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  1. It is not recommended to use the hammer and chisel approach as there is a risk of deforming the neck of the tank. If this occurs you may not get the captive ring back in place. There is a special tool for the job. I was able to buy one for a fiver or thereabouts.
  2. Most pins are too thick for most washer jets - try puling a hair from a wire brush - much finer and flexible enough to enter the jet and bend inside. Ideallty you need to use a pair of pliers to remove the bristle and hold the wire during probing.
  3. I can understand how anxious people can become when faced with such a situation. Primarliy what originally began as a consumer issue has now become a criminal matter. Let the police deal with the potential criminal aspect but for piece of mind and re-assurance it would do no harm to seek advice from a consumer advice specialist. That way you are dealing with both aspects. In the meantime it would be avisable to make no further public comment until the matter is resolved - if only to allow the legal aspect to proceed umimpeded. Implied threats or counter threats by you or anyone else is the last thing you should resort to. The last thing you want involved in is a slanging match. Proceed quietly and hold your confidence and all will be well in the end.
  4. If whoever is going to service the air-con needs to ask how many ports the refrigerent system has - then that would say a lot about their capabilty to do the job correctly. Any decent outlet offering such a service should have access to all the technical information relating to your particular car. Personally if I was asked such a question I would vote with my feet before I even let them anywhere near my car.
  5. If the buyer could prove you were aware of the problem prior to the sale then there may be grounds for a kick-back. If you were totally unaware of any problems or they can't prove otherwise then the buyer has to accept respopnsibility. Sadly many people seem to take the view that if a car has a fresh MOT certificate it means the car must be in good condition. An MOT certificate means the car only complied with a given criteria when it was examined. I would advise both buyers and sellers NOT to judge reliabilty based on an MOT cert., Personally I have seen numerous cars pass MOT but I wouldn't set foot in them never mind buy them.
  6. In the past most top managers in the car manufacturing companies came form an engineering background - nowadays most are bean counters - hence the decrease in reliabilty. Even Honda have suffered as a result.
  7. One of the golden rules when buying a car from anyone. During negiotiations never disclose how you are going to finance the purchase - lets be honest are they going to disclose their likely profit margin. Insist on the bare bones deal - any extras (if you want or need them) such as HP, PCP, extra warranty, etc can be nogotiated thereafter. Many sales people will then try to add a sweetener or two to close the deal. Never forget - they may have what you want or would like but you have what they need. Keep that idea in your forethoughts at all times and also remember you can always vote with your feet and wallet.
  8. Just because a car has 6 gears doesn't necessarily mean its top gear has a higher ratio than a 5-speed box. Plus higher ratio doen't always equate to better fuel consumption - the engine may have to work harder to overcome the higher resistance.
  9. Many people tend to forget the second and just as important aspect of engine oil and that is too dispate heat from the engines internals. Poor quality or dirty oil (read contaminated) will not absorb heat efficiently. A poorly cooled engine will suffer wear and tear much faster then one that is effciiently cooled. The secret is too use the best quality (not always the dearest) oil suited to your engine and change it and the filter before its due service date. And just because an oil looks clean doesn't mean it isn't contaminated with combustion by-products, acids, etc.
  10. If you rely on the car and need it to be reliable fitting recon units would be the safest option. Check if there any fuel injection service specialists in your area - they may be able to do the job whilst you wait. Plus if the engine is running poorly you will be getting poor mpg. There is no guarantee an fuel additive will cure your problem.
  11. A tuning box doesn't make any changes to the ECU it just messes around with the signals from a few of the engine sensors amking the ECU respond differently.
  12. The lack of ESP wasn't the only reason - it was also the lack of side impact air-bags. Obviously survivabilty being the higher criteria.
  13. Most if not all retaing clips are made for spring steel which deteriorates when heated so regardless of the apparent the condition of the existing clips they will have lost a some of their elasticity. Now we all know brake pads, etc get hot when in use. Plus why scrimp on a few quid when it comes to the most important safety aspect of your car.
  14. Yes people should get hung up about safety standards when it comes to making their choice it's an integral part of the cars performance more important than fuel efficiency or how environmental friendly it is. Caring parents most definitely will look at this apsect if the car is to be used for transporting their children. This aspect concerns survivability and reduced injuries - surely this apsect just can't be ignored. I look at it his way would or should people pay for a brand new car with 10 year old safety standards.
  15. Whilst the original clips may appear shiney and new they will have lost quite a bit of their tension so be less effective than new ones.
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