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  1. Thanks it was the passenger side and it's a 1.33 and matches exactly - I was referring to the big spring (technical term!) shown in the passenger picture above - it looked really low to me but yours looks identical so I guess it's ok! Thanks again!
  2. The topic is really ambigious so apologies for that. Basically on the rear underside of my Yaris on the rear passenger side I can see a big suspension spring - the bottom of it being about 2" higher than the bottom of the exhaust. I've never seen it on any other car and wondered if it was normal - I'll get a pic tonight. I can only see this one though and not any other. I don't suppose anyone has a rear low down picture of the above model? I've tried google, etc. but cant find a decent picture. Ta!
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    Hi Looking at getting a Yaris. The one I've seen is a 2009 TR 1.33 Model. I'm just wondering if it has Bluetooth connectivity (seeing conflicted reports!) or not. I wouldn't mind the touch system but I know it doesn't have that - though I suppose it could be retro-fitted but it's !Removed! expensive! Thanks!
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    Fuel Guage

    I remember when I had a hire car from Toyota they estimated 50 miles left on a red-light - could be complete rubbish though!
  5. Does it happen randomly or on particular tracks? It might give you a starting point (i.e. one of your MP3's may have a comment or some other initially unseen data in there which is causing the issue - the comment thing has got me before on one MP3 player which caused the track to crash the MP3 player!) I'm also the same when it comes to ID tags - I'm not trying to normalize the volume on all of my tracks! (fed up of some being quiet and having to change the volume!)
  6. Sorry it was a rather open question. Essentially I do still like the car - there are two concerns I have: 1. Repair bill to my car is significantly lower than Toyota quoted (by >50%) 2. New car mileage seems to vary online and on the order form this was specifically mentioned when I asked what the difference between the two cars were (one was a grand cheaper - the answer was it hadn't done many miles - now to find out that the mileage is >50% more than on the order is annoying) I'm awaiting a call from Toyota to discuss this - I was only asking a general question as to what the forfeits
  7. I never mentioned it until I re-read the order and checked the website. I was under the impression from the test drive that it had done 22ishk - but the order says 18k. So I then checked the website which says 25k. I knew it was around 20k and if it was 20k I wouldn't have looked twice between the two figures. As it's done an extra 7k (almost half of it's overall mileage) I think it's probably worth the ask. At the very least, based on the above, I'd imagine it's worth asking for some money off the price. On my order form it does have a section where it says the mileage is/isn't correct -
  8. I don't own one but the only thing I could think off is that the tracks don't have the correct tags. Perhaps play some songs you know and see if it happens on a particular track then investigate the tags (something like TagScanner in Windows is good for this). As you have pointed out it could be an error with the device, software, or anything else but the above make sense to me.
  9. That's fine. On my order form it says the mileage. Having looked on the website the mileage is out by around 8k (which is an increase of 50%) so I'd guess this at least gives me some negation anyway. Worth an ask I guess!
  10. Hi, I've put a deposit down on a used Toyota the other day and signed the documentaiton. But now I'm thinking about cancelling it due to a few reasons but I wondered if anyone knew what the forefits was or if there was a cooling down period? I ask because on all of the documentation I can't see anything about cancelling it only about them cancelling the order. Thanks!
  11. Brakes were changed a few months ago - both front and back (can't remember if it was just pads though I'll check). Guess it's worth having them looked at then! I'll get it booked in tomorrow.
  12. Added the MP3 - the noise is 36/37 seconds in (sorry for this) and happens again a second or two afterwards (released and reapplied the brakes). Thanks!
  13. Hi, Basically I don't know how to explain this but I'll try. It's normally on the way home from work I notice it - not going which I think people would agree is odd. If I'm breaking down from 70 I don't notice any issues at all. When I get to a bit on my commute home it's stop / start traffic. After around 28 miles of driving I hit a spot where I'm going <5MPH for around 1/4 of a mile on and off. Then when I press the break I notice a single knocking sound from somewhere underneath and maybe a little behind the drivers position (I do have a recording but its a 60MB mov file at present
  14. It helps as a ball park figure for the clutch - fitting is going to take it up to nigh on £400 at a guess. With regards to post 2 the cars done 90k miles - don't think the clutch has ever been replaced before. Since I've had the car it's been a little heavy but getting a little worse now (most noticible when I've been driving something else to be honest - it's a real struggle after that). Thanks for the information - think I'm going to have to bite the bullet and get it sorted. M.
  15. Hi, As topic really. Since I've had the car (3 years) the clutch has been heavy. It's been mentioned on a couple of times when I have had the car serviced. It's now got to the point where by when using the clutch and barely touching the gear stick is making it jump into neutral so I think it's on the way out. I live near Glocuester and looking for a rough price to have it replaced and also some garage recommendations if possible. Thanks! M.
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