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  1. Have a loan of an 02 E12 1.4vvti saloon with 261,000 miles on the clock. Was laying up for a while (believe it not that its not on the road 24/7) but after a week of driving it freed out and driving like it had 50k Its all about how it was minded.
  2. Looking for bumper, headlights, drivers wing, and a few other bits for a facelift 03 yaris t-sport email if you have one or know where ild get the bits please, andycam06@gmail.com
  3. i could understand 1 or maybe 2 brakes but not all 4.... ? The front 2 are crazy hot and the rears are very warm but i would be assuming the fronts do 70% of the work so would be that much hotter.. I have been thinking some sort of value stuck slightly open ???
  4. I have replaced front pads and discs, rear pads and discs, shoes, handbrake cables, front slider pins, freed up the rear slider pins and freed 1 sticking rear piston but my brakes are still sticking.... My front brakes are on fire even over short trips, the rear are very warm but not mad hot. If i roll the car 2 feet it will come to a stop as though i pressed the brakes. This only happens 85% of the time and the other 15% it seems grand. Anyone any ideas where to go next ?
  5. theres a bolt on the steering rack that comes loose and just needs to be tightened, try that. toyota have replaced racks over this issue thinking it was something bigger than it actually was....
  6. Hi, as above just wondering how to go about removing the plastic surround around the trip computer, hazzard switch and vents on a 2005 avensis?
  7. well you can reset the ecu by disconnecting the battery for 30 mins. that will then re-learn your driving style and adapt to it. my mpg is also down at the minute and iam hoping it is due to sticking brake calipers. I am getting all new brakes wednesday and hope that will solve my problem.
  8. Theres no such thing as Toyota brakes I hate to tell you. Parts like that are just Toyota stamped but as above, Toyota are always going to recommend they own parts. Go into your local motor factors and get a set. I priced a set of mintex for mine the other day for 35euro, you can get even cheaper ones or pay alot more but thats the average price.
  9. well when plugged in it should say what is wrong. back to the breakers for more sensors if thats what the issue is
  10. First problem here is that you are going by the on board computer. Do it the proper old fashioned way. Fill up, drive for the tank and fill up again and calculate it from that. I would imagine that a 1.6 automatic petrol, driving on hilly terrain, on RELETIVELY short journeys, wouldnt get any more than 28-30 mpg. if you do the calculations the old way you might find you are getting that. If its semi-automatic then maybe try driving manual and see if it makes a difference, should do for the hills anyway.
  11. I was but after a second call to insurance that idea went out the window :P i think ill prefer low end power of a diesel just wondering is there any diesel runners out there :P Simply.... NO. Toyota diesels are very hard to get more power from without spending big money. I have often wondered if the 2.0 D4D turbo was a direct fit, then a front mount and map her from there but all I have ever heard is a few lads getting remaps and thats it...
  12. Where are you from ? All the brake pads for all diesel and petrol models are the same for all the UK E12 anyways
  13. All depends on what you want to go for yourself. I have 18" Lenso stage 1s on mine and lowered 40mm. I would prefer coilovers with 17s now as i had 17s a few years back wit hthe lowering springs. the 17s were more everyday friendly but i wanted to fill the arches more so i went for the 18s. I would like to try coilovers on 17s but who knows could hate it after a few months...
  14. oh I dont know but they bumper is huge so I would imagine it would be expensive. Iam in Ireland so if you want to get a price for shipping let me know.
  15. Hey Andrew, the 1.4 D4D corolla started off the production line in July 2004 with 90bhp. The 75 bhp 1.4 D4D is from the yaris, same engine just tuned down becuase its a much lighter car. Thought you were turboing the rolla ?
  16. anyone else any ideas. car is driving perfect but way down on MPG. may aswell have a t-sport at the rate...
  17. well its the shipping that would be a killer for you....
  18. Only available from Toyota and i think they have been discontinued. iam thinking of selling mine actually.
  19. Nice motor, they are getting more rare over there because we have taken them all over here to Ireland, haha I had 1 myself a few years ago and I know of at least 10 around the country plus a few wrote off. As for parts, I think it would be doing justice to the car to just fit a TTE spoiler and source a set of G6R wheels and leave her be. As you say they are becoming more rare and the bigger money will be paid for a more standard version. When I had mine it had horrid wheels but I wouldnt find G6R wheels so opted for T-sport wheels which did look the business on it. Also, I know where there is 1 or 2 being broke if you are after parts...
  20. Aw I change the fuel filter every 10-15k, just done last month again. Gets an oil change every 5k Used to fill up at what I thought was a good name garage but mechanic friend says to stay clear so have changed garage and waiting to see if theres an difference. As for the diptane, its Irish made and gets great reports thats why I was trying it, never used it before myself.
  21. Just an example for you http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/UK-10X-9-SMD-5050-LED-W5w-501-T10-Indicator-White-LED-Light-Bulbs-Side-Push-Lamp-/191068966580?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item2c7c990eb4 they are your front side lights and the same bulb as your number plate lights, replace the 4 while your at it. freshens up any car.
  22. What are the oil control valves ? are they the lift bolts ?
  23. My corolla has been getting bad mpg for a while Its not a case of winter driving, i allow for this but its worse than that. Car seems to be driving perfect, no smoke or power loss that i notice. I have had issues with EGR valve and fuel pump and these have been replaced but the mpg but has not been right since. The only thing i do notice is the engine hunts very slightly when cold, very slightly now. Anyone any suggestions ? at the minute iam running diptane (fuel threatment) through the tank to see if that makes any improvments.
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