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  1. Picked up my brand new Aygo last Tuesday feeling really pleased with myself. Less than a week in noticed a serious amount of water in both foot wells in the back. When I picked up the carpet mats the water actually driped off them! I read loads of reviews on the aygo before taking the plunge (that's not actually funny!) but unfortunately didn't come across anything that warned about this problem. Having found this forum, I now can't believe how many people have experienced this problem and for how long it has been going on. It is a complete joke. Surely it is a fairly basic requirement that a car can be used when it rains without taking in water! It rains most days on the West coast of Scotland and I cannot believe that Toyota are still churning out Aygos that leak. I am due to phone back Toyota tomorrow but I am being told by the sales dept to get it checked out under warranty by the servicing dept. I'm going to contact citizen's advice tomorrow first though because surely there is some kind of cover that protects buyers from being sold a defective car? Any advice greatly received and to those who have experienced similar problems, I feel your pain.
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