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  1. Hi, thanks for the replies :) perhaps I'm a lazy driver then hehe. I agree with Red Yaris 54, especially people with physical disabilities, an auto gear box is a real life saver. I actually passed in a manual, but a break over 3/4 years and needing to get behind the wheel quickly has made me choose the MMT gearbox, and I've never looked back since!
  2. Hiya, I haven't had my Yaris for long, it's a 2010 MMT model. I've noticed that when I'm stationary at the traffic lights for a long time my car will start beeping at me, then stick itself into neutral. Usually I sit in E/Drive at the lights as I know most of them will change soon. I drove in the same style with the Aygo, and it never stuck itself into neutral however long it was sitting stationary. It's not a massive issue, but I was curious, so wondered if it has happened to anyone else here? I'll have a skim through the manual later though. Is this normal and just a feature of the Yaris? Thanks
  3. Hi, you can get one of those FM transmitters for the iPod and listen to it through the radio, the Griffin iTrip is a good one I hear, or if you have a cassette player, get a cassette tape adaptor
  4. Hey all, thanks for the replies! I figured it out this morning, had to turn it anti clockwise half a quarter of a turn (if that makes sense lol) :)
  5. Hi all, I'v just picked up my new Yaris, which is super! However I still haven't figured out how to activate the steering wheel column lock. Does the Yaris have one? It's when you take the key out of the ignition lock and you lock the steering wheel by moving it left or right. I previously had an Aygo (I was slightly sad to see it go), and I only had to turn it slightly left or right to activate it, but in the Yaris it doesn't seem to lock into position when I shift it left or right slightly in the same manner. Is there a trick to this, am I perhaps not turning the steering wheel enough? I didn't want to try turning it too much as it doesn't feel very nice! lol Thanks!
  6. Ha ha! Sorry, had to laugh at that one! A rubber ice scraper? How does that work then? Is it the same as a ruber truncheon? Pmsl Lol, it's one of those cheap Halfords one, for some reason rubber was the first thing I thought of :P its more like erm.. hard plastic similiar to a squeegee.. hard to explain, but it's definately not a pick axe ;) hehe
  7. Actually funny this topic was brought up, because when I had my Aygo I also ended up with a lot of scratches on my rear and front windows, and I only used a rubber ice scraper!
  8. Have you tried looking at car quake and what car target prices? They should give you a good idea of what is supposed to be a good deal. Car quake will look at the cheapest deal near you so you could probably use that as a bargaining point. When I got my Aygo blue late 07 I remember the catalogue saying that the tailored carpet mats come as standard in the Blue grade not sure if it is anymore tho. Also might be worth asking how much they're charging petrol for. You might be better off getting petrol elsewhere. Hope that helps.
  9. Iv had my Aygo blue since late 2007 and haven't had any leaks yet (touch wood lol). Although if you do find leaks it will be covered by the warrenty. So no worries! :) hope you'll enjoy your new car.
  10. Thanks for those links alfiejts, I saw the first one on eBay but just wanted to make sure they will fit in the more recent models, I will be keeping my eye on it. I have a funny feeling the dealer won't throw them in for free as I managed to get such a cracking deal already on the car. I have asked them whether they would do it at trade price but they never got back to me. Still I may end up grabbing a bargain on eBay :)
  11. Hello all, I'm soon to receive a brand new Yaris, it will be the 2010 model hopefully, and I can't wait! :D Basically I have been quoted for a set of car mats for about £65 from a Toyota dealer, which is a a bit dear compared to the £30-£40 range in Halfords. I was wondering if there was anyone who might be able to suggest where I could get a set of mats which would be cheaper and just as tailored to fit in the new Yaris. I read somewhere in this forum, that the Yaris requires pegs/clips to hold the mats in place? Which I'm guessing the sets in Halfords might not provide. I'v been having a look on eBay and there are some unofficial sets avaliable for those labelled "06 onwards" would those be just as good? Correct me if I'm wrong, the set should comprise of 1x driver, 1x front passenger and 1x backseats (one big one)? Thanks!
  12. That is an excellent idea and such a cheap solution!!! Thanks for sharing, I just wish I thought of it earlier now, as Iv placed an order for a new yaris :D I'd hope that comes with a boot light lol.
  13. Wow I looked at the new prices yesterday after spotting this thread and I can't believe how much more the Aygo Blue MMT is nowadays. I had a peek in the show rooms and the new Aygo looks pretty much the same as my current version at first glance. Not sure it's worth paying near £9-10k for an Aygo Blue though. However if you're considering a new car I would very much suggest having a look at Car Quake and What Car suggested prices first though, you could save a fortune.
  14. Iv always had to defrost the inside of my car for as long as I remember! I found that spraying deicer and scraping the inside of the car makes more mess than its worth! lol. So I let the blowers at full blast do all the work :P which fortunately doesn't take too long. Although I'v always thought this was normal of Aygos? I'm not aware of any water leakage and I never have air recirculation on.
  15. I think my Aygo averages around 46mpg, that includes driving through town, the countryside and having the heater on most days! lol. It does better in the summer when I don't have the heating on ;)
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