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  1. Here i chase a porsche gt3 rs from the karussell following him to the end 2 nice flyby's @ Adenauer Forst some oversteer in the karussell corner --->
  2. i have had another ring weekend it was a nice weekende with the celicas.eu guys! Here are some pictures clickable highres --> http://skeijmel.nl/skrd/index.php?page=nurburgring-photos i have had no chance to improve my record laptime because of bad weather and traffic here are some video: Real bad weather very heavy rain Dry lap with a near crash of a celica in front of me @ brunnchen
  3. A tip Hmmm track knowledge even by a game like rfactor - gtr evolution or another racesim which has it. And the most important dont do crazy things and keep your car in one peace.
  4. Thank you, maybey ill meet you too there then ;) Here is more footage: A Full lap of chasing a GTS with my GT flyby at karussell corner and here the rest i cant post anymore media it says lol A nice moment of oversteer + slowmo :) here the full lap with more oversteering moments another lap chasing a mr2 sw20 For more info about my car check http://www.skeijmel.nl
  5. I have been there again this weekend and i improved my laptime to a 9min02 it was realy cool alot of other celica's where on the track too from the uk an dutch celica club! watch the amaizing full hd onboard video
  6. Hello. I went to the nurburgring Nordschleife again this weekend and set a new peronal lap record. and tried out my new Full HD cam.
  7. Hello last thursday i got Goodridge Braided Brake Line G Stop kit fron+back installed! here are some pics: (Stock next to new) The improvements are: Better Pedal Feel (more direct) and it seems te brake a little bit better and more consistent braking For more and highres pics check http://skeijmel.nl/skrd/index.php?page=braided-brake-lines
  8. Hello guys this a Onboard Video of me Racing my Celica VVTi at the Nurburgring Nordschleife with a laptime of 9 minutes 8 seconds. Please wait a few seconds for Video to load!
  9. there is done nothing to the car its 100% stock and even has the original stock eco tyres. the car handles pretty good not too understeery its really good fun but only a bit wobbly under Real Heavy Braking :)
  10. Hello my dear Toyota iQ friends, I have done another visit to the nurburgring nordschleife And did 2 laps in my friends toyota iQ I was there 09-09-09 and i have put down an amaizing lap of 10min37 which is pretty good for such a little car with only 68 HP Please wait a few seconds for Video to load!Movie of quickest lap
  11. Hello my dear Toyota Celica friends, I have done another visit to the nurburgring nordschleife The Ring ;) I was there 09-09-09 and i have put down an amaizing lap of 9min08sec Please wait a few seconds for Video to load!Celica 720P HD Movie for more info about my car you can visit skeijmel.nl
  12. i would like to post a video but i am not allowed yet :( when will i be able to post here http://toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showforum=109 ?
  13. Hello i am Sebastian from the netherlands and i drive a Toyota Celica VVTi. And i like to visit race tracks with my car like the Nurburgring Nordschleife. Also i like to fine tune the suspension for ultimate handling thru corners:) For more information about my car mod and updates and video's take a look at http://www.skeijmel.nl (english site)
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