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  1. hi jerry, thinkin of blitz or hks 4 Tsport but u never know with me!!!!!! what do u reckon is the best? thing with Tsport aint got as much under bonnet space as i did on micra 4 all that custom stuff engines bigga! :D luv kimi
  2. hi jerry, no my old micra daint ave a turbo(the lads at work did try to make me) the paint woz xpensive daint like leaving it anywhere incase sum T**T scratched it! all work woz done by the lads at xtreme in dudley,had custom made itg air induction,full straight through stainless to many mods to list changed nearly everyfink!! Tsport is now my new project with alot of help from the lads! chris where the hell did u get them photos from? u wasnt at billing last year,cant be the years b4 cos i aint parked on the micra club stand, hope rally went well. luv kimi
  3. i'll have u know chris they ain't stickers im avin :ffs: !! but they r cool aint they,they are very suttle. try to keep out the mud on this week ends rally cos your borg looks nice&clean !!!! fancy asking bout yaris power we aint to bother'd bout that cos we just like to pose! luv kimi B)
  4. hi john, the alloys u r looking 4 r called RS-GT new from usa can find em on www.arospeedwheels.co.uk luv kimi
  5. hi jerry, no pics yet its still standard apart from my hks,it wont be standard for long as have things on order,got some trick grafix on order havin em made a one off they take 4weeks to get! sin bout some cool alloys i saw at autosport show (£1000 a wheel ) dont think i like em that much!!!!! trying to talk work into borrowing camera get pics then. luv kimi
  6. i know you've mentioned this b4 but i want some advice,whats the best springs 4 my Tsport? toyota reckon they dont do tte for my car(new Tsport) thinking of eibach,whats fensports springs like? plus hows toyota bout the warranty. luv kimi
  7. great idea bout a turbo(ive always wanted a dump valve)but i think it may blow my warranty apart as my babys only 5months old!!!! chris my work mate master tech on the evos,hes got a mitsi colt cyborg his borg parks next to my Tsport keeping her company! luv kimi :group-cuddles:
  8. its bad enuff having a problem but they really taking the p :censor: making you drive a vauxhall!! hope u get it sorted,nice to see i aint the only female who likes to wax a black car. kimi
  9. bit of problem ain't got a digi cam! (spending money on my Tsport) will borrow one and get pics soon as can! i work at xtreme (x ralliart uk) so got hks through our parts,had to wait 6weeks from japan but got it for £250 half price. still waiting for strut brace from cusco. luv kimi
  10. just had fitted (by my favourite tech at work) the new hks silent hi/power exhaust, its a nice bit of kit quality & it ain't that silent!!! lots more mods b4 jae,waiting for betta weather b4 i buy my new wheels! kimi :hokus-pokus:
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