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  1. my wife has an Aygo black and one day she had the same where it just wouldn't start, how ever many times the key was turned, like you a whirring noise?? thankfully the car was on the drive so we shut the door remotely locked it and then tried again and first time and no problem, there must be a hidden immobiliser???? Not sure whether this is of any help or not? Cheers
  2. MD1


    I'm being told by my salesperson to report the interior plastics and they should then be changed under warranty!!
  3. MD1

    Tom Tom Help

    I've got the tomtom app on my iphone (as well as a separate tomtom unit) and for the phone I use a window holder but stick it on the top of the centre dash - near where the CD slot is - it travelled all the way to and from Scotland from norfolk and never moved and doesn't leave any mark on the screen - only thing is when it's very cold (minus lots!) it takes a while to get it to stick but once it has it's fine!! The phone mount is made by ARKON ! Hope this helps! MD
  4. our story is not that different although I had to cut down on work due to ill health, but we've gone from a Skoda Octavia VRS with all bells and whistles to a year old Aygo black! My wife uses that car and is mainly in it alone and I have to say we both smile more driving the aygo!! That little engine is amazing!! We've got air con, half leather, I fitted a rev counter (so easy!) we've had the back windows tinted and I'm not at all sorry the VRS has gone - I've also sold my MINI Cooper S for an iQ3 - not the same drivers car but still funky and fun and at the end of the day does the same job of getting from A to B - Once i get back on me feet we'll prob keep the well specced iQ and then swap the aygo - I'd go for, we're getting 53 to the gallon and my wife drives (if you know what I mean!!) we've always had fast cars and as I say the aygo makes us smile!! Good luck in whatever happens! MD
  5. so agree, how much would a little soundproofing felt cost - anyone done their own???
  6. never got higher that 46 - most times much lower in my iQ3 - perhaps I should stop trying to drive it like my old cooper S - trouble is that little grin on the front of the car says - faster faster !!!!!
  7. How about darkened rear glass, change the indicator bulbs to silver, I've added a rev counter for looks more than anything, interior light delay, haven't touched the radio, sound fine to me with the ipod attached - not much more to do really is there - here's ours! cheers!
  8. Mine neither (iQ 3 Nov 09) or Kate's Aygo Black (Jan 09) - phew!
  9. MD1

    Iq Flat Tyre

    don't see how as we followed the instructions to the letter and only inflated the tyre to around 1.5 bar - someway off what it should be - the compressor actually delivers the sealant so you don't have much say over how much goes in! I had problems getting a replacement tyre at the time, but I hope you get sorted out ok Hopefully my dealer can help - but why do I have this nagging feeling they won't?????? Spoilt our relaxing week away I can tell ya!! :(
  10. MD1

    Iq Flat Tyre

    Last week we took our 2 month old iQ3 from Norfolk to Scotland - car was really good and very comfortable :D however having covered well on 1000 miles in a week driving along the road from hell (for us in East Anglia it's the A14) the car starting to vibrate and yes you've guessed it we had a flat :censor: So we unloaded the boot got out the little pump etc and followed the instructions and ended up with a tyre with mumps! We had to call Toyota assistance who brought us and the car home... now need to call the dealer tomorrow in the hope that they can supple a tyre and pick my car up as I'm sure I shouldn't be driving the car anywhere?? You decide by the shots of my rear passenger tyre?!?! So it's a new tyre and I guess new tyre weld stuff???
  11. I too have some condensation in my rear and often front lights too - I have spoken with my dealer (who I have a great relationship with) and they have checked out and replaced rear lenses while I was given a service sheet on the headlamps and they are within tolerance levels (check out my previous posts and you may well find the two service jpegs?) I too believe that you get far more if you state your case calmly etc, however always get a name when dealing with any firm and a contact number/email if poss and you'll be amazed at what you can get sometimes!
  12. MD1

    Mpg Display

    yep my speedo has been reset to 0 - however in the service manual there is a section where any odometer changes can be noted by the dealer and my dealer filled this in to confirm the true mileage.
  13. MD1

    1.0 Vs 1.33

    I'm finding our iQ3 is getting faster now that I've covered around 1200 miles, certainly through the gears if you ignore the silly shift light!! My wife has an Aygo Black which I believe has the 3 cylinder engine of the iQ and iQ2 and that's a nippy little car as well but for me having test drove both the iQ2 & iQ3 I like the bigger engine and the 6 speed gearbox along with the bigger wheels and stop/start. Getting high 40's mpg from mixed driving. Driving to Scotland at the weekend from the border of Norfolk & Suffolk and can't wait - it's certainly gonna be comfy enough and I'm sure will do well at motorway cruising speeds. Try both models and then decide but for me I'm glad I've got the iQ3! :D Saying all that whichever iQ you buy you'll had a fun car that really does belie it's size! ;)
  14. yep, 0 should be the ideal set up and as Jan as quite rightly said the higher numbers do mean the beam will be worse not better - 0 on our Aygo black gives great light although I have upgraded the bulbs ;)
  15. Ridiculous cost isn't it? Especially when you consider BMW Main Dealers offer an 'Oil Service' (albeit for 4 CYL cars) for £115 (ALL inc.) - part of the reason why I bought a Toyota GB Service Pack for our Aygo. Can't be doing with finding the best deal on service every time it falls due. just had our 10K service on our aygo black and it was £86 at a main dealer! :D
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