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  1. i think they look a bit weird with your toms sides since they have a sleekish look. and the spats compliment the border sides because they are big and stick out a lil too. but its your car. hmmm.. what do people usually do with that lil side step thingy that toms sides come with?
  2. kei office front end! if the indentation between the turn signals were filled in, it would be the best mr2 front end hands down!
  3. pretty bad if u dont know the specs for ur turbo. sure it'll make more power than stock, but it'll turn ur "speedy road car" into a slug. i'd find out exactly what it is. i wouldnt wanna have a turbo that supposed to be better than stock and then it spools at 4500rpm. i didnt read much of the other posts, but u wont need to open up the block if ur just upgrading turbo, ic, and manifold. u will just need to upgrade ur fuel system.
  4. universal means it is not a specific kit. you are gonna have to get the flange for an mr2 and have a local shop weld it.
  5. exactly! hks ssqv is the only one that operates like the oem as it doesnt open by a spring. it opens by pressure difference outside of the chamber and inside the chamber.
  6. easy.. hks performs similar to the stock bpv. That way if you run with the afm still, it doesnt cause problems like the other atmospheric bov. and if problems do occur, you can always put on the recirculation kit. Best bet would be to get something that performs like oem.
  7. are there slits in the glass? where does the air escape? the point of having the slits in the oem hood was for hot air to move out of the engine bay.
  8. rev 3 still use a ct26? and completely stock as in no fuel cut device or anything? then i think u will only see 12. but if i were to up, nothing passed 15psi.. the rest is just hot air. i believe people have done tests where anything higher than that and the turbo is outflowing itself and not making any power.. i think
  9. yes, u need colder plugs if u plan on upping the boost. a lot of us here in the u.s. use ngk copper plugs. bkr7e. im not sure what the part number is. as for boost, i wouldnt go past 15. anything higher, the turbo is just blowing hot air. u wont see any gains of running at 17. plus, u higher the risk of blowing up your car.
  10. kiwi hit it on the spot. i honestly find my ct20 to spool faster than my ct26. the ct26 had a kind of kick then fell flat around 5500. the ct20 however, is a constant pull all the way to wherever i shift at. anyways, a ct20b alone won't get you close to 300. unless u already have a gen3 motor. but if ur stuck with a gen 2 like me, id definitely need some 264s and a stand alone. ohh, i also believe the exhaust turbine is also ceramic. there have been many tales of them disintegrating on people, but if u take good care of yours (turbo time, keeping your car lubricated, proper boost controlling) then there shouldnt be any problem.
  11. no. maybe p.o. loctited it. yes. crap gauge. recommend andaftermarket if u want to up the boost. fog light. ur button is upside down. the characters are upside down, and of course, it says no. super uber rare, i think only jap spec turbo timer. but it is a stock piece.
  12. somewhere deep in the hills of old scottland, speed racer and trixie are racing through the forest.... hahaha.
  13. Mister2


    why not? they are more available than hardtop and moonroof. if u find a good deal for one, go for it.
  14. if you have a ct26, itll always drop off near redline.
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