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  1. Hi, thanks very much for your time and information. I dont know fi its just a one off day going to the shops this morning but it seemed to drive more like it should and when slowing down from second to first. If it stays that way im just wondering if when they changed the plugs they might have done a ECU reset and it has taken some time running it before it has settled down or even like you say has not been used properly even before i bought it. I can put up with the possibility of a clutch problem because they have given me a 12 month warranty but there is nothing more irritating
  2. I think it would the second. According to the log book it was first registered on 31 / 03 /2014
  3. Hi, thanks for that. I've not tried anything on it right now because im seriously thinking of trying to claim a full refund before my 30 day period is up where it states on line if your dissatisfied or not happy for any reason your entitled to a full refund. Would that be correct? Just one more question for now. If i end up stuck with it do you know if the auto clutch kit is the same as the manual thanks?
  4. Checking the oil level in the gearbox might not be a bad idea Yes i was thinking of checking that thanks.
  5. Yes, i understand that but its like the engine is intermittently slightly speeding up from its idle and so you get a slight shunting forward before it comes to a halt. I've also learned that the idle speed should be 850 rpm but that might be on the older models mine is 1000 so perhaps a reset might help because you cant reset these later throttle bodies, can you?
  6. Hi, thanks for your reply. Its a 2014 but saying again though has there been any reports of the actuators causing a slight judder from take off like as though they might get sticky in their operation, because if not even though its only done 21,000 miles i will have to consider a slowly but surely failing clutch which we all know is a common fault with them. That maybe a good idea trying a reset ; is there any thing to be careful about doing it with the Aygo ?
  7. Hi, thanks for that, but what about the other part where i mention the strange clutch judder. and the car kind of feeling slightly disengaging before it comes to a halt. and so can the actuator if not an actual clutch fault cause both faults it its because of it possibly being lazy in its operation?
  8. HI, I've just bought a Aygo automatic with 21,000 miles on it. I took it back to the dealers last week trying to explain that it doesn't drive quite like i think it should. What do you mean? Trying to describe this is like some people who even own one would say. "Oh its just the one of the peculiarities of these autos. What, when your coasting down to a halt sign or traffic lights it kind of doesn't do it smooth like as though the actuator that does all the work for you changing the gears and the clutch that there might be a problem with the actuator intermittently making the clutch go i
  9. Hi, does any one know what yr they finally sorted the oil burning problem on the 1.8 petrol and the diesels which i believe also suffered this problem. Surely the later 20015 models were sorted?
  10. Just had a bad experience with spurious exhaust parts that strain to fit properly. I managed to find a proper brand new font down pipe for my 97 Carina e 1.8 then bought a cheap mid cat section to fit but ended up fitting an old original one that i bought along with a large bag of spares from some one who was scrapping their same motor. Does any one out there happen to have an original cat section that is in excellent condition or even say a Bossal like this which at least looks like the puka thing! Thanks. Cat exhaust.doc
  11. Hi, Your quote > i take the cylinder push rod can't be moved by using your hand, its so stiff. I presume it has got a clutch master cylinder and not one that is cable operated.? So do you mean trying to push the rod which is connected to the clutch pedal once assembled back in to position, trying to press it forward in to the master cylinder is very stiff because it will have some resistance as there is a spring behind the piston. Can you press it back with a screw driver ? But .... if there is no fluid behind the piston it shouldn't be that stiff at all ?
  12. There is a distributor cap and leads on e Bay now. You haven't stated which engine yours is but the link below is for the 1.8 engine. If its a 1.6 there is also one of those but with out any cap or leads ... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Toyota-Carina-E-1-8Petrol-1996-Distributer-Cap-And-Leads-1950016011/182856609533?hash=item2a931a6efd:g:R0YAAOSwIjJZUOj1
  13. It also maybe worth testing the actual clutch pedal disconnected from the master cylinder to see if it is slightly seized after all that's a very high mileage!?
  14. Hi, does any one have a good spare or new front down pipe and or even the catalyst part as well for my Carina E late 97 model. Its the single pipe version shown in the attached parts diagram below. exhaust system.doc
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