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  1. sorry i missed your reply last night. The shocks are from my old 2003 tsport, they are only the shocks as someone else from here had the springs. i don't know if they will fit your yaris, however i guess they will. Your local-ish to me so your welcome to come collect them or i may be going to a car meet at the bubble near Donnington park on Sunday you could collect from there [ although I'm not 100% going depends on weather ] either way they are yours if you want them
  2. Still sitting in my garage, standard yaris t sport shock absorbers. Free to a good home if anyone wants them :D just pay the postage costs or collect.
  3. Looking good Paul B) pm on its way kimi x
  4. Shame i had a wedding to go to Saturday afternoon/evening, i had a feeling that i wouldn't be fit enough to drive Sunday morning and i was correct [ i blame free red wine! ] I would have come along to watch you, as i love Rockingham Get some pictures up Paul :D
  5. yep 3.5kg i saw them myself before Paul had them
  6. Looking good Paul B) glad we could help you good luck on Sunday hopefully I'll come to watch you at an event this year.
  7. Hope you have had a good day, with plenty of RED wine
  8. Take a look here TOCs car care For me it's Autoglym every time
  9. Fizz looking good "YO" B) milano at its best
  10. Like has been said you can just edit it :D or pm one of us and we will remove it for you
  11. If its still the same i had one in my old yaris, it fits under the seat mine was underneath my drivers seat. It was fine did the job however the price you have been quoted seems a little high, have you thought about getting an after market compact sub? i have a Clarion one in the Teg and a Alpine one in the s15, they are both a lot better than the Toyota one was, Plus you'll only be paying around £150 plus fitting for them. I'm female too and if i want to know something i'll ask them, the parts guys are not better than you they just have the advantage of their parts systems on the pc :P
  12. welcome to TOC Heidi :D i have a rescue dog he adopted me, knocked on our door with his little dirty paw that was 4 years ago As we had no way of telling what happened to him in the 6months before he found us, we had to give him lots of time & love, as he was very timid. He is so worth it though, gives so much love back to us. Its his house now not ours So i would say if you have the time do it.
  13. ;) That did not take you long YO :P
  14. None taken Gaz :P I'm a minimum wage slave too :( Marks OK though reasonable money, he just hates working 6 days a week its even worse when we go away for a week and he still has to work the Saturday :(
  15. Gaz, Being as i made most of the expensive comments, i thought i should reply ;) i was not moaning however i was shocked at the price this year yes if i could go for the weekend £25 per person is not bad at all, however it was not so long ago that JAE was a car show & you paid for the car to enter, you could put 4 or 5 people in and it was still only around £6 Its not an excuse for me not to go to JAE i have been going since 2001. As for looking at cars static i go to meets every month and do that, I'm not sure if you have ever been to a race meeting? but you can go into the pits & chat to the guys/girls who are racing so if you want to ask about their cars you can. I do not know where you work, Mark has to work 6 days a week and i can promise you NO-ONE would cover his Saturday JJ, i have said the same however its pointless hun as people think we are moaning ;) i remember you coming along 2004, in your Gold yari :D as myself, you & Jerry were doing the rounds together ..you found Rob just before he left if i remember most had left, there were only a few of us left Sunday afternoon. Folks JAE is good fun if you can make it for the full weekend go along and have a laugh, you'll see loads of very nice jap metal. But if you can only make it for one day, do yourself a favour and try to make it the Saturday as the Sunday tends to fizzle out very early as people start to leave for home at lunch time.
  16. Hiya Ross :D i saw your post in generals I was going to say have you noticed your old yaris on pistonheads, but i got beaten too it :P Good to see you back :D
  17. Welcome home Ross Hope alls ok with you. kimi -x-
  18. welcome to TOC been to pod loads of times when i had my tsport, never took her down though. Let us know how you get on with yours
  19. Welcome back Dan its been a while mate Good to hear from you again p.s i notice the skyline is not in your line up of cars did you not get it in the end?
  20. :D I washed my car today too needed to get all that nasty salt off it from last weeks gritted roads :(
  21. Did read your post correctly actually - and it's still better value than the highly overrated TOTB. If you had to pay to get in then you'd appreciate that ! I can't even be bothered to address the 'giddy thrill' of seeing a car driving away from me If you can only make it for one day then that's unlucky as the entry price is for the full weekend. If they did day passes then that would possibly make it a more attractive proposition for you, but as far as I know they don't - so it's 'crap value for money' only due to your personal circumstances . So you did not see any of the handling track at TOTB then, you must have had your eyes shut i happen to like watching cars do what they are built for, that's why i also go to race tracks to watch them the Nippon challenge for example is £10 to get in and is much better than any static car show in a field! And yes you are right i guess due to my personal circumstances i can only go Sunday some people have to work 6 days a week ;) so go and enjoy your field watch your cars parked while people get drunk and throw up all around great value for money be the best £25 you spend I really can not be bothered to argue with people like you anymore, so i will say no more. Sorry jappy for thread hi-jacking
  22. Yet you like to attend Ten of the Best - costs that much for a burger there ( and that's only a day event, not a weekend - and it's rubbish ! ) 25 quid on the gate for a 3 day event doesn't seem bad value to me - you'd pay that in camp site fees alone if you went off in a tent somewhere. For your information i did not pay into TOTB work paid for it, and cars really move there though ;) and as you couldn't be bothered to read my post correctly i can only make it for one day ;) so £50 for one day seems crap value to me
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