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  1. Well done Lewis with a little help from Toyota
  2. These are not that new folks, i know someone who has had a set on his evo since end of last year, they were a little pricey though cost back in nov 07 £5180 without tires
  3. Nice one John where did you buy them from
  4. Has to be corrie.... i miss Liam already
  5. The guys there had one lined up for me, but when my buyer dropped out the day before he was collecting the yaris someone else bet me to it could not be helped, thats life. I found mine private in Oxford, it didnot come through Torque, it originally came from 200bhp cars, they are a very reputable Teg importer.
  6. More pictures from the meet, shamelessly stolen from Daves website LINK TO DAVES PICTURES click on past meeting at the top, then on this months picture a red tommi mak :D
  7. Good luck with the sale John, great price too when he said nice wheels i thought you had updated your website
  8. PLG = private light goods if the importer registered as PLG there are 0 emissons so the old tax band applies, it goes on engine size. Yes there are a few sub 10k s15s around but be careful, as they are not very good buys, on the s15 like most imports you get what you pay for ;) there are not many s15s left in Japan that have not been drifted or thrashed good ones you still have to pay for. As for the fuel issue as with most cars depends how you drive it, if you drive in boost it drinks it or in Vtec [as in the Teg] it drinks it but if you buy cars like that you dont buy them to get good fuel econemy Seems perfectly normal to me :P and your local to Torque too so even better, go see Tristian for a test drive You were very helpful with your advise mate i'm loving the VTEC ......oh and MOO
  9. It stayed dry all day, but it went very cold :o , next months meet will have to be in coats winter is on its way unfortunatly :(
  10. well it was dry so decided to go along, for October it was quite busy heres a few pictures.
  11. Hello :D when your campers up and running i have an idea you come and tour the midlands and i'll come look after your house...i love Cornwall B)
  12. Thanks mate i'm loving the V-tec Tax is not as scary as you'd think, the s15 is £185 as it was taxed as PLG. DC5s can vary between £185 to £400 next year, depends how they were ESVA'd, mine falls into the £210 so not too bad It only cost an extra £50 to insurance over the Yaris too :D
  13. It is not over the top for a Yaris...if it was not done people would be on here complaining about wheel wobble on a yaris ;) and remember a wobble will be placing strain on other moving parts of the car too.
  14. It is Mat should know as Chris fitted his charger ;)
  15. try Sky got both my imports with them They have recently joined us on here too, so check the sponsors corner out
  16. :o just checked back..i was a supervisor valeter back then driving the evos round now i'm in an office selling parts to tune them up much prefer my present job
  17. a friend of mine has recently got himself a ignis, as said its simular to the yaris, however the interior and build quality is not half as good as the yaris. but it was cheap ;) good luck finding a tsport keep an eye on pistonheads as thats where i sold mine, its a good place to look
  18. davys the main man here i agree that balancing would be where i would be looking too. A few years ago i was having trouble too, got my wheels balanced at two different places, both times i still had the problem it was 3rd time lucky at a different place that sorted it. Take it somewhere else, get them to test them before removing the weights, see what someone elses machine reads. hope you get it sorted as i understand how anoying a wheel wobble can be. I have recently had new tires on my Teg, went to Cornwall had a bad wheel wobble, took it somewhere else when i got back, they rebalanced it and its fine now
  19. sorry to hear about both of your yaris's having problems :( i hope you hassle your dealers and get things sorted i never had the rust problem on my old tsport [2003 phase 2 ] but i did have the alloys replaced due to the paint bubbling.
  20. its nice reminds me of a baby Auris
  21. Thanks Jerry Its about time someone else posted about their new car ;) msn later? kimi -x-
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