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  1. £50 for me and mark and we can probably only make one day :shutit: i don't think we'll be coming either ;)
  2. Fizz it would be too easy mate ;) i saw a t sport rolla killed at the pod by a standard DC2 last year That's why i wanted one but preferred the style of the DC5
  3. As i already told you nice car :D welcome to our mini Honda club :P
  4. " YO " fizz Nice car for somebody good luck with the sale
  5. i bought a bottle of Beringer Zinfandel Rose its gone
  6. It seems we did not see the last of it yesterday :( i woke up today and was greeted by around 5 to 6 inchs of snow :o it started to thaw a little only to be topped up all day. roads were very quite on my way into work i guess most people decided to take a duvet day ;) it was very slippy out there, my other half Mark has had loads of fun drifting his post office bike he told me he had "good snow"
  7. we still have loads of snow here, the side roads are un gritted and no go areas :( and having just seen the weather forecast, they have given us a severe weather warning of snow starting early hours of tomorrow morning :shutit:
  8. kimi


    :D fancy seeing you here Luke yeah be good to see you at a meet I was planning to go to the Bubble meet this sunday then pop over to sjcc one, however i think the weather is going to put a stop to my plans :( See you in the summer B)
  9. My old yaris Tsport tires, covered 24,000 miles and they were still quite good and i had the compressor fitted so that put more ware on them especially the fronts. Tyre ware depends alot on driving style if you accelerate hard ,brake hard, corner hard the tire's wont last long ;)
  10. Welcome to TOC lucus i wonder where i know you from kimi -x-
  11. hi joe, i think the best thing you can do is test drive both cars yourself. i did when i came out of my yaris compressor. i did like the build quality of the celica and its looks it also handled ok, but on the celicas i drove i found the brakes poor compared to my yaris, i also felt they lacked power. Like i said test drive them both as dealers will be more than happy if they think they are going to sell a car, dont be scared to hit the lift. kimi -x-
  12. kimi


    :D see you soon then
  13. When you remove the battery from a petrol yaris it resets the ECU, so if the lights on it removes it. i'm guessing that it would be the same on the diesel. So when the AA guy changed your battery he would have been resetting your ECU, and by doing that he would have wiped out your error codes. When the dealer put your car onto their MUT it would not show any error codes, because of the battery change. How has the car been running since? have you had any problems?
  14. kimi


    hi :D you dont have to have a modified toyota ...in fact you dont have to have a toyota it does help if you have a car though :P Come along and say hello. The bubble is very a friendly car meet, alot of folk bring the kids and even the dog with them Take a look around the meets forum and you'll see other meets you can join in with too :meet:
  15. strange that maybe its because mine was a japanese built tsport. i had to have my screen replaced after a lorry threw a brick at it :censor: RAC windscreens asked for my Reg number and came the next day no problem,with the correct screen.
  16. If you look at the top right hand of the screen, you will see my controls click on it, look at bottom left you see options click purchase paid subscriptions. You can pay a one off fee to sell your car on the boards As for the yaris good choice of car, i had the Tsport for 5 years never had any problems with her :D
  17. welcome back i'm good :D what have you been upto while you've been away?
  18. You thinking of buying a nice set of these then Paul Was it the guys on this stand who you were talking to ? The exchange rate with the yen has affected the price of Rays at the moment :( But you get what you pay for, heavier copies are never the same ;)
  19. i went yesterday :) The show itself was good as usuall however i thought the live action area was the worse one ever alot of my pictures are the same as yours so heres a few different ones :D i'm in love This was in a mx5 very unusuall stretched limo
  20. i'll be there but with co-ordsport not TOC :D i'm not sure if TOC will attend its been a couple of years since TOC had a club stand there, so i guess not. However i may be proved wrong
  21. Happy Birthday John Hope you have had a relaxing day...put your feet up!! love Kim & Mark -x-
  22. kimi


    :D check out the dates for the Bubble meets first 3months dates are up in a sticky, maybe see you there
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