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  1. Yes the whole unit, be nice to update the lights.
  2. Hey all, I've got a mk2 Auris 1.6. I'd like to fit the later models LED rear lights to update the rear looks. Has anyone done this or know if its plug and play or not compatible at all. Thanks in advance 🙂
  3. Did you go for coilovers or lowering springs? Toyota TTE lowering springs are Eibach I believe.
  4. Firstly, is your car wheels 4stud or 5stud?
  5. jeffrosie

    Carina E

    Been ages sine I been on here. Had loads of fun times embarassing and shocking more expensive cars. Just had an MOT and flew straight through with only advissory - rear pads!! easy fix :) But time has also come for a new project, so the carina has to go :( Will have to put up for sale soon.
  6. So long as its the same revision as your car, engine from Celica is best as everything will be in the same place - alternator and power steering.
  7. Looks like very few people actually modify Carina's. Don't know if the std celica rear ARB is any thicker than a Carina one. I've got lowering springs on Celica Gas shocks which are better than the oil shocks fittes to Carina's. Body roll is almost non existant. Not fitted any strut braces as copuld not find any. If you really want them, you will probably have to go custom. And where abouts in Surrey are you?
  8. jeffrosie

    Carina E

    Long time since I been on here, just too much happening around me at the moment. But need to sell the Carina. Should be 180+bhp and loads of torque. Tallphotography, easier to replace the washers - same as celicas Casper138, dont know about eyebrows - look on ebay Harichs Gaahl Kriegdeblitz, most things from Celica will fit Carina. Not had it on track, but an uncle I know has lots of open roads, where I let her loose a bit ages ago - within speed limits ;) . All I did for suspension is lowered by about 35mm Carina E specific springs and Celica gas shocks, not forgeting Celica brakes all around. Handleing I think is brilliant for so little done, slight over steer with minimum body roll and confident at speeds approching 3 figures. Did 137 on the GPS and still climbing. As for what parts can be transplanted, well most of mechenical as Carina is based on Celica floor pan.
  9. Advice needed. Gearbox on a friends Paseo jumps out of 5th - known problem. Is there another box I can use, maybe from a Starlet/Glanza as they are stronger?
  10. jeffrosie

    Carina E

    May soon be up for sale. Too many cars in household and costs are mounting :(
  11. I'm sure it will be ok to turbo your 4AGE. Many peole on 6G Celica forum in America turbo the 7AFE (1.8) which is a derative of the 4AFE (1.6) with no problems to pistons, crankshaft or bearings. You will probably have to keep boost to about 10 psi due to your engines std higher compression ratio. You may need to have a exhaust manifold made for your engine as I dont know if one is available for it. As for turbo, you will have to see what most other 1.6 turbo engines use from factory and use similar turbo. Done properly, you should easily see 200+hp on 10psi
  12. jeffrosie

    Carina E

    Gettin the windows tinted Been running 0.8 bar boost for a while now and all is good. Oil temp is around 75deg C - about same as water Oil pressure is 6 bar when cold idle and hot max 5 bar, min hot is just over 1 bar. Engine is nice and healthy :) Exhaust sounds good on boost and cosworth dump valve is happy in the Carina. Happy to help if anybody else wants to go this route with a 3SFE
  13. jeffrosie

    Carina E

    lol crazy - looks like he's trying to kill that Carina.