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  1. Hi Guys Many thanks for all advise to my above issue. It has now been resolved so thanks for the pointers. It turned out it was the reversing light gearbox switch. I did a search on the internet on how to get to it and the video I found was to take the air box off, clips etc to get to it. I'm afraid I was a little put off by this so chickened out and took it to an auto electrician who £66 later confirmed it was the switch. They didn't have one but could get one in the following day. They did show me an alternative route to getting to it. Taking nearside wheel off and popping th
  2. Just picking up on all replies, so that's for all feedback/info will work through all suggestions and hopefully get to the bottom of it! Cheers
  3. Hi guys very odd scenario and thought and advise would be much appreciated. Vehicle Auris T180 UK spec.2007 A number of years ago I fitted a reversing camera and took power for the camera from the reversing light wiring about 2 inches out from the white plug that goes into the multi bulb holder. It has worked fine for years ( and I've not hit anything!!) Just recently I'd noticed the reversing camera wouldn't always come on when selecting reverse so during our lockdown I decided to investigate further. I noticed that the reversing light was not coming on, so my first tho
  4. Many thanks to Eygo for advise and diagram. All as you explained. I was able to take off and replace caliper and the brakes are all OK Sorry for not getting back to show my appreciation for you knowledge. Thanks again for taking the time to reply.
  5. Thank you. Will have another look in morning and report back. Cheers
  6. Rear O/s brake binding on Auris T180. Trying to remove caliper to get in bench to either have a go at freeing or replace. I've disconnected brake cable end from caliper housing but the brake cable goes through a hole in the housing and is secured from pulling through with some sort of clip. Could anyone kindly explain how to release the brake cable from the caliper. Please
  7. Thank you to the prompt replies received. Just wanting to make sure as my other vehicle I had cambelt changed when I had an engine rebuild when one of the turbos exploded and went through the engine. (Now getting over £8.6K later - Ouch!) As the car was stripped, it was wise to change cambelt as the body had to come off the vehicle and was off anyway! Plus my daughters Vauxhall Insignia's belt has gone so just double checking with Auris. Many thanks again. Regards N
  8. Good day folks. Looking for the recommended service interval for cambelt on a 2007 Auris T180 please. Or does it have a chain not a belt and if so the interval on that too? I've done searches on line, but couldn't come up with anything, so although i assume a straight forward question, I can't find the answer. Also, if not asking too much, the likely cost for replacement. Thanks again to you all who read this and are able to answer my question
  9. Go idea, many thanks, will try that.
  10. The carpet in the footwell on the passenger side is wet. Sliding back the sunroof reveals water pooling in the gully. There are drain holes either side. Water is pooling on the passenger side, so I am assuming this to be the problem. I've carefully pushed telephone wire down the hole with no obvious resistance. I've managed to get 77 inches of wire down before I meet resistance. Has anyone any idea where the outlet is for this drain pipe? Thanks in advance
  11. Hi Andy SR180. As usual, once a problem is fixed, you don't go back to forum. So sorry for slow reply from your posting in 2010. Not sure what eventually fixed my problem, as they changed many things and recoded my alarm to a different frequency. But yes it stopped it, but guess what.......... It's started again. Thinking it might be a battery drain issue (AS I have original battery on my now 10 yr old car ) I connected my car to a trickle battery charger so the voltage would not drop. Alarm goes off every 15 mins. Looking for further guidance on this problem again they do say the security
  12. Thanks for comments & Advice. Still waiting for garage to get back to me when the part comes in. Don't want to compromise security of vehicle and should not have to on a vehicle under warranty. So hope the garage can finally fix it. Again when I do hear news , will keep you all posted.
  13. Thanks for input guys. Still waiting for garage to say mcrophone sensor has come in they are supposed to have ordered. To date the alarm has not gone off again..Thats the power of the forum!! Let you know what they fit and when and the outcome..
  14. NADP555


    I purchased an Auris 14 months ago and was offered Superguard treatment @£200. Told it would keep car in showroom condition for 3 years without the need to polish it.. If anything was spilt inside on seats, it would wipe off. Asked if the treatment included alloys told for extra £50 it would. If I had my time again,I would not bother. Car certainly does not keep new look and when I asked the garage why it does not have beads of wax on as it did when I bought it, was told you have to wax it. But the wost thing about it is I have had to have both doors resprayed. I had magnetic signs to go on t
  15. Just picked up on your posting.. Have the same problem on my wife's Auris T180 too. Has your issue been resolved? If so what was the cause please? I have put a posting out today to know if anyone has had this problem before.. My posting read as follows. If you can help....please!! I purchased my Auris T180 over 12months ago .It is on a 07 plate. I am having no end of trouble with the alarm going off on it for no reason at all. Been back a number of times to the garage who tell me they cannot find a fault code error. They have changed various sensors but still have the problem. They asked if I
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