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  1. January 2009 January 11th 2009 Bubble Inn Meeting Stenson, Derby February February 8th 2009 Bubble Inn Meeting Stenson, Derby March March 8th 2009 Bubble Inn Meeting Stenson, Derby April April 12th 2009 Bubble Inn Meeting Stenson, Derby May May 10th 2009 Bubble Inn Meeting Stenson, Derby THE BUBBLES BACK NEW BUBBLE DETAILS HERE :D Here are the 3 meet dates we have left this year :D October 18th November 15th December 20th
  2. sorry i did not mean to insult you reading what i wrote back to myself today ...i realise it sounded a little wrong :o i meant to say that we gets loads of different cars, small,large,diesel,petrol,na,turbo,compressors..lots of stuff :D It would be great to see more TOC members there Anyway get yourself along to a bubble meet and i'll buy you a drink look forward to meeting you in 2009 :meet:
  3. :D hi mate, The bubble is not just for modded fast cars, anything jap is welcome. as soon as Dave puts the dates up for 2009 i will post them on here Come along and say hello ....we dont bite ....much the pub does great food inc a carvery, and the people are friendly.
  4. Got to be a traditional christmas meal for me :D as much as i like curry it just would not be christmas. i have been to my works christmas party today we had chinese the food was good, but it did not feel christmasy. I guess i like the turkey dinner because during the year we dont have sunday lunch so having a proper meal on christmas day is different for us .
  5. From my years of working within the motortrade, i'd say that the front bumper has been sprayed before. most likely had the usuall stone chips blown over. i agree with the others you'll sell it easier if you get it painted. And i'm nosey what you replacing it with
  6. you know me too well been away for a week :D I still have the springs if you need them, or if anyone else needs them.
  7. i love my ghd's they are as good as they say
  8. yep me too has to be the Zonda for me The veyron is pig ugly :shutit:
  9. Rays - quality lightweight & very strong :D not cheap to buy, But you get what you pay for ;)
  10. yes i would choose a new headunit that had the display to match my dashlights. i am the opposite to jappy, i like red i changed the display on my headunit to red to match the dash :D But as been said its personal choice.
  11. errh sorry mate but i agree with most of the others please dont waste your money on the tango'd yaris :shutit: i think i had the displeasure of seeing it in the metal at Trax 2007........ ...i have not long stopped laughing and now i've seen it again its started me again As for buying it and removing the kit to sell on, it would be worthless and you do not know how its been fitted either, for all you know it may have lots of drill holes in the bodywork underneath. Do yourself a favour and get a yaris to mod yourself, i agree with what cfc said when i see a modded yaris from here i do say that was so & so's old car. Buy a Tsport if you can afford to buy & insure it ( not sure if you're looking at 1.0l because of your age ) i loved my old Tsport .
  12. welcome to TOC Phil If your looking at the older Tsports, yes you can Supercharge them i had mine done however if your looking at the newer SR, i'm not sure if its possible to fit a compressor, but someone is Turbo-ing one. At the end of the day though anythings possible if you spend enough money ;)
  13. welcome to the club please be aware we do not condone speeding on public roads ;) Now thats over :D Although your speedo was telling you 120 you will find that it is incorrect, most speedos are 5-10% out. Its difficult to change top end speed without upping the rev limiter or changing gearboxs, it would be easier to change 0-60 times, that can be done with exhausts/chips/turbos & compressors. All depends how much money you have to spend on your car too.
  14. I had both on my old Yaris Tsport ( not at the same time though ) started off with TTE lowering springs they were fine, handling was better & ride was not too harsh. I then decided to go for coilovers, i got Teins, they were fine. but to be honest if i was to do it all again i would have stayed with my springs, the handling & ride was not much different between them and it would have saved me £300. If you want the best Coilovers get Cusco zeros, Cusco are an excellent choice also they will not rust either like the Teins did ;)
  15. Welcome to TOC do not forget to get some pictures up on here when you get your Yaris We like to see car pictures :D
  16. No never think of pedestrian safetly ( if someone stepped out in front of me & i hit them..i would also get out and give them a kick for denting my car :P ) To be honest i do not take much notice of the N cap results anyway, i look at style and performance when buying a car.
  17. Give Sky insurance a ring, you will find their details in our sponsers section. SKY INSURANCE I have both my grey imports insured with Sky
  18. shows how much notice you take of me but now you know......you better watch out
  19. tbh i dont think it was very good tonight ;)
  20. Agree with the above but still nicked this from pistonheads as i think its funny
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