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  1. The Outlander Phev seems to wipe the floor with the competition. Good choice. On the other hand, longterm Prius members seem to be leaving which could be a sign that the Prius, excellent as it was before, is falling short now given cars have moved on in terms of fuel efficiency
  2. Well, it's time the Prius and myself parted. Life circumstances change and my ex-wife gets the car. It really is too good to sell on, so better her and my daughter have reliable transport than selling it to a taxi driver. No doubt I will see it again every so often when it needs a little bit of tlc. I remember the trepidation I had when we first got it, but ownership has mostly been a pleasure. Highly recommended. I hope it puts in many more years of faithful service. I think I'm going to lease for a couple of years until my life straightens out. I've got my eye on a VW Up which will be fun for the timebeing. I know the arguments for and against, but right now I want a couple of years of MOT-less motoring. If things works out right, then maybe one day I might be leasing a Tesla 3. So a big thankyou to the friendly bunch here. If it hadn't been for some people on this forum, then I wouldn't have taken the plunge. Au revoir
  3. Courtesy of pistonheads http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/TOYOYA-PRIUS-2009-59-PLATE-PCO-NEW-HYBRID-BATTERY-/141832131689? Pictures include the service receipt for battery, and customers name and address
  4. If you dont disconnect the 12v battery, and open the driver door, doesnt the brake system repressurize and eject the pistons if they aren't assembled? Also if you disconnect the battery, is the boot lock manual or electronic? Some sites recommend putting a towel over the lock so the boot wont close shut.
  5. Sign up online at the Toyota My Car website, and it should list the spec
  6. The bolts go into the two side holes, and the forward hole above the exhaust. The nut is just above the rear end of the exhaust - that needs spraying with lubricant for a few days prior as youre unwinding it over a rusty thread. Im dubious of using a baked bean tin/bottle lid as those are steel and this end of the car gets water spray and exhaust heat.
  7. There's the shield removed, along with the bolts and my replacement bolt. You can also see the shield corroded where the washer have been. Then my aluminium tabs.
  8. So its held on with three bolts and one nut, all 10mm hex heads. Two bolts are easy to get to at the side, the other bolt and nut are above the back box. My most usefull tool is a 10mm ring spanner with a short handle - this is just short enough, along with a hammer to tap them loose. I fashioned some large tabs out of an aluminium tray and bolted these on to hold it in place. Pretty easy if you can get the car up on ramps.
  9. Do you still have to lock with the key so the alarm doesn't arm and go off during the voyage?
  10. Looks like the rear exhaust heatshields rot out around the mounting bolts, as mine is currently held on by just one bolt and rattling on the exhaust. For a 2006 GenII, these come in around £70 delivered with mounting bolts. I'm minded to bolt a small piece of metal bracket/overlarge washer to hold the old one in place, assuming I can get the old bolts out. Maybe even use self tappers to remount. Anyone else bodged one recently?
  11. mot-history.net is a good resource to see what fails and advisories were on each mot. Gives you an idea whether anything big is lurking. At that mileage you would expect two services a year, or certainly a 6monthly oil/filter change. The problem with high mileage modern cars will be things like turbos failing, DMFs rattling, manual clutches going,,,none of which the Prius has Might be worth spending £39 on a hybrid health check to see if anything fails.
  12. That front end in white looks like a Stormtrooper. Me likee.
  13. Seeing as time means money, will you be switching to winter/all season tyres?
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