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  1. Celica T23 TS 215/45/17 on 8.0x17 et 35 205/50/16 on 7.5x16 et 35
  2. 1.Supra25 2.Desirebmx < Who?? you changed yourname Jonnnnnnnnnnnno?? 3.Norfolk n Chance 4.Dzvini 5.Msprince 6. 10 ft man (depending on final cost and dates) 7.Toske 8. Cp6uH 9. Seiz 10.
  3. Hy for the offset you can calculate online that`s the best way.... :D And for tyre too ... :D I bought 8x17" et35 for mine and i`m planing to buy 215/40/17 tyres, the best vill be if i find 225/40/17 but it` tooo rarely... hope it will help
  4. Hy, i`m from Serbia my name si Boban and i drive Celica T-Sport `01...