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  1. hiya,

    I am posting for a good friend of mine

    She placed an order for new gt86 back in August

    she has ordered a pearl white.

    Its now November and she still has no car :ermm: and her dealer hasn't given her a delivery date,

    she is feeling let down and on the verge of cancelling her order

    Can anyone give me an idea on how long delivery times are?

  2. OK i know its a little short notice :P

    however i just thought if anyone's bored and fancies a day out

    Bank Holiday Boredom Buster

    one of the guys from work spends alot of time here on track,

    I've never been so I'm going to go take a look tomorrow

    just watch not on track though :lol:

    from what i know its just £1 per car to get in and watch so cheap as chips

    maybe see you there :thumbsup:

  3. I agree 100% about PIAA blades :yes: but i would say that as i work for a PIAA dealer :lol:

    I have them on all our cars at home.

    One set of PIAA we put on our daily runaround micra back in 2000, are still doing a good job! i guess they are about due to be changed now :rolleyes:

    the silicone the blades apply to your screen really works and as already as been said at motorway speeds the difference is excellent.

  4. Any more coming up towards the end of the year?

    Even if it's just at a pub or anything?

    yep Bubble meet is on this coming Sunday 15Th November, see the sticky above for details and directions :thumbsup:

    Jap only meet on tmorrow in Bournemouth AFC trucker car park at 7:00pm

    :blink: Bournemouth ...not quite the midlands area :eek::lol:

    just a little far to go at this time of the year ;)

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