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  1. Wonder if anyone can help..... I have a 2009 Auris SR180 and I have a problem with the alarm. The alram keeps going off intermittently, usually after rain and when the condensation builds up in the car when the sun comes out. I have taken it to my main dealer four times now but they keep testing it and saying that the alarm is not registering any fault codes. There idea of testing it is to put in a warm, dry garage and wait for it to go off. None of the environmental factors present which seems to be present to set the alarm off The only thing they said that could be setting it off is my magic tree air freshener, a CD left in the CD player or my sun glasses left in the central storage compartment. I have removed all of these and still no joy, had a full weekend of "beep-beep-beep-beep" and scowls from the neighbours I have booked it in at the main dealer yet again but the rather rude and condersending woman behind the service desk explained to me that she "understands the inconvenience this is causing to me" and "it may be something I just have to live with" It was at this point I explained that it is not the inconvenience to me but the neighbours and how isolating my alarm at the main dealers instructions would be something my insurance company will be interested in hearing when they are assessing the burnt out wreckage of my car. I then explained that I will make a painted sign that will read " call (main dealers number) to report any inconvenience". Does any member have any ideas I can take to Inchcape Burton to point them in the right direction of the cause as they seem to be just "p***ing in the wind" at the moment.
  2. Wonder if anyone can help. I seem to have aquired a rattling noise as I drive along. It sounds like the door is rattling around in the door frame. I have checked the seal and nothing seems out of place and have rubbed a little WD40 on the seal both on the door and in the frame incase the seal had dried out in the cold weather. The front passenger door is staring to do the same and so is the drivers door. Has anyone experienced the same problem and how did they sort it out or is it just a case of taking it back to the dealer and have new seals fitted. I presume with all three starting to do it, it must be something to do with the cold weather and the rubber shrinking.

    Warranty Work

    I took mine in for its service on Monday 24/10/2011 where I had 2 new alloys fitted under warranty. I had alrady had a full set of new wheel nuts under warranty also, both due to rust. I also had my service done and they said that my my brakes had worn only 15% on the front and 50% on the back. I didnt understand it as I thought that the car broke 70% force on the front and 30% on the back and the car has'nt even done 18000 miles. I queried this with the service desk who went to ask the technician just incase he had got them mixed up but he said no that was right and he had fully checked the car over and nothing was wrong. The brakes were not ceased and all he said was he thought someone had driven the car with the handbrake on. I assured him that the car had never been driven with the handbrake on as a !Removed! great red light on the dash would tell me the handbrake was on. He did asure me it was all free now which would infur that the brakes were not free before. I think Mr T had caught it just in time and by catching it early thay could aportion the adverse wear as human error. You got me this time Mr T but I will be popping in every month just for you to check them over, as your service desk pointed out, every safty check is free and we will see who gets p'ed off first.


    Natashap33 Have you spoke to your local dealer about replacing them. Most Toyota dealers have a beat any price agreement. I got a puncture which could not be fixed. Took it to Inchcape Burton (fantastic dealer) and they replaced it with a Dunlop (factory fitted tyres)for cheaper than a budget tyre from my local tyre dealer. I know you probably dont want to give them your business but if it is going to save you £100 remember, life is a poo sandwich, the more bread you have, the less poo you have to eat.
  5. Had all my wheel nuts changed on its first service for the same thing, RUST. Car is in for its second service 21/10/2011 ( car has done 17000 miles) and is having two new alloys as they also have rust blemishes on them. They have refused to change all four but I WILL be getting the other two changed before the warrant runs out.


    Think I may have had the same noise on my SR.Rattling noise when on choke and when excelerating. Mine was a loose airbox which runs behind the passenger side of the dashboard. Took mine to my dealer who tightened it up and put extra insulation around the connection between the box and the hose. No problems since.

