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  1. Was an amazing weekend, thanks for aranging it all stu, im starting to save for next one so put me down on the list for next year
  2. I have just had mine fixed after going slightly too fast over a hump back bridge (cant say how fast, dont know whos looking haha). Had my badges painted white aswel looks good
  3. I came off a round about last night in 3rd, put my foot down, got to about 5000 rpm and then sraight to the red line. Thought that my clutch had fell apart so stopped and tryed all other gears, all were there apart from 3rd and a nasty noise that sounded familiar from last time. Took my gear box out after work today. Going to strip it tomorow to see the damage, will probs have some picks for you all, hope there not as spectacular as last time haha. The good news is it only takes me an hour to get my gearbox out now haha
  4. do you know the part number of the tte short shift? Im planning on getting one this week.
  5. bamber

    Tte Bumper Fog

    I dont know, probably a stone or something, i dont know if the dealer will do them il ask tomorow.
  6. My drivers side fog lamp on my tte bumper has smashed, does anyone have one to sell me? need one b4 the jae show
  7. Im goin with JDM northwest as long as they get enough people
  8. My bucket was vandalised my two people, wont name names, they know who they are haha
  9. I will be there, it was ace last year, im guna have to get a metal bucket for this one haha
  10. I have 8k's and mine are ok, never get flashed because there too bright. The beam pattern is incorect though so it wont pass an mot.
  11. sorry bout ya bumper dude hope you sort it out soon. ill be at mascrat with a yaris tsport and 3 glanzas from around chester area.
  12. It is klubersynth GH6-80 of Kluber lubrications, when you top it up spin the charger n check it again, keep doing it until the level stays at max
  13. if they are standard toyota brakes thats why they are squeeling, they always do. get yourself some upgraded brakes and you will be ok. get your wheel arch liner fitted properly, i lost mine at 90mph haha, and there about £75 from toyota.
  14. Why dont we just go? id like to see them try and kick 200 cars off the carpark haha
  15. Ye that sounds good, ye you can have a look, cant see much but il tell you were it goes, bit of a squeeze.
  16. the correct size is 215/45/17 but i have 215/40/17 prada spec2 on mine they grip well. Pressure should be 32psi.
  17. I dont mind dude, how long did it take us to get from mascrat to trafford last time?
  18. Put a new cold air feed in cos the standard one you have there comes from between the headlight and battery (its realy a warm air feed). if you take that one out you can fit a pipe under the headlight and into the bumper
  19. I will meet you all at mascrat too, we need to get to trafford early cos i think there may be a parking problem thistime haha
  20. It is easy too check, there is a level plug half way up the box, take it out using a 24mm spanner ind if it drips out its ok, if not stick your finger in and if the oil is on your finger it is ok. if not needs topping up On toyota service sheets it says check the oil every 40k
  21. just gets checked every 40k not changed
  22. i wish i had your gearbox problem lol
  23. same hapenedto mine so i got one custom made by blue flame, it was £500 for the catback and he said something about a discount if i get anyone else to go n he can copy mine. it added alot of power aswell took it from 202 to 226 bhp only have a pik of tailpipes sorry
  24. bamber

    Broken Gearbox

    Got some good news and some bad news, good news is i have ordered all the parts, they come on wednesday, bad news is its costing me £800 (so try not to blow your gearbox up). was thinking of getting a second hand box but there is always a chance that it will do the same thing in in the future. Thought it would be better to get all new parts so i know its right. Im getting a new output shaft because the gear is built onto it (the only one that is), a new ring gear, all new bearings because the oil full of metal fragments so it wont be long untill they get noisy. also getting a new 3rd gear syncro and selector sleve because thats a bit of funky sometimes. Should hopefully be back in this weekend, i have already stripped one of the shafts and im going to be going to work early everyday this week to get it done. Im just glad i can do it myself, id hate to think how much it would be if i wasnt in the trade
  25. bamber

    Broken Gearbox

    not to bad to strip, you have to take off the 6th gear asembely befor you can get into the main casing. there was no sign of it going, didnt even notice the point it happened, just herd a noise. there is a bit of damage to the casing but nothing that a bit of rubbing down wont sort.