r p e just off the m180 if it respells the name again
  4. Subikhorpe off work for next three weeks possibly meet you have you an email can send you some picks.
  5. As title says free towbar and electrics to fit a 09 onwards plate avensis mine was an estate I also have the heat shield for the exhaust and the plastic under tray that isn't cut just needs picking up I drink carling!!!! Daniel 07718516824
  6. DrNorthy

    Door Locks

    My Avensis is six months old i posted the same question when i got mine. As you say i did what the book says so did work mates no joy. I went to the dealer and he wanted to charge me so forget that idea. Mine is also a lease car and on both services so far they have promised to turn it off and on both they have failed to do so. Got !Removed! used to pressing the unlock button now everytime to let someone out. Surely in the event of an accident this is a safety issue?
  7. My 2009 avensis with 20000 miles on it is crap starting on cold mornings
  8. Ok, that can be changed. If I remember correctly auto-locking the doors after speed exceed 20km/h was one programmable thing and the other was how the doors would unlock. Read the manual, it's all explained there. Done everything the manual says no change to whats going on.
  9. Thank god i didn't buy an Avensis, i really wanted to stick with Toyota but sadly they have become very unreliable cars from feedback in the taxi trade. They will have to improve before customers like me return. I heard exactly the same thing from taxi drivers about the later models.
  10. No nothing unlocks till i press that button
  11. Jesus thats cleaner than the day they delivered mine
  12. why does it always say subikhorpe when thats not what i type
  13. Mine dont unlock when you stop. Will take it back to the dealer in subikhorpe if they wont do it for free i might just drive it through the window oh sorry my foot slipped.