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  1. Simon I've just had my front and rear shocks and springs changed on my 99 Toyota Camry V6 Sport, I got them from, I've had them fitted in by my local garage and I've had no issues since.. Ty
  2. Hi My Camry eats up front brake pads at an an alarming rate don't know why .. I've recentally had new discs, pads etc done and sprayed a heat repellent red paint this sort of helps in the long run they don't rust up on the edges at all .. so thats something to consider. Also a front strut bar since I've had it installed, my car feels alot better on sharper corners and coutry roads.. question .. how did you manage to bring out such a shine in such a old car, looking at the pictures the car looks absolutley amazing.. you can't it 10 years old.. How would you change diff and gear box oil ? All Camry's rattle they feel like they going to fall apart, every pot hole is a nightmare, but thats how the camry is .. its always been designed for long straight smooth roads where ride comfort is at its peek. Take an camry to a long smooth road and you'll be amazed at how quite it is.. even if it rattles on normal pot hole roads.
  3. Hi Mine is also a 99 V6, made in Japan in Feburary 99 shipped to the UK in March 99 ... all sport versions come lowered I think they were 40mm lowered.. Ty