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  1. I'm running a 32gb USB stick in my Auris and don't have any trouble at all. Mine is formatted as FAT32 but I do have my files in folders by artist
  2. I looked into this last year for my 13plate Auris 1.6. I ended up finding a kit in the USA, I can't find it in my history but it was around $3500 & came with clutch, turbo,intercooler, pipework and another ECU. The kit gave approx 50ftlb tourque & 50bhp. I've always been into modifying cars, not just for extra power but because I can and I enjoy it. My circumstances have changed so I won't be persuing this any further but I would have loved to have done it, the extra tourque would have made this car a little more entertaining
  3. I've been running the Osram Cool Blue Intense bulbs in my '13 plate Auris. I generally get around 10 months to a pair of bulbs, 18k per year driving. I can't help but think it is either something to do with the HIR2 bulb design or down to the car but every car I've ever owned I've run Osram Cool Blue bulbs and once fitted they've lasted the length of car ownership.
  4. I can't see anything written down in my service plan or on the Toyota website but I'm sure I heard any parts needed outside of a service plan would get 10% discount on, which is another benefit of a Service Plan. I've done my own car maintenance since 1995 when I passed my driving test, now I'm happy to pay someone the change the oil/filters/brakes etc instead of me doing it in the rain/snow/wind etc so I can enjoy more time doing what I would like to do. Each to their own but I'm 100% happy with the Toyota Service Plan I have. In my eyes it is very good value for money, my dealer is very willing to accommodate a courtesy car with my strange working hours, pricing for parts and labor is competitive & I have trust in them, they have never tried to sell me something that wasn't needed. I bought my car from this dealer at 3 years old, it has never been anywhere else for servicing so when it had a whine and the clutch pedal sticking to the floor at 4yr/50wk old they took the car straight in and a new clutch kit/thrust release bearing fitted under warranty. I also think having a good relationship with the garage helps. It's not to say that you wouldn't get the same service from an independent garage but we all have our own idea's & values for 'good value'
  5. I took my service plan out in 2017, I guess it all depends on how good the service department is, the guys in Wakefield sat with me and discussed all available options which allowed us to tailor the plan to be what I wanted it to be. I drive around 18,000 per year in my Auris. Spark Plugs/Engine & Gearbox oils/MOT's/Aircon service/fuel treatment/engine coolant/air & pollen filters are all included in my plan & I have a very healthy saving over the duration of the plan. I personally think its very good value for money & I would take out another plan.
  6. I bought my 2013 1.6 auris tourer @ 2 1/2 yr old & 26k miles on it. I've had it for 2 1/2 years & now have 61k miles on it. I don't regret buying it, its a great family car & commuter. I live on the edge of the Peak District and it gets run up/down lots of hills/country roads/A & B roads, motorways & city driving, its gets very varied use. Overall average mpg since I bought it is 42mpg, this includes traveling with a full size roof box, bikes & I'm chuffed to bits with the economy. I'm not worried by mileage, infact I intend to see how many miles I can get out of it before its ready for scrapping.
  7. Quick Update. The dealer I bought the car from has inspected the car and confirmed it is the release bearing causing the problems. It also turns out I have a 5yr warranty (not the 3 years I was told when I bought the car 2yrs ago) and the car isn't 5yr old until August. Another thing to note is, there is a knowledge article for the release bearing fitted to my car advising of these issues and the replacement has been covered under warranty. To say I am over the moon is an understatement. The dealer has been fantastic and the whole process took 2 days from me dropping the car off with them. My wife & I have owned Toyota's for around 8-10 years and have never had a fault of any kind, we are amazed at the reliability of their cars and even more amazed by the support & friendly atmosphere given by the dealer who we return to year after year for services & MOT's, they are not our closest dealer but we still maintain they are the best dealer out there.
  8. Not much to report really, apart from the clutch pedal dropping to the floor (without pressing it) while driving along the motorway and not allowing me press the clutch to release the gear :( & then the next day when changing up from 5th to 6th the pedal stuck to the floor and wouldn't release. My car is now at the dealer for further inspection, we still believe it to be related to the release bearing, time will tell when they get the gearbox off and start to have a good poke around.
