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  1. Thanks guys yeah i would have liked to have thought it was the flywheel and the clutch was fine. Took to my local Toyota today and their trd guy basically said because it the one made for circuit racing its not suppose to last very long and for it to wear out in this much time is normal so nothing wrong with my driving yay!! :) They said it would be better to go back to a stock one which last much longer because its heavier and everyhting but apparently if i still want to go the trd route then the sports facing clutch (the other one of the two trd sell)would be more appropriate because its half half for racing and normal street use. Thanks for the replies guys
  2. hey guys, just wanted to get a little advice. i have a corolla t spirit and replaced the clutch last year after the factory clutch started slipping probably my driving style thats bad, anyway replaced with a trd metal facing clutch and a fidanza flywheel which i imagine for a little not so powerful corolla like mine should survive quite a while but recently its started to slip again not as severely as before. any ideas what it could be? i wouldn't have thought the clutch itself would have worn out so soon. cheers for any help guys.
  3. Hi guys, have had my toyota for about 4 years now but have started shoving some trd parts in so thought i should join on here. Its a corolla t spirit never intended to tune it just the small family run around next to my other car which has no engine, and now find my corolla has a trd metal facing clutch, trd clutch cover, fidanza flywheel and all around trd red brake pads on the way. hope that'll help to fit in here cheers
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