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  1. hmm not sure quite just yet, I basically want to sort out all the little niggles and then start to add a few finishing touches. The bodykit won't be changed, I might remove the lower boot spoiler though, other then that I'm happy with it. Lowering in the near future and a few other bits. Kev
  2. Hi all. Well this is what I replaced the Corolla with, I picked the car up on Wednesday and drove it down from York to Leicester and wow what a journey that was! ;) Overall very pleased, however I need to sort a few things out.... Wheels needed balancing and the brakes are in shocking condition, the brakes will be done in the next few days, let's just say metal on metal isn't too much fun! Got the car from Distinctive Cars York and I can highly recommend them for Jap imports, Barrie and George have been great Basically my plans are to tidy everything up, sort out the few niggles and then possibly look at doing small bits here and there. enjoy Thanks Kev
  3. Well today I've got a new car :D Let's just say it's a jap import and turbo'd and I will have it next week... Thanks for all the help and advice and I'll shall reveal all next week :P Kev
  4. Ideally I'm looking for impreza sti 94 onwards or an Integra Type R again around the same year with a budget of 5k and a part ex on a ford escort. Kev
  5. Hi all. I have spoken to Rash about getting an Impreza and he's going to keep an eye out, in the meantime does anyone know or can recommend a good jap import garage? Searching through Google brings up so many websites of different companies with varying stock, it does make me feel quite nervous spending about 5k on a import and I seriously need to make the right choice as I'll only be in this position once to spend this kind of money on a car. Anyone know of http://www.japperformanceuk.co.uk I have phoned them up this morning enquiring about an impreza, but when questions are possed to such as previous owners, they didn't know, just said I would be the first registered owner in the uk etc etc. All looks and sounds soo good, but you only need slight ill feeling to put you off. Any advice gratefully appreicated Thanks Kev
  6. Well I'd love a impreza also, and that would be quicker and easier to source then the Integra. To a degree I can take my time and wait for what I want as long as the escort doesn't give me any more problems. So the dilema is to get an Impreza, relatively easy or wait and try and source the Integra. I can basically only do this once, so I want to make the right choice. I won't be in the same position for a long time to come with other financial commitments I have with running the house with my partner Sam. Kev
  7. Cheers... I'm 27 this year with 7 years no claims, so hopefully I should be reasonably ok with insurance. Kev
  8. hmm ok interesting... glad I posted this up then. Why are they that bad? I would ideally like a Integra type r dc2, but obviously I would consider various other japanese high performance cars. Budget is between 4-5k. List in order of preference: Honda Integra Type R Subaru Impreza Mazda RX7 Toyota MR2 Nissan Silva Toyota Glanza Almera GTI Mazda MX6 Audi a3 Hyundai Coupe Also can anyone recommend anyone to go through? I was thinking of speaking to Rash as well to see what he could do for me as I know he has been great to TOC members in sourcing what they want. thanks Kev
  9. linky Thinking of using them to get my next car. thanks Kev
  10. Well, I've had my first offer of a poxy 1.7k... so much for my modifications being covered like for like :ffs: I have supplied almost exactly 5.6k's worth of receipts and the book value on my corolla is 1k, so for my modifications they are offering me £700....it's a joke and I fully intend to fight it! I will also not be keeping the escort now and looking for another jap car shortly. Missed out on a very nice Integra Type R which I was gutted about and also considering an Impreza. My insurance payout doesn't affect me getting a new car, so in the meantime I can hopefully source the car I want and fight the insurance. I was at least looking for 2.5k, but I know exactly how insurance companies work and they will try and get away with paying out as little as possible. Let the fun begin! Kev
  11. Well today I travelled 180 miles round trip and about 4hrs driving to go upto Doncaster and remove a fair few bits from the car. Road Pilot laser diffussers Front and rear speakers genesis amp PIAA plasma bulbs and side lights ( now in the escort, they survived the crash) decals for keepsakes Momo gearknob and few other bits... now for the pics... Such a sad state seeing it like this, but it really did hold up well considering the impact was about 40-50mph and flipped upside down :S I'm soo lucky I got out alive let alone without a mark on me!!! Kev
  12. Well I have confirmation that the Corolla has been written off :( I went up to where it was being held on Thursday and was allowed access to see it, but not to remove anything from it......which has been bang out of order, but nothing I could about it. The car was removed and taken to Doncaster on Friday into free storage The car was a complete mess, every single panel gone, the roof caved in and the rear end was a mess too. I now have to go up to Doncaster where the car is being held while the insurance is being processed and only then can I get to my car to remove the bits I want back off it that aren't related to my insurance. Paperwork for the insurance claim has been submitted to Equity Red Star, now I just have to wait to see what comes back. Thanks Kev
  13. The car is being looked at tomorrow and the report should be available on Thursday. I'm kind of hoping it's a write off as I don't think I could drive it again knowing it's been involved in such a bad accident. I'll let you know when I find out anymore. Kev