  9. I bought the car at 3yr old, 26k, lady owner who lived locally, lots of marks in the rear seats so most likely kids too so guessing it was a lot of shortish journeys. I commute 30miles each way to work, B-roads, A-roads, Motorway, City then City, Motorway, A-Roads, B-roads. I generally spend 3hours per day to complete my round trip commute so there is quite a bit of stop/start in traffic (and quite often accidents on the motorway causing long delays). The car is always in neutral when not moving with me, the hand brake was designed to hold the car still on a slope/hill, not the clutch. I'm an old school driver. I suppose my main concern is not being able to see anyone else saying they've had this as a fault. This is making me think this is a one off/unusual fault and not to be concerned about getting it all replaced and keeping the car for the long term & knowing it is unlikely to happen again in my ownership. The quotes I've been getting seem fair and around what I expected. These things happen. Is it ironic that I purposely bought a petrol to try and keep away from any clutch/DMF problems?
  10. Hi all, I've had my Auris for the last 2 years and covered 32,000miles (58k total now). For the last couple of months, I've been noticing the clutch pedal feeling heavier/sticky/juddery. This week its started howling when the clutch is engaged and going silent when the clutch is pressed. I'm sure its the release bearing and so is the mechanic but he is said this sounds odd as this will be the 1st one he has seen. I've done lots of reading and confident we have identified the fault & these things can happen. What concerns me is the relatively low mileage this has happened at. I intended to keep the car for at least another 3 years. Has anyone else with the 1.6 mk2 had this problem? I know the 1.6 petrol is quite a rare engine to have, perhaps this is why there is little documented about it & why the Toyota dealer hasn't seen this before. Thanks Matthew
  11. I have a 1.6 Auris Tourer. I test drove the 1.3 hatch for a couple of days and found the type of driving I do the 1.6 felt to be the stronger all round performer for me. I commute 60miles per day A/B roads/Motorway & City stop/start each and every commute, not forgetting the Peak District Hills. It is also used as a family car and often has 2 adults/2 children (aged 10+) & a dog in it, sometimes Roofbox & camping equipment too. In the 28K I've driven in it, I have a 40mpg average & don't regret buying it.
  12. I can't comment on the 1.2 turbo as I never looked or test drove one, I have the 1.6 icon petrol tourer (2013). I do around 18-20k per year & find it comfortable & as economical as I need (since buying it I have an overall average of 40.2mpg). I will admit to missing the grunt low down (I'm used to High powered turbo cars) but when you take it above 4k rpm it brings a smile to your face. It isn't the quickest car out there & I find it reminds me of my 1st car, lacking in power but handles very well, it helps you read the road further ahead. It is mainly used by me commuting the 60mile round trip from the Peak District into Leeds (mixture of A/B roads/Motorway & start/stop city driving). Outside of the commute it is our main family car (x2 adults/2 children 10/12yr old & dog). Lots of shortish journeys/hills/holidays to Devon with a roofbox/bikes on the roof etc. I think they are a cracking car for the money. Since my ownership over the last 18months, I've had to replace the rear wiper blade/headlight bulbs (1 failed so kept the other as a spare), otherwise it's just had routine servicing. Oh, I did buy some 17" wheels to use as my summer wheels & have fitted some winter tyres to my original 16" wheels.
  13. Overdue update. After a little looking around for the best deal I ended up buying an Exide EA755 from EuroCarParts with my Briskoda discount getting me the battery for approx £60 and delivered to my door :) Out with the old and in with the new The old battery looks quite small in comparison but has done a sterling job over the last 8years New battery a little snug but really simple to fit Thanks for the help guys ps. The car started with no problems after not being started for a couple of months
  14. Fantastic. Thanks for the help. I'll have a shop around for a battery for a Diesel :) . Should be a nice xmas present for SWMBO .
  15. I'm looking to change the battery in SWMBO's 4.2 2lvvti. As her work circumstances changed in August she has gone from using her car daily to once every 2-3 weeks for upto 15miles. Due to this the original battery has now reached a point where it doesn't hold or charge up, only to be expected as this is the original battery that came with the car in 2005 :) I'm thinking of fitting a more heavy duty battery and wondered if the battery tray in the 2l diesel is the same as the 2l petrol, if so I'll start looking at suitable batteries for the diesel :) Matthew