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  1. Looking at new car, currently have 2009 2.2 Diesel Avensis Estate T Spirit, Looking at a new Business Edition + Sports Touring 1.8 CVT. Has anyone got one, does it feel gutless when loaded and what fuel economy are you getting? My journey 4 days out of 5 is a 3 mile journey to the train station then the other day is a 150 mile motorway journey hence the choice of petrol. Welcome any feedback.
  2. Hi, After a bit of advise. The car was hesitating this morning over 2000 rpm so I am going to clean the EGR valve as the 1st step. Would you usually replace the gaskets? or re use existing gaskets? Thanks
  3. Not got touch and Go its the previous version of Sat Nav etc.
  4. Hi, I have just purchased a 2009 Avensis T Spirit Tourer. I have a question about the central locking. When I drive off the car locks itself. When I stop and get out, only the drivers door unlocks. Can I change the setup so that all of the doors unlock when I stop and get out. The car has keyless entry if that helps. Many thanks for any responses.
  5. Hi, I am thinking about adding to the fleet with a T-Sport, but the question is what extra do i get for spending a bit more and going for a 204 facelift? Many thanks in advance...
  6. I have just fitted an genuine Toyota i-pod connector as purchased on here. It plays fine and the steering wheel controls work OK but it doesn't display the song title/artist. Is this right? when i had an Avensis it used to display the song details. I have the OE full map sat nav for info. Many thanks Simon
  7. Does the full map integrated sat nav include bluetooth phone?
  8. Ok thanks for the replies so far. Is there any opinion as which is the better one to have? Looking at autotrader etc they can be had for similar money/mileage etc.
  9. I am possibly looking at buying another car to replace company that is going back. Can somone explain the difference between T180 and SR180. Many thanks
  10. If it is any help i have just paid £8700 for a 2006 XT5 petrol with 66000 miles, it has style pack and protection pack. this was from a trader .
  11. Well I collected our new RAV4 last night the blue petrol as described above, i had forgotten how ell they drove. Very pleased with it.
  12. Sounds good Was this the one 40 miles away then? much different to the lower mileage ref driving? Yes this was 40 miles away, in Central London. Seemed to drive very well, no squeaks or rattles. no real difference in driving the 2
  13. Weel the deal is done we are the owners of a 2006 RAV 4 XT5 Petrol Manual in Dark Blue with Style & Protections packs. Just got to sort out cherished transfer and hopefully we will pick it up in 10 days or so. its done 66,000 miles with full Toyota service history, it drove well looked tidy so we went for it.
  14. Ok so petrol it is, i have just seen a 24000 mile XT5 which is clean and tidy with full history, another option is a 66000 mile XT5 same age with style pack and reversing sensors but is £2000 less? decisions the cheaper car is 40 miles away whereas the 24000 mile car is 2 miles away???
  15. Looking at buying a 2006 XT5 Rav4 for my wife, she only does about 6000 miles per year mostly short journeys. i am thinking of going Petrol rather than Diesel as the fuel costs will be about the same. I am going to look at a 2006 XT5 Petrol manual with 23000 miles and FTSH later. is there anything specific i should be looking for? or should i go for a higher mileage diesel for similar money? Thanks for any suggestions
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