    Default Tires

    Yes they are run flats. I spoke with the tech guy and he said that, 1) They only put run flats in to save money as the car was so expensive to produce and no spare was needed for run flats. 2) Try not to use the repair liquid supplied by Toyota as it makes a right mess when you take the tyre off. If you buy the tyres off the internet make sure you choose the run flat version. The SP01 comes in both run flat and non run flat version

    Default Tires

    I had my SR180 from new (4 door built in Burnaston) and it was fitted as standard Dunlop SP01 225/45/R17 run flats. Had a puncture and that is also the same tyre my Toyota dealer had in stock (and they were the cheapest). Does anyone know the correct tyre pressures for an SR180. I dont think my local garage tyre inflator is working properly. Car is not handling right.

    Rattle Rattle

    In full agreement with Ricky. Had the same symptoms and took it into Mr T. Mine had more rattle than Jimmy Saville riding a bike down a cobbled street. They sorted it out and told me the airbox had come loose and sorted it out and put some extra insulation around the airbox connetor. Also cleaned the EGR valve out whilst it was in. A1 job Inchcape Burton.
  10. I may have an answer regarding the bio-fuel question. I recently took my car into Toyota to have rattle looked at and whilst out with the technicial( dont call them machanics anymore)he asked ne what type of fuel I used. I replied "the cheapest" but if I can get it Shell V Power. He carried on and told me not to run the car on supermarket fuel. He said that supermarkets add 7% bio-fuel to there diesel where branned fuel only add 5% bio-fuel. The engines do not respond well to the increase. He said Shell, Total or any branded fuel outlet (either premium brand or normal) will provide better quality engine response and reduced risk of engine failure. I hope this helps.
  11. Booked my car in Thursday, and they asked me to bring it down on the Friday morning. The technician took it for a test drive and identified that there was a problem. They asked me to leave the car with them and they have completely sorted it, loose airbox. Whilst it was in they also cleaned the EGR valve. The car drives like it did when I brought it. Fantastic service from Inchcape Toyota Burton upon Trent. Had Renaults before and this would have taken 3 weeks to sort out and all they would have done is the bare minimum to sort it. Fantastic quick and friendly service.
  12. Wastedagen, Where is this air filter. I dont know where this is. I think this may be the culprit. On acceleration the car would be taking in air and it is not so apparent when the air is walmer. I have had a look and I cannot see it.
  13. I wonder if anyone can help. I have an SR180 and after a recent run to the "jewel of the East" (Skegness), I could hear a vibrating noise when I was at low revs in second, third and fourth. It has been doing it for a while but I just presumed it was the cold air in the winter or the mornings. To discribe the noise, it sounds like like someone is behind the glovebox with a metal tea-tray with some pound coins on it and when the car is building up revs, the motion of the engine causes the pound coins to vibrate and and make a noise. It is vey difficult to discribe. I have checked all over the car thinking that I have left a CD case in the door well or it is something in the glove box, I have even removed the things from the glovebox thinking it may be them and the noise still persists. Has anyone else had the same problem, and if so how did you rectify it. Thanks in advance.
  14. I have the bootliner fitted on my SR180 and I think it is just the same as the standard fit. All the Toyota bootliner has embossed on it is "AURIS" and makes no mention to the SR spec. The part number is PZ434-E1304-PJ and I think mine was £45-£50 when I briught the car in 2009. I do hope this helps.
  15. Phil 1985 Mine is a completely standard SR180. Here in Swadlincote, Derbyshire, we are "blessed" with speed bumps split into three sections across the road. This is to allow emergency vehicles to pass over them with their wheels either side of the hump, so they dont have to slow down. These defeats the object some what in my opinion as a standard car can pass over them in much the same way. However the SR cannot. As you pass over the hump the raised part passes underneath the car whilst the wheels stay on the road surface. With it being so low the car regularly scapes if they are taken at any normal speed. This in turn annoys all of the drivers caught behind me who then have to slow right down, but in normal curcumstances would be able to fly over them. Because of my slow approach I have been likened to a number of female and male body parts and have been accused of copulation whilst relaxing in a gentlemens fashion.