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  1. Need Mr2 Performance Advice

    Thank you every one for your input. Any other advice from any one would be greatly appriciated!
  2. Need Mr2 Performance Advice

    I own a '92 2.2L MR2 that is N/A. I have recently ran into some money and of corse I have to blow it all on my car. Right now my engine is stock besides some bolt on performance parts and minor adjustments (cold air intake, match fit intake and exhaust ports, bosch platnium sparkplugs and wires, and a 50 shot nitrous express wet system). What I want to do is at least be running 400hp, But I dont know if it is even possible. I'm planning on boreing the engine 20 over and getting forged internal parts (pistons, rods, rings, crank) and while I'm in there maybe doing the upper end too (cams valves, etc.). I would also like to slap a big turbo on it. I don't think that it is possible to get up to that many horses just by boreing it out and getting a turbo so I have also taken into consideration on getting a better ignition system, a beefier injection system, and maybe some type of engine managment system. But this is where I run into my problems, I have no idea on what kind or how big of a turbo to run. I also dont know (after I figure out what turbo to get) how many cc's my injectors should be. I dont know if I could be pushing out that many horses and still run my stock drive train (minus a clutch). If there is anyone that could point me in the right direction it would be greatly appriciated!!!
  3. Possible Motor Swaps?

    If you want to do a really sick swap look in to a 1MZ-FE. It is a 3.0L V6. Ive seen this swap done and to make it even better they also slapped a custom air-water cooled turbo and a supercharger on it!!!!! Tell me that isnt sick.