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  1. Steve

    Happy Birthday kimi!

  2. kimi

    Delivery Dates

    hiya, I am posting for a good friend of mine She placed an order for new gt86 back in August she has ordered a pearl white. Its now November and she still has no car and her dealer hasn't given her a delivery date, she is feeling let down and on the verge of cancelling her order Can anyone give me an idea on how long delivery times are?
  3. Hey less of the old :shutit: If it was sideways...mark must have been driving :P
  4. hiya Ryan i'm still lurking around here .... good to see ya back, hope to see you sometime this year...with the famous orange trousers
  5. sounds good any nearer sorting out a date / venue for this yet?
  6. nice one john told you to keep an eye out for the july mag
  7. OK i know its a little short notice :P however i just thought if anyone's bored and fancies a day out Bank Holiday Boredom Buster one of the guys from work spends alot of time here on track, I've never been so I'm going to go take a look tomorrow just watch not on track though from what i know its just £1 per car to get in and watch so cheap as chips maybe see you there
  8. its a shame Japanese cars are not what they used to be unfortunately ;) i also think its alot to do with media hype, give them 6 months and they will be bored of the recall stories and be going on about something else
  9. well done lee I've not googled it I'm lazy ..but is the tough guy the one near Bridgnorth/ Wolverhampton ? as they have one [ i think it was the other week] that attracts lots of people...lots of crazy people
  10. that looks like fun Lee ....shame i have only just noticed this i could have joined you ............NOT :P hope you survived mate & Well Done
  11. it did have discs the inside of my wheels were just that shiny B) Matty- i sold it to a guy from Cardiff he told me that he did not use the Internet forums, John [ae111sr] saw him a while ago said it still looked clean :D
  12. TTE SUPERCHARGER there's the link to my old yaris ^^^ at the end of the day its down to cost & reliability i sold my yari in 2008 and its been seen recently still going fine :D
  13. For all you midlands people bored after being stuck in the house over Christmas, this Sunday 17Th January 2010 the 1st bubble inn meet of the year is on :D take a look here for directions bubble inn details
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