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  1. Hiya :D There are a few things that will help us to help you: whats your budget? what style do you prefer? what colour are you interested? Also a few on your list are all made by Rays i:e Volk/Gram Lights/G-Games just out of my memory Rays do quite a few 4 x 100 in 17" RE30's CE28N's TE37's GT-Vs GTC's GTN's Gram Lights 57 optimise Gram Lights 57 maximum Gram Lights 57 maximum pro G Games 77m G Games 77s However i would need to check that list at work depending on what offset you are looking for. None of Rays wheels are cheap but you get what you pay for, as they are one of the BEST alloys you can buy
  2. good news guys & girls the bubble is back please read the post above for full details
  3. the bubbles back yesterday was the 1st meet since the re-opening, first impressions are good improvements already have been made and the food was very good see you next month
  4. if i could justify the money I'd buy one i think ford have got it right, shame Toyota cant make a sports car anymore instead they play it safe with "sensible"family or town cars ;)
  5. your in luck There's a meet tomorrow BUBBLE MEET i should be there although I'll be very tired as I've just drove home from a great week in Cornwall B) come along and say hello :D not sure if I'll be in the DC5 or the S15 yet so just look for either one of them
  6. shes lovely i've got a jakie too great dogs
  7. My old compressor had terrible torque steer :shutit: although it was great fun once you were used to it TTE told me it was safe on its internals to 150bhp but anything over that they wouldn't guarantee it would last
  8. 99.9% phase 1 & 2 Tsports were jap built.
  9. On my old 2003 yaris, 2ND gear was a nightmare & 1st was difficult too,but there was a cheap fix I'm not sure about the newer yaris maybe there's a fix for those i fixed mine with the help from a Toyota techy on this site, my gear problems started at around 20k i fixed it and it was still running smooth at 28k when i sold it. i would say the first thing to do would be change the gear oil, the dealer has told you they did that so, the 2ND one is the Toyota fix what a member called pinkbits posted on here. While i was doing the fix i added some ZX1 [ friction elemenator ] to the gear oil. here's the fix GEAR FIX - IT WORKS i used 2 washers and it was alot better after around a week i thought i would try another washer, that was perfect. Hope it helps you, oh by the way my yaris was Japanese built.
  10. sounds like its upset to be leaving you keep yourself alert don't lie down behind it as it may run you over :shutit:
  11. Hope you have had a good day fizzy enjoy the rest of your day
  12. From what i have heard they are fantastic cars never owned one though, but i do like the look of them :) Take one for a test drive :D oh and as your asking about Honda's on here you wont get many replies in favour of them, its Toyota owners club so the folks here are understandably a little biased
  13. kirstie rob only lives round the corner from you, hes in walsall go round his house and get your stuff direct :D
  14. Maybe having the bubble meet on the same day as a car show at donnington was not such a good idea also being Easter i guess people were doing the family thing, both these things meant that Sundays bubble meet was a little on the quite side, in fact it was very quite, around 20cars came along. Saying that when its quite you do get more chance to chat to others and we had a good laugh, esp at Andy's GT4 expense here's a few pictures from the day, Big thanks to Steve red yaris who came up from Cambridge was good to see you again Steve You can not keep our red yaris away from film cameras though , they were filming a promo video and Steve took part with an interview B) There's a picture of your yaris in Dave's link Here's a few more on Dave's site DAVES PICTURES {click on the top one aprils bubble meet pics added }
  15. i have known people repair wheels, but i wouldn't trust it myself its never going to be as strong as it once was ;) I'd attempt to replace it if it was mine.
  16. I've never seen a Rays crack like that, even on the touring cars & f1 cars we supply that must have been a very big pot hole :shutit: are you sure the guy you got them from did not run too long on a under inflated tyre? as for the teins mine were looking the same when i sold the yaris, I'm not impressed with tein & we are tein dealers
  17. kimi

    The Day Has Come

    :( good luck with the sale Lee
  18. selling :o bugger close your eyes and come for a chat be good to see you plus be a good place to park with a for sale sign in the window ;)
  19. Happy birthday Lee, if you're at the bubble on Sunday we'll buy you a drink
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