  14. Thanks everyone. :) I'm already driving regularly again and back in work, although today was very difficult to focus and put it out of my mind whilst at work. Things are returning to normal very quickly! My Mum was going to part ex her 1999 1.8 Escort ghia x for a new car this year and has very kindly offered it me for free, now it's not my ideal choice as I would like to stay jap, however being offered a car for free with only 33k on the clock is too good to turn down. Any money that would come through would be spent on modifying the Escort to somewhere like I had the Corolla. I'm just taking it one step at time and very gratefull to be where I'm now regardless of what happens with the insurance payout and what car I get next. Kev
  15. LMAO Thanks for that, actually that's very amusing ;) My mods are declared like for like and my respray is included, who knows what will happen, my insurance is smack on correct and I even have a copy of my modified vehicle report. I was back behind the wheel today as I'm insured on my Mum's car, took my time and was very steady, so I'm pleased I drove again soo quick. I don't think I could drive the corolla again if it's repairable, but I'll see what the insurance company say, personally I think it's a write off with the amount of damage done. Kev
  16. One things for sure the corolla's good build quality saved my life. The driver and passenger area was almost perfect. Kev
  17. Last night I had the worst accident I have ever had in 7 years of driving. Coming back from a night out with friends in a pool team which I captain, the team won 7-0 and we were going back to our pub to celebrate from an away match. Following each other back, it was a fantastic night out lol! I approached an unfamiliar bend on a country road in damp/wet conditions, the back end kicked out, I briefly corrected it and the next thing I know I hit the verge of the road and being upside down, crawling out of the passenger seat unharmed which hasn't really sunk in yet. My friends stopped further down the road and came to see if I was ok. Apparently according to the police the bend is well known for drivers skidding off as there is an entrance to a farmers field which brings a lot crap onto the road, my speed was well under the limit and did have full control of the car, however once the car began to slide I couldn't prevent it from hitting the verge. How the car ended up upside down is just bizarre, it must have hit the verge and flipped it up and over. It's now in the hands of my insurers, I cannot gain access to the car as the police arranged pick up through a local company who have placed it in a police compound. A tad annoyed as we where not informed of this and cannot get access. It's not a police matter due to no other cars being involved which will speed up the process. The Police where great, didn't even give me any crap about speeding or asked if I'd been drinking (which I don't). The Officer was amazed how calm and collective I was and apart from letting us know we shall not be able to get access to car, they were on the scene in minutes and acted very professionally. The damage to the car from what I could see last night will make it a write off, substantial damage to the rear end of the car, skirts ripped off, windows smashed, passenger side wheel pushed in possible axle damage. Over all toyota's build quality did me well, the corolla is built like a tank and protected me, no air bag went off though, which surprised me. I'm a little shaky this morning, but doing ok and very lucky to get out alive. If I can get photo's of the car I will do. I have to wait until it's moved out of the police compound by my insurance company, then I maybe able to gain access to the car to see what's what. R.I.P my beloved corolla.
  18. Glad it all worked out ok :) Kev
  19. It's a cheap and very nasty resistor. Do not in any circumstances purchase anything evenly remotely similiar to what you have described, there are a fair few people selling them on the ebay and it's just simply a con. Kev
  20. Remove the dash surround by firstly removing 2 screws located just below the heater matrix. Remove the heater knobs, simply pull them off. If you can push in the air vents slightly and with a gentle pull the dash surround will come away. You need to remove 3 sockets for the clock, rear heater and hazard lights. I see you also have air con, so I that will have a connector that needs to be removed. I can't quite remember how the OEM stereo is removed, however is should become clear with the dash surround off. Fitting a new stereo can be a bit tricky depending on what brackets come with the new stereo. I have a pioneer deh- p9600r and I used the mounting bracket bolted either side of the headunit. If you need any further help, PM me. Kev
  21. It should do, depending on the bumper on your E10. If not it will be very close fit and should only require very little modification to the spoiler lip. Kev
  22. US ebay is your best chance or possibly some German sellers seem to list them a lot. ebay link ebay link my headlights ebay search I got some diamond look lights a while back from a UK seller, see my garage for pics. Be careful which ones you buy as some from the US may have different bulbs and wiring to them. Kev
  23. Nice 1 thanks for that :) Kev
  24. Hi All. I've just had my clutch replaced on my Corolla aswell as a service and I'm just wanting to check for piece of mind that the bill is about right for the amount of work / labor carried out. What would help is how long roughly does it take to replace a clutch on a 1997 e10 Toyota Corolla? I'm thinking about 3hrs ish? Can any confirm on average how long this takes? Thanks for any pointers. Kev
  25. I agree with Karma. Maybe we could come up with a common list of what we all agree are actually in fact modifications and then the stupid ones that seem to appear quite a lot that are not..... Some gives you the impression the car is modified quite a bit, but then look closer and it's almost standard in some cases. I know mine could do with serious overhaul, I've haven't changed anything for months. Kev ***runs off to check for bogus mods*** ;)